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Infinity Referral Program

Dear Friend,

If you think about, getting others connected with the most health enhancing superfoods on earth will create a lot of improvement in their lives. And, as always, there’s the domino effect. Naturally, these people living a healthier life, thanks to you, will be a positive influence for other people, too. Then, after it all, we will reward you for it! Brilliant, right?

The way this works is simple. Share your new referral link with your friends, and then on the first of each month we’ll send you your own coupon code with the 20% commissions of the sales you generated which you can then use for your own purchases.

To get started, enter your email and new password below, and we’ll email you your new referral link that you can begin sharing right away via Facebook, email, and on your website if you have one. We’ll also share some advice with you about how to maximize your sales.

You will also be able to log in to your new account to view your commissions at any time. There you will also find promotional materials such as product images and health articles written by Billy to share with others which build credibility.

* Please note that this opportunity is not for funneling traffic through Google advertising, look-a-like websites, or any source that would redirect our already-loyal customers. And please also note that a commission is not earned on your personal orders.

So here we go!..

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