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Advantages Of Organic Nutrition And What It May Mean For Your Health

December 12, 2011 By Billy

For years organic nutrition has been advocated as being more healthful, having more nutrients the body can use and very importantly, also tasting better. These foods are grown without any chemicals, any pesticides and are prepared without steroidal or hormonal changing additives. In that vein, superfoods consisting of a variety of berries or beans, vegetables nuts and teas have been welcomed as a great, health promoting part of the human diet.

Decline In Quality Of Food Increase In Quantity

Higher demand for food from an increasing population around the globe was the reason for inventing additives that grows larger potatoes, larger tomatoes, bigger apples, bigger eggs, deeper colored yolks in eggs; the list goes on and on. Adding just a few of the superfoods to everyday meals, including to meals prepared from purely organic nutrition ensures you provide all the vitamins, minerals and fats needed every day. This would counteract some of the detrimental effects caused by the over manipulated dairy foods, meats or produce offered in grocery stores.

To bring more profits within the food industry, more and faster sales are necessary. What is a chicken to do when it can lay only one egg a day? Agricultural conglomerates which supply meat and dairy products to the masses may have employers who have no other interest vested in animals or animal products than to mass produce. To achieve this, genetic modification often plays a large role in our food supply. Not all scientific advancements concerning and applied to, our food may be harmful to us and may, in fact, be necessary in order to feed the world. But what are the implications of this on our health?

Toxins Being Sprayed:

Fruit trees used to be sprayed with pesticides indiscriminately. After years of this practice, it was discovered that the effects of pesticides injured the environment to a great extent, especially since some of the pesticides have a very long half-life. Pesticides reduced the amount of antioxidants and vitamins in the fruit. Pesticides are also thought to be the culprit in many allergies, especially in children. Organic nutrients mean they have not been in contact with poisonous substances. Because of this superfoods should also be consumed only if they are grown organically.

Hormones In Our Food:

Young girls, within the past fifty to sixty years, have begun their monthly cycles earlier and earlier. In the 1950s, the average age of menarche (the first menstruation) was about twelve or thirteen years old. Little girls today have to deal with the bodies of women, often before they have completed their first decade of life. Additives of growth hormones, which serve to mature chickens earlier and make them bigger, enter our bodies every time we eat a chicken dinner. Eggs are affected as well since growth hormones will also be found in the egg whites and yolks, ready to push another generation of chickens to grow larger than nature had originally intended. Cattle are targeted for increased muscle mass and higher fertility to have more beef and veal to sell. Organic nutrition and a few superfoods are a powerful deterrent to the expedient development of children of either sex.

Breast cancer has been on a steady rise for years, being the number two cause of death in women. Men are also affected by breast cancer more frequently than in the past. This may quite reasonably be attributed to the additives and pesticides that engulf just about every food item we consume, unless we choose very carefully. It may not be terribly incorrect to label organic nutrition in general as a group of superfoods.


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