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April 2011 Newsletter

April 22, 2011 By Billy

What is the healthiest drinking water? Hi! I have some outstanding news! Drinking water can have tremendous impact on your health! Yup, it’s true – verifiable information!

All right, so you knew that already. But, water truly is one of the pillars of life and health! Over the years I have just really come to appreciate good drinking water. Water has always been a very interesting science to me. And as soon as I became focused on natural health, I was very intrigued by what would qualify as healthy drinking water. After doing some information surfing and talking to other health experts years ago I went with a reverse osmosis filter. You have probably heard of those. I felt this was the way to go for filtration to optimize purity. So I’ve been using this kind of filter at home for the last 15 years. So yeah, here’s the thing . . . I just had a major breakthrough with my understanding about water. As it turns out, there are a couple more very important factors other than purity to make drinking water as healthy as possible. And from personal experience through trial and error it makes a big difference to drink this kind of water!

I’m excited to share this information with you!

I began to wonder about the filtered water that I was drinking a few years ago. I drank a few liters a day so I felt I was having enough, but I still always felt kind of thirsty. I just wasn’t feeling deeply hydrated. And feeling this way initiated the whole process of looking further into water. Here’s what I found. You ready? Fresh spring water is the best – the vastly superior, actually. Only problem is that truly “fresh” water right out of a mountain spring is not super available for most of us. So I am going to give you the “Plan B” for still getting your hands on some good water. But first let me back up a moment and talk about what makes “fresh” spring water so good for you. And yes, first, it has to be “fresh” to be truly the best. Here’s the thing. In rivers, streams, and springs water is rushing and churning over rocks. When water is rushing and churning over rocks, something happens. And here is the piece of information that has taken my appreciation of water to a new level, and I’m super excited to share it with you!

Water Molecules bond together to form hexagons called ions. That’s it! It’s a simple piece of information, but I am so excited to talk about it!

Again, as water is tumbling over or through the earth’s rock it forms bonded molecules into hexagons called ions. Of course these ions can not been be seen with the eye. They are essentially liquid crystals that can not be seen – until it snows! Yup, snowflakes are hexagons. Pretty cool, yeah? The water evaporates into the atmosphere it is freezing and becoming a marvelous work of art! Amazing. Well, OK . . . I was talking about health. Right! Yes, this water is super healthy! Here’s why.

As this water tumbling over rock out in nature happens, it draws minerals from the rock. These minerals in the water can be good for us. But these minerals are also serving another purpose. They help secure the bond between the water molecules! Without the minerals in the water these ions would be a weak bond and would likely come apart in a few hours once taken from the water source. And it is these secured ions that are so healthy from the “fresh” water. So what are these water ions good for? They have a negative electrical charge! Yup, that’s why ions would come apart with out the minerals holding them in place. This negative electrical charge in the water makes a very important thing happen . . . the water is better absorbed by the body. Cells in the body that need hydration tend to have a positive electrical charge and guess what happens when a water molecule that has a negative charge is taken internally. Yup, every cell is more likely to absorb water molecules that have those opposite charges. Brilliant! I love how mother-nature works with the body! Only drag of course is this – We don’t have these springs in our back yard . . . well, most of us.

So is just regular bottled spring water is the solution?

Hmmm, it would seem practical. But the thing is this – The ion bond is only temporary and once the water is removed from its natural environment that gives it the charge, the ions do break apart over time. How long? I don’t really know. I’ve heard 3 months, but I’m not an expert on that one. However by the time the water makes it from the source to the consumer, my instinct says that it would definitely not have the same ion charged life-force as fresh spring water! Also it’s worth mentioning that most spring water products are in plastic, and that is not the healthiest – for us or the planet (also, the carbon footprint of shipping water all over the world). So, back to what’s best: Spring water. And again, it’s not super available for many of us – especially in urban environments.

So . . . 2nd best option?

A water filtration and ionizing system. Yup, they’re out there. As I mentioned, the Reverse Osmosis filtering systems definitely clean the water. But again, filtration and purifying the water is just half of it. The other half is charging-up/ionizing the water. There are all-in-one water filters that actually do the ionization as well. I still prefer using the RO filters since the all-in-one filters are tested to not filter/clean as thoroughly as RO filters.

Here is the system I currently use for my water.

I use an RO filter that I rent from a local plumbing company for $35/month, which includes maintenance and filters. I think it’s a totally sweet deal and if you’re in the SoCal area, then check em out – Raynewater.com So again, the RO filtration is half of it. The other half is the ionization. I shopped around a while for this. I feel The Vitalizer Plus is a brilliant choice. It looks like a blender and it basically works by spinning the water. There is a “mineral basket” in the pitcher and while the water is whirlpooling around it is essentially simulating what is happening out in nature. The water rushing through the “mineral basket” is comparable to water rushing over rocks. And guess what happens? Nature magick! Yup. It creates those marvelous negative ions. And some of the minerals are extracted from the basket to “hold” the ion structured water – like water extracting minerals from rocks out in nature.

Quick pause – I found in my searching for this information that there is quite a bit of controversy. Most of it was between the different brands of filter and ionizer systems. As far as how much this water would have an impact on your health is very individual. I feel that some of us will likely feel no difference. Maybe you are already feeling super health and high energy. Thing is. I feel relatively healthy, but I definitely felt a dramatic difference when I began drinking this water consistently. The Vitalizer Plus company does have a guarantee, so you could return it if you’re not impressed with it. Some of the other filter/ionizer systems I was investigating have a similar return deal. So it would never hurt to give it a go.

As far as how the all-in-one filter/ionizer systems compare to the RO filter and Vitalizer Plus combination . . .

The all-in-one units

Pros: They are efficient and easy to use. Some can even go underneath the sink and have a 2nd faucet installed (just like RO filter systems).

Cons: The filtration is less thorough than RO. They tend to be between two and four thousand. Not cheap. If you go that route the Kangen, Tyen and Life brands seem to be the best. Last note is that they create the ionization via electrical current through the water. I think it’s fine, but electrical current is not how ions occur in nature. It’s the water tumbling over and through rock. Still I think these ionizing filters are good.

RO Filter System with Vitalizer Plus

Pros: Very cost effective RO system you can rent or purchase for a few hundred; the Vitalizer pluses cost around $500. Quick note: I’ve gotten to know Ken, the owner of Vitalizerplus.net, and my instinct is that he is charging a very fair price. I also like that it is utilizing basic technology and simulating what is happening out in nature.

Cons: RO filters are reputed for wasting a lot of water. There are a variety of good RO filters that are more modern and waste less. You won’t have your ionized water right out of the tap. You will fill your pitcher and then it takes at least 9 minutes to ionize.

Final Considerations

While there may not be a spring in the back yard, there may be a marvelous spring in your neighborhood or town. Heads up of course that not all spring water is perfect. There are springs which have a mineral imbalance that is not so ideal, and then of course there is unfortunately contamination. Still I feel this deserves a little investigation to see if you have a great spring for drinking water nearby. I suggest checking out Daniel Vitalis’ website. It’s a map of good springs all over the world. Brilliant idea. Thanks Daniel!

There is also just the possibility that your tap water is quite good – depending on where you live, of course. When I’m visiting my family in Montana, the tap water always tastes very good. And the city water is fed by local springs. For many of us, the RO filter and Vitalizer plus combination is probably the best way to go for simplicity, health and price.

Just a few more healthy hydration tips

  • At the very least get a water filter.
  • Bottled water is just a very temporary solution when you’re on the go.
  • Use glass for your water bottles – Stainless Steel is 2nd place, plastic last.
  • Use this ionized water for smoothies and superfoods! I absolutely noticed feeling more energy from my formulas when using this good water!
  • Best to drink water on an empty stomach. The most important hydration is first thing in the morning!
  • Yo, put a simple carbon filter on your shower! Water good. Chlorine bad! You can get these simple/cheap filters at any natural food store (or a whole house conditioner – ask a plumber).

I wish you the best as you work out the perfect healthy hydration for yourself! It’s something to marvel at for a moment . . . just how much good water can impact our health. Gotta love it! Something so abundant, yet so good! What an easy way to make a huge impact on your health. Yay for healthy hydration . . . healing for every organ, action, and function of the body! Simply put, it’s getting the good stuff in and the bad stuff out – not to mention all the other many amazing feats of water (oceans, rives, waterfalls, lakes, ice, snow, etc.)!

Wow, Hooray for water!

Wishing you all the BEST always!

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