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Benefits of Health Transformation

December 16, 2011 By Billy

If you can’t catch your breath when walking up a flight of stairs while others your age can sprint up those same steps and further, then it’s time to do something about your health. Exercise and nutrient dense food can do wonders to transform a person’s wellbeing. When we get our blood pumping faster it can carry away all the accumulated poisons our bodies have absorbed through a poor diet and other, harmful environmental substances.

The Changes Are Slow

We must not set ourselves up for failure by expecting to feel better the moment we start eating kale or seaweed or herbal tea. Likewise we won’t expect to lose fifteen pounds in a week. Not only would that be impossible, it would be dangerous. A gradual, but steady, loss of weight and increase in well-being is the best way to transform ourselves from poor to excellent health. Quite frequently, when expectations are set so high that it is impossible to attain them, it may be that we are not ready to change our lifestyle. Change is a lot of work and no matter what area of your life you’re looking to give a boost to, it’s hard work. It has probably taken you years to make these unhealthy habits. With the correct frame of mind, good diet and exercise, the transformation will happen slowly.

Better Fitting Clothes & Less Illness What A Combo

Imagine this scenario: digging through boxes of clothes that were discarded years ago because they were too small and coming across jeans you loved. On impulse, you try them on and could actually zip them up. It probably made you feel on top of the world. If you have started adding proteins that are high in complex B vitamins, Omega-3s and Omega-6 you will start to feel better on the inside as well. Getting the nutrients your body needs can help you feel less fatigued, have lower instances of colds and the flu and generally feel more alert and aware of your body.

Feeling Better, Looking Great

Transforming ourselves into healthy, well-balanced beings will make us glow from the inside. In the Caribbean, there is a saying about people who have gained weight: You’re carrying your troubles well. What they are really telling us is that we are trying to eat our troubles away. Food has become an area our bodies are often left unsatisfied with. Getting to the root of what caused our present state of health may not be simple, but it is worth taking the time to examine the why’s and how’s. Starting with a food journal and keeping track of how many calories you’re eating and even more importantly, what you’re eating can be very helpful.

It can be truly amazing to feel satisfied off of rich green vegetables, delicious fish, vinaigrettes, and fruits. Often the hardest part is just learning to satisfy those cravings by having a steady supply of fresh food available.

Finally You Will Feel Great:

When you take the final step to dedicate yourself to reach a certain goal, you have entered the realm of freedom. You have the freedom to live and eat healthy all you need to do is start to make the right choices. You were meant to enjoy a wide variety of natural foods that didn’t have a list of ingredients. These steps will get you closer to feeling better and healthier.


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