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A newly innovated recipe!

March 31, 2016 By Billy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Drum roll for the new recipe called ‘Infinity Peeps’

…Behold, a deviled egg with extra mayonaise, garnished with an Easter marshmallow.
This genius recipe was created by myself and my siblings over the Easter Holidays!!

Note – to negate the toxicity of some of these ingredients, it is recommended to follow up with with an extra serving Infinity Greens. This new recipe was never actually sampled so we can not offer an accurate taste review.

Yours Truly,

PS…April fools!! Haha!! You knew I was joking, right? I hope this inspired at least a chuckle, making the small sacrifice of sounding like a goof-ball worth it.¬†If so, then pass the ‘peeps’ to the peeps who would do well to smile ūüėČ

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