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Infinity Referral Program

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Infinity Referral Program! This is for health experts, doctors, naturopaths, and passionate advocates of the Infinity Superfoods. We would like to pay you 20% of sales generated by the new Infinity Superfood users that you help bring onboard! The way this works is simple and takes only a few minutes to begin. Register below and you will be given your own personalized link to the Infinity website. This is for sending out to the masses via social media, email, newsletters, and on your website if you have one. The software then tracks the purchases made by your following. And you’re paid at the end of each month!

It would honor to have you as part of the team essentially making the world a healthier place.

Watch the video so we can show you exactly how to do it. The good news is it’s easy!

Please note that a commission is not earned on your personal orders! Thank you.

Please provide us with the following information to get started.

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