Dear Health Enthusiast,

My aim is for Infinity Superfoods to have a profoundly awesome impact on your health. Once you have tried our blue green algae-infused superfood formula, I am confident you will experience a substantial difference in your overall health and vitality. If you don’t, I ask you to return it for a full refund.

This is all part of my guarantee to you.

  • Infinity Greens is a blend of superfoods formulated to remove toxins and replenish with restorative nutrients for overall health and longevity.
  • Infinity~C is a blend of high vitamin C superfoods targeting your immune system.
  • Infinity Protein is a concentrate of pure plant foods – 18g protein, only 99 calories.
  • Infinity Bars are a healthy meal for ‘on the go’.


*All Infinity Superfoods are 100% Organic, Wild-Crafted, Vegan Friendly and are free from dairy, wheat, wheat grass, gluten, soy, peanuts and gmo!

  • Purity We have searched to find the best quality organic greens grown in the purest way possible.
  • Value We will always do our absolute best to make our superfood formulas as cost-effective as possible for the absolute best price.
  • Potency Our organic superfood powders are comprised of what we sincerely believe to be the highest-impact, most elite superfood formula ingredients on earth.


My inspiration for creating Infinity Greens came about during the quest of rebuilding my own health from injury incurred epilepsy. My amazement in the transformative power beheld in organic green superfoods during my healing has fueled my determination to make these superfoods available to you. I sincerely believe these superfoods are necessary means for taking the health of each and every one of us to a level greater than ever before!

With 17 years of my passion-driven research and experience, these blue-green algae-based formulas have become finely tuned blends of the most elite organic and wild-crafted superfoods known to humankind. These organic greens have shown to beautifully impact the health and well-being of countless individuals seeking a better way to live through improved nutrition, and this is my wish for you!~


Yours Truly,

Billy Merritt and the
Infinity Team