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August 2009 Newsletter

August 1, 2009 By Billy


Drinking pure water is considered to be one of the most important elements for overall health. We can’t survive without it for more than a few days. Because it is what we put most of in and on our bodies, it deserves thorough consideration.

Clean water is vital to the following:

  • Function of vital organs
  • Strong immune system to resist disease
  • Level of energy
  • Mood and mental clarity
  • Detoxification of the body

Most water available today (tap and bottled) is far from being considered pure and is not the same water we were drinking 100 years or even 20 years ago. It is simply too contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, and bacteria to provide the benefits as mentioned above to the full potential . . . thus explaining why perhaps we get sick more than we think we should, or develop allergies due to a weak immune system, or often feel just OK instead of energized and really alive. Many of the different contaminants in water which is numbering in the hundreds have been linked to be health compromising themselves. For example, Fluoride has been named the cause of several types of cancer. For this reason many water districts in the US stopped putting fluoride in the water. However, the fluoride still remains in our water as it is difficult and expensive to remove.

How to get pure water

Good quality water filters in your home should now be considered basic household amenities in order to assure that you get the very cleanest water available. It is also important to be discerning with which types of filters to use. For example, a simple “Brita” filter or similar carbon filter that hooks onto the faucet can only do so much. It is most likely removing large sediment and chlorine. However there are many more health compromising contaminates including viruses that are not removed from water by these types of filters, making them inadequate or only a temporary solution at best.

From the research that I’ve done on the various types of filters, I’ve found two types that clean your water to sufficient purity in order to be health creating. One is a reverse osmosis purifier and the other is a distiller. I recommend the reverse osmosis filter as they are more common, less expensive, and smaller. The reverse osmosis filter works by squeezing the water through a pressurized filter membrane. Natural minerals are removed from the water too, but these are in our water in trace amounts compared to our fruits and veggies…so no need for concern with missing minerals. The pores in the membrane are the size of a water molecule allowing only pure water molecules to pass through. This system generally has three carbon pre-filters to remove the larger contaminants first. The filters generally need to be changed once a year and otherwise generally do not require any other maintenance. The cost to purchase a RO system is generally between $300 and $1,000. The RO system can also be rented for about $30 a month which includes the annual changing of filters. There are many companies offering installation and service all over the country. Culligan is a reputable and well-known plumbing company offering the RO service nationally, and the web site is culligan.com. Whatever the company, the reverse osmosis system is good one. I recommend renting since you are paying for regular service of the system. Installation involves drilling a separate faucet for drinking water into your kitchen counter top next to your regular tap. The rest of the system including filters and 1-3 gallon size water tank are installed under the sink. Do a little research yourself to see just what you’ll be getting. Regardless, it is completely worth the investment . . . because it’s your health! Buy a filter or be a filter . . . I opt for buying one.

What about bottled water?

There is the option of buying bottled water also. It is important to be discerning between the different bottled waters. Testing has shown that many bottled waters are little better than water out of the tap. This is due contaminated springs where the water is collected or low grade plastics used for bottling. One important note is that any water that is filtered and then bottled can easily become contaminated from the plastic even if it is a high grade plastic. This is because the water is demineralized from filtering thus allowing the water molecules to be small enough to penetrate the plastic and leach chemicals. In spring water the water molecules are still bonded to the minerals making most plastic a safe choice for storage. Filtered water is best stored in glass or metal. So if you are regularly filling water bottles from your home RO filter when you head out on the road or for a hike, it’s best to avoid plastic. Glass of course is not practical, thus making metal an ideal choice. “Sigg” water bottles are metal and are available from most outdoor shops. If plastic is your only choice, at the very least keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and heat. Heat softens the plastic leaching even more contaminants into your water . . . thus why your water tastes like plastic after sitting in your car. Yuck!

Enjoy the effects of pure water!

Once you have a high quality RO filter installed you will immediately notice that you drink more water. This is because the water tastes far better and you body intuitive sense recognizes the water as health creating. It is best to hydrate most in the early part of the day. Drink a tall glass of warm water (body temperature) first thing after waking and you will notice how this causes the bowels to move . . . thus starting your day with little mini-detox. You will find the effects of your pure water on tap to be most health creating! Enjoy!!!

The importance of clean water on the body, too

In addition to your RO filter it is important to consider filters for your shower heads. These are simple carbon filters mainly to remove chlorine. When unfiltered hot water is sprayed from a faucet, chlorine quickly turns to a gas. This chlorine gas is then inhaled. More chlorine is absorbed by the body during a ten minute shower than by drinking chlorinated water all day. Chlorine is damaging to the skin and immune system and dissolves the body’s natural vitamin c and other antioxidant reserves. The shower filters are inexpensive and can be purchased and installed by Culligan as well. Another option is a whole house carbon filter that does just that . . . it’s a basic filter that is installed where the water feeds into your home. They cost between $400 and $1,500 dollars and some require maintenance only once every 12 years. This will also preserve the life of your RO filter. A very good choice (better than individual shower filters) in my opinion. They also preserve the life of your appliances . . . ie. dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, etc.


Learn more about healthy ways to supplement your water here.


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