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Article – Spirulina nutrition details and testing for radiation

February 19, 2014 By Billy

Dear Reader,
Recently I have noticed a growing interest in health information about blue-green algae. Given that this is the primary ingredient in Infinity Greens I would like to offer you a few short articles expounding on blue-green algae in the human diet, the safety of it, and why it is so important.

Article #1 –
Here is a brief refresher of what blue-green algae is. Is the miraculous compilation of fresh water, sunlight and minerals. Algae was in fact the first and only life on earth 2 billion years ago. And it was essentially a gateway for all life since it absorbed toxic material from acid rain, volcanoes and meteors and then soon after produced 60% of our atmosphere, thus making planet earth a fit environment for other life to spawn. And yes, even today algae produces 60% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. This process is essentially a model for how it operates within the human body. We instinctively know all green plant foods to be number one for removing toxins in the body because of chlorophyll. Blue-green algae is far and away the highest Chlorophyll density food, thus why it is so dark green. So, like for the planet, the right blue-green algae can absorb toxins in the body and recycle it into oxygen – a miracle of nature we can’t thoroughly explain.

There are literally millions of different kinds of algae on planet earth. Several of these are known to be edible. In this first article I would like to talk about Spirulina since it is the most well-known. Spirulina among other blue-green algaes have been a part of our diet for 200,000 years, since our hunter gatherer days. Like many other plant foods it is something that the human body has become keenly adapted to. And because of the nutritive value, for many cultures it has become a food that is sorely needed. Why?

Remember the big picture with our diet. There are two primary objectives – remove toxins and restore with nutrients. And remember blue-green algae to be number one for removing toxins. And I do consider it to also be among the most important for supplying nutrients. For many of you health seekers, you know the facts about Spirulina, but a short recap can always be helpful.
To keep this article short, here is the nutshell version –
– of all plant foods Spirulina is number one for iron and Vitamin B12.
– of any food on earth it is the most protein dense, even more so than animal protein.
– Spirulina is a primary source of niacin, copper, manganese and riboflavin.

This kind of nutrition is what makes multivitamins completely outdated. Another noteworthy perk of Spirulina is it’s secured level of purity. Again, the ingredients are simply water, sunlight, and minerals. And for many of you I think it is worth mentioning that the Spirulina in Infinity Greens is always thoroughly tested to assure this level of purity. Every batch we use is required to have a Certificate Of Analysis, authorized only by thorough lab testing for any potential contaminants or radiation. While contamination would be near impossible, it is always a good idea to be extra redundant in making sure. I know this will be a comfort for many of you since there is increased worry about potential radiation with freshwater and saltwater foods. Radiation is in fact an issue for many foods and I plan to send more articles about it shortly, via newsletter.
So please standby!

If you have any further questions this topic it’s up for discussion!

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  1. Janie on   

    I really love your Greens and would like to try other prducts. However, I wondered if they have been tested for heavy metals. There is a real buzz about proteins and greens having high concentrations of these.
    Mike Adams of the Natural News has tested many brands, but I have not seen yours included.


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