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Getting sugar nipped in the bud for life-force and longevity, Plus a Special Gift!

February 11, 2017 By Billy


Dear Health Enthusiast,                                          *See the special gift below!

The truth is, when it comes to sugar in our diet there is a huge amount of conflicting information out there as to what truly qualifies as ‘healthy’.  It’s truly a vital question that is largely unanswered. This newsletter is a two-part series. With part one, we will nail down the essential facts and the how-to’s on how to get your sugar intake on the right track for truly enhancing your health. You will find the simple, unadulterated facts about what really boils down to creating a healthy body (and mind), when it comes to sweet foods. However, that is not to say this is necessarily going to be easy, but integrating this information into your diet is not too difficult either, especially when you have the facts at hand! Believe that you can do this, and I’m confident you will!  The fact that you’ve opened this email in the first place is simple proof that your health is a true priority. Success is in our genes, and there is no better place to apply it than to your very own well-being.  So, let’s jump in and start with the upside of the topic!

Now for the Drum roll….

Sugar is important for our health! It’s fuel— aka glucose. And a big reason it’s important is that it is fuel that is quickly available to the body. While complex carbohydrates and fats can take hours to break down into fuel, sugar is put to use almost instantly. Now for the bad news. As a society, we’ve gone way down the wrong path with sugar. The sugar most people are likely to ingest today is highly-processed, refined sugar. This kind of sugar creates a scary amount of wear and tear on the body that needs to be revealed.

The proof is in the (over-sweetened) pudding –

The seriousness of this state of affairs can’t be overstated. Sugar, as it’s found in most foods these days, is much worse than people think. Since it’s so prevalent, most people just take the presence of sugar for granted without any concern how harmful it really is. The fact is, modern media has done an extraordinary job of making sugar look innocent.

Reality Check –

The weakening effect sugar has on the body really deserves a book of its own. The data is abundant. Do an online search yourself for the harmful effects of refined sugar and see what you come up with. Let’s spotlight the few most common. Obesity – stuffing fat cells from high-glycemic calories is the body’s natural defense to remedy the dangers of spiking blood sugar levels, from which comes… Diabetes – the body’s intelligence with managing insulin levels can essentially be nullified by sugar. Cancer – Sad but true, processed sugar speeds the production of mutated cells.  Osteoporosis – With the extreme acid-forming nature of sugar, the body attempts to remedy with calcium, and yup, it’s the precious calcium that comprises our bones that desperately comes to the rescue. Digestive disorders – growth of fungus that can cause holes in the intestines?…ew, who wants that?!  Numerous emotional and behavioral issues (especially with children) have clinically been linked to sugar.  As for other vitally important mechanisms of the body such as hormone balance, immune system, and neurological system, can all be distorted by processed sugar. And the familiar energy-crash sugar essentially reflects all of the above maladies, making sugar a life-force depressant. This is a reflection of the simple fact that sugar makes the body weaker, thus more susceptible to disease.

What it is that makes all of this difficult…and the solution –

The big challenge in all of this is that processed sugar is in seemingly everything. You’ll even find it in all those “natural” foods, such as cereal, crackers, yogurt, baked goods, and of all kinds “low-fat” snacks—aisle after aisle of them, and sad to say, even at your natural food store. Even worse are the sweetened packaged drinks such as soda, energy drinks, sport drinks, and bottled tea. The manufacturers of these foods and drinks are clever, though. You won’t necessarily find the word “sugar” in the ingredients. What you’ll see instead is something like “evaporated cane juice.” What’s evaporated cane juice? You guessed it: sugar.  And what really seals the deal on qualifying sugar as disastrous is the simple fact that it’s chemically addictive.  The common thought is ‘no, not me,’ but it’s absolutely true.  If you have sugar more than occasionally, I dare you to quit 100%, cold-turkey.  A few days into it, tell me you’re not feeling an intense craving.  Just a heads up – withdrawal symptoms are likely to come with it, such as fatigue and headaches.  Essentially the liver, kidneys and the gastro-intestinal system are detoxing (note – this is a crucial time to detox your pantry too, via ridding all processed sugar).  In most cases, this runs its course for one to two weeks.  At the end of it, it’s likely you’ll never want to go back.  That’s your body’s wisdom kicking in, now that the sugar spell is broken!

The Good News –

Okay, with all that said, let’s revisit the good news. Then we’ll find a way to overcome the bad news. Your body needs sugar, so let’s give it sugar. Let’s feed that sweet tooth of yours. We all have one. It’s a law of human biology. But let’s be smart about how we do it. A craving for sweets can be friend or foe. We don’t need to give up sugar; we just need to use the right sugar—the elite sugar.  It’s about getting the sugars that come with benefits! We’re talking nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes!

The Remedy –

Where can we find elite, truly healthy sugar? That’s easy: the organic produce section of your local grocery store. Fruit! This is where the elite sugar hangs out. Matching your sugar intake primarily with fruit is fundamental solution behind getting the whole dilemma resolved! There’s more to it though!  There are three more vital how-to’s in order to get the whole sugar dilemma nipped in the bud, and this is exactly what we will address next week.  Congrats for reading this information regarding your well-being.  I can promise you that integrating this knowledge into your life will have extraordinary long-term benefits. Next Saturday, we will identify the other vital how-to’s for making sugar a life-force enhancing ally (and for weight-loss if you need it)!

At Your Service Always,

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  1. Rosemarie Nitschke on   

    Thank you, Billy! I enjoyed reading both your posts on sugar. The timing is good, as I have been considering doing some sort of detox in the next few weeks. Also, it has been a while since I’ve been drinking my ‘Infinity Greens’. So it’s a good incentive to start again.
    All the best to you and your team!

    • Billy on   

      Thank you so much, Rosemarie. Feel free to ask questions if you have any while you start your detox program! We are here to help.

      All The Best!

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