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Billy’s Lecture

April 11, 2013 By Billy

Great to connect with you all. Glad I covered what I felt was most important! I know it was a lot in just one hour so this recording should be helpful! And pass it on to a friend!~

Press play!

Have you been taking the Infinity Greens I gave u? Well if yes, do you notice anything?

…This is My New Favorite Infinity Superfood Smoothie! Try it!

5 – 10  frozen organic strawberries 

1 cup pure water

1-4 heaping teaspoons Infinity Greens, and/or C, and/or Protein – choose what you need.

1-2 heaping tablespoons whole Greek yogurt and/or raw almond butter

Optional – 1/2 organic banana or pear.  or round tablespoon raw honey.

Blend it up and enjoy the healthiest and most delicious superfood smoothie there ever was!~

And last thing! Here’s a gift – use this code for 15% off your first web order – saturdayteaparty15

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