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2 essentials for health and vitality in 2013

January 15, 2013 By Billy

…two weeks into 2013! How are those New Year’s resolutions going?  If ya don’t mind, I want to share a thought!…… When we formulate resolutions for our health, they tend to be the to-do’s (i.e. exercise more, eat better, play more badminton, etc.),… awesome of course.  Only thing is, the drive to maintain these resolutions often fades a bit shortly after the new year.  It does for me anyway.  Not because I don’t care, but rather because it’s easy to forget the resolutions amidst the busy lifestyle.

So, here is what has been helpful for me! Rather than my resolutions being the ‘to-dos’, my resolutions are the ‘what’!  “WHAT am I going for in 2013?”  “Greater health!  Being nicer. Self-improvement of all kinds!”  The thought I am offering here: make the goal your resolution.  This is a way to keep an eye on the prize!   For me, ‘prizes’ are easier to remember than the discipline required to get there.   Ok, here’s your easy mantra to remember:   “MY RESOLUTION IS EVOLUTION; MY RESOLVE IS TO EVOLVE!”    Cheesy but effective.  Question is, what do you wish to see evolve in your life?

Part 2 of this thought…

Is it safe to assume that every year you wish to become an even healthier person?  Is there ever a point where we become too healthy?  Not likely. So what do you say we team up and all add to our tick-list of New Year’s resolutions to become healthier people…to evolve into a healthier species.  It’s never too late.

Now that we have our eye on the prize, here’s a short list of the how-to’s that I feel give the most bang for the buck. Yes it may take a teaspoon of discipline to get started.  The good news: this is high-impact stuff and the quick reward turns discipline to desire.  You’ll see what I mean.

Tick-list of the quick and easy to-do’s (stick this to your refrigerator) ~

First thing – Eat better. Don’t over think it. It simply means eating more plant food and less junk food. It’s all about more fruit, superfoods, and veggies. We gotta phase out counting calories as we integrate more plants foods.  Counting calories is a dying model.  It’s hard to overdo plant foods because for the most part they are low calorie density, high nutrient density. And the U.S. Daily Recommended Allowances? That’s on the way out too.  These ‘measurements’ are for a diet of processed food. As far as nutrients and calories, everyone’s needs are different. The key is to simplify. Eat less processed grains – less cereal, chips, bread, pasta, and crackers. Quinoa, brown rice, oats, and other whole grains in moderation are ok! Eat less fried food.  Add more healthy fats…  raw olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocados. Small amounts of saturated fats like coconut oil and dairy are OK!  Trust me!  Listen to my audio recording and I’ll explain. Cut back on other animal protein…. especially the fatty stuff. You don’t need to become a vegetarian if your not already; just cut back.  Less processed sugar for crying out loud!  Keep your sweet tooth happy with fruit. Small amounts of maple syrup and raw honey – OK! Have a smoothie first thing in the morning. Go organic. Say no to GMO (genetically modified organisms).

As for plant food, it couldn’t be simpler: greens, greens, greens. Kale, arugula, chard, spinach, parsley, cilantro, basil – it’s all good. Good news, I’m not talking about eating a bunch of salad. Quite frankly I think that would be depressing. Delicious plant food recipes? Click here.  Try my new winter veggie soup for sure!  My protocol is my recipes have to be easy…and tasty of course… but always easy. Remember that chlorophyll from green foods is number one for pulling toxic funk out of the body. And a good diet is all about ridding the body of toxic funk and replacing it with restorative nutrients. Your best source of chlorophyll? Blue-green algae.  Yo, that’s what Infinity Greens is all about. Am I bragging? Yes, because it’s true.

How about multivitamins? Flush them down the toilet – seriously. I can’t think of a more toxic ‘supplement’. Bottom line – do they come from real food? Nope, they come from mines. Why is everybody getting kidney stones? You might as well be swallowing plastic. Get your nutrients from real food! And speaking of plastic, stop drinking water from store-bought plastic bottles. Drink good quality water. If you don’t live in the distant regions of Montana, install a reverse osmosis water filter on your kitchen sink. Call a plumber.  He’ll know what to do.

Exercise more. This is just as important as eating better. And what is the number one exercise? Hiking hills!  This is unquestionably the best exercise for weight loss, lean muscle, and longevity! It’s that gene from our hunter-gatherer ancestors who were hiking 5 to 10 miles every day for 200,000 years. Hiking is cardio and load-bearing exercise all in one. When you’re walking up and down hills, you’re essentially lifting your own body weight!  Live in a flat area? Walk stairs. Wanna take it up a level? Carry weights. Start with five pound dumbbells and build up from there. Gentlemen, carry more weight. How about 5 gallon water jugs? Fill to a quarter full. Do sets on a steep hill. Also hire a trainer! That’s the best way I have ever spent my money! Notice the euphoric buzz you’ll get from the exercise. That’s your body and mind telling you you’re doing things right.

And speaking of nutrients, while you’re hiking, appreciate the sunshine and fresh air – vitamin D and O2! There’s no better way to get vitamin D (another key to longevity and a sturdy skeletal system) than good old-fashioned sunshine. Ain’t nothing better. Don’t make the mistake of blocking it out with toxic skin care products with SPF. All ‘skin care’ products have SPF now. Your skin is sensitive. Rub something on it and that something is going to be absorbed into the blood stream. You wouldn’t eat sunblock would you? My preferred SPF? A long-sleeve cotton t-shirt and a wide-brimmed hat. Fine, use sunblock when you’re at the beach, but not every day.  The safe time of day to roll up your sleeves or go topless to get your vitamin D – 90 minutes within sunrise or sunset. In both cases the sun’s rays are traveling through the atmosphere at an angle, filtering harmful rays. Boom, vitamin D deficiency dilemma dissolved. Need a skin moisturizer? Rub a teaspoon of olive oil head to toe in the shower. Rinse and towel dry. Try it, you’ll see.  As for O2…

Breathe dammit!  It’s easy and it’s free. Oxygen is the most important ‘nutrient’ you can put into your body.  First thing in the morning, concentrate on your breathing for at least five minutes. Here’s how. Do sets of 10 breaths. The reason I recommend ‘sets’ is otherwise it’s easy to forget what you’re doing. At least it is for me. Yes, I know I’ve talked about this before, but it really is the highest impact thing you can do for your health! You are training your brain! Your brain is like a muscle. Sit or stand up straight and breathe deeply. Five minutes! Do it, I challenge you. Modern-day humans don’t get nearly enough oxygen. Why? We have much to think about (call it stress if you will), and when the mind is overactive, the brain waves that control your diaphragm become weak. Law of human physiology: when under stress we breathe approximately half as much. This is why stress is the number one killer. Taking the time to breathe deeply and to breathe in sets does two things. First, it has the physiological effect of training your brain to instruct your body to breathe correctly, even in times of stress. Secondly, it requires concentration, concentration that makes you forget all the minor troubles you may have on your mind. It’s calming. It’s meditative. And amazing things might happen when you’re in a meditative state. Being still creates ‘another level of availability beyond the 5 senses’, if you will.  Is it possible that you might be able to somehow tune into all the energy that’s around you?  Science tells us it’s there, even the seemingly empty space in which your body rests. You can’t see it, but, like oxygen, it’s there.  I like to ponder that it’s feeding our mind the same way O2 feeds the body.  That’s my two cents anyway.

Get more sleep…and relax.  We’re a sleep-deprived nation. Our bodies need it. We need to be unplugged more. And while you’re adding more sleep into your life, look at your computer screen less. Cut back on TV.  Less staring at your phone. Yo, stay away from other people’s drama, while you’re at it… That includes drama- laden media. Can I pose that we do a Drama Detox together? More vitamin humor? Wish I could bottle it.  Hard feelings towards someone? Forgive them. Do it for yourself. We are built with the software in our head and heart to do it.  No other stress has more wear and tear on our health than hard feelings toward another… even fried Twinkies. I don’t claim to be great at it, but I get to exercise this ability dozens of times a day. And the good news is it gets stronger.  Make it a point to cut back on all the things that cause you stress. You’ll find that you’ll be a nicer person – inevitable when you’re nicer to yourself. And when you’ve done all that, cap it all off with a good night’s sleep.

Just a couple other small bits…

Hey, you don’t have to do all of the above at once. Pick one or two to focus on each day. Integrate something new every day. Make up your own!  (e.g., play team sports, ponder the universe, dance on hilltops, etc.) BUT WARNING: Adding the above protocol into your daily life will result in more energy, more vitality, better health, more happiness, clearer thinking, a kinder, less cranky you, and a longer life… and will likely spread to those around you.  Evolution, inevitable. So you’ll want to think hard about it before you resolve to evolve. If some of these results sound attractive to you, then by all means, climb aboard and away we go!  Just keep your eye on this prize…helps us to remember to remember 😉

* I’ll be sending a newsletter about fat in your diet in a few weeks.

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