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  • Meeting the 2020 Challenge

    January 7, 2020 By Billy

    Friend, let 2020 be the year of meeting the challenge of upgrading your way of life in order to achieve your goals of reaching new heights of health and wellbeing. Why not make this the healthiest year of your life? After all, is there really any gift that’s more important that your overall wellbeing? The simple reality is most of the world has no idea of what they’re missing out on, and don’t let that be you! Rather, become a shining example to show your friends and family just what’s possible so they’re inspired to upgrade their lives too. 

    I’ve talked about in my book, Infinity Health Manual, how there’s no silver bullet for superior health, but, you know, on second thought, actually there is. Superior diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine—all of these things collectively are what create the silver bullet, also known as life-force. I say we rise up in bravery to squelch the feeble paradigm of the all-too-common unhealthy lifestyle in order to make way for our greatest selfhood, the potential excellence of which is simply too valuable to waste away in the name of unhealthy entertainment, like processed sugar. 

    For the masses it’s just been a case of not having the experience of living a truly healthy way of life. Again, nobody knows what they’re missing. They have nothing to compare to their current less-than-healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, once a healthier way of life is embraced it’s hard to go back. It’s not only because of feeling better and losing weight. It runs deeper than that. It’s because you’re tapping into your body’s wisdom that is dedicated to unveiling the greatness you were destined to express. Why not upgrade this journey into hyperdrive this year? Do it for longevity. Do it to reduce stress. Do it for joy. Do it to discover your greatest self and manifest your full potential. Do it to be in your power.

    Another marvelous aspect of your renewed health is it will be noticed by those around you. Life-force is something that others pick up on, and it’s very attractive. Naturally you will be a wonderful influence for those around you, making you a light unto a world that needs healing. We’re all into this together, and having more participation in a healthy way of life will very definitely tip the scales of making the world better too, largely because we will all be better thinkers and problem solvers. And kinder, too. Could we ask for better?

    Let the life-force we generate together be the wind in our sails. Excellence is written in our destiny, doorways to which can be found within a healthy mind, body, and spirit. It’s love for a truly healthy life (and each other’s) that expedites rising to the challenge of claiming our greatest selfhood, and there’s no better time to go for it than 2020.

    Are you in?

    Yours truly and at your service always,



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  • It’s YOUR immune system.

    November 17, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    Diet, exercise, hydration, even sunshine and sleep – it’s all connected. And one of the great results of living a healthy way of life? Taken care of properly, your body is less likely to suffer from illness of all kinds. By maximizing the things that strengthen the body and minimizing the things that weaken the body, naturally you’ll be able to enjoy your life at its greatest potential.

    While there’s no guarantees you’ll never feel under-the-weather, I can assure you that your body’s immune system can become much stronger by just a few simple adjustments in your diet and lifestyle. These days the body is commonly underestimated when it comes to both prevention of illness and healing. We live in a society where often the first recourse is to turn to modern science, to depend on pharmaceuticals to fix what’s ailing us. But a body well-taken care of has an extraordinary ability to take care of itself. Powerful life-force (ie your immune system) generated via a top-notch lifestyle is always the body’s preferred remedy.

    The basics

    As we all know, making the body resilient to disease is largely about incorporating foods with vital nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc that strengthen the immune system. Equally important is cutting the weakening junk foods out. By now, after years of reading my newsletters, you can guess what the culprits are: processed sugar, low-grade animal protein, cheap oils, flour, and similar heavily processed food. It’s helpful here to understand that rather than the immune system being an actual ‘thing’ in the body it’s really more of an intelligence in the body – the immune system works hand-in-hand with the neurological system. The intelligence of the immune system is truly awesome, and it does a lot more than just fighting colds.

    Cancer and the immune system

    I’d like to jump to the top of the totem pole and share with you an important note about cancer since recently we’ve been receiving more calls from customers about this rising health concern. Cancer prevention (and healing), believe it or not, is primarily about strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C (the strongest antioxidant) we know to be an incomparable immune-system booster and is lab-proven to be the most effective anti-cancer nutrient. This is reason for giving the high-vitamin C foods some real attention. I’d like to share with you here that vitamin D is also a huge part of your immune system. It’s quite ironic that the correct amount of sunshine for vitamin D has proven to help with cancer recovery. We know that of course too much sun should be avoided to prevent the opposite effect. (The relationship between sunshine, vitamin D, and cancer is a topic I cover extensively in my book, Infinity Health Manual.)

    All too-common 

    Another important topic to address here is that the most common disease of our modern world, is now autoimmune disease. (I cover this topic in Infinity Health Manual, too.) The fact is, autoimmune disease affects at least thirty million people in the United States. That’s over eight percent of our population. And it’s rapidly increasing. As you may know autoimmune disease is when the immune system turns and attacks the body itself. In addition to the common allergies, some of the well-known auto-immune diseases include type-1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, and celiac. The common denominator is the body’s self-attack by the immune system.

    Consider that just forty years ago, autoimmune disease was virtually non-existent. Interestingly, in third-world countries, it’s still virtually non-existent. It exists almost exclusively in developed countries. So what’s going on? The simple fact is, it’s greatly correlated with diet and lifestyle. Yes, in some cases it’s genetic, but still, various nutritive protocols can be implemented to repair even broken genes.

    How do we fix it?

    Believe it or not, adding a few things to your diet and removing a few others is what most often saves the day. Mostly it’s about adding foods with the right nutrients that recover the intelligence of the immune system (like I mentioned, it’s largely about the neurological system) while cutting junk out. Note – another factor is toxic household items like cleaners and air-fresheners that are proven to weaken the immune system significantly, especially with long-term exposure. Some might think ‘boosting’ the immune system would be the exact wrong thing to do in the case of autoimmune disease, given the fact that the immune system is already aggressively attacking itself. But what you’re really doing is restoring your body’s instinctive healing wisdom.

     A little-known culprit

    In December of 2013, the FDA questioned soap companies to address the potential risks of using antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers on a regular basis. These products work by essentially obliterating all bacteria on your hands. Whereas the tried and true method of soap and water simply works by washing the harmful bacterias off. The active antibacterial agents (which absorbs through the skin) have been proven to be toxic due to killing the good bacteria in the body, and ironically, when used on a long-term basis, weakens the immune system. On top of this, there’s no evidence that antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water. Still, the FDA is working to ban these products.

    And Yet Another

    For the same reasons as hand sanitizers, antibiotics and some vaccines are now linked to reducing long-term immunity! What an irony! The data are real. These culprits kill the bad bacteria while also killing the good bacteria we need in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Yes, antibiotics may play a role when the situation could be dire and life threatening. Even still, after utilized, there needs to be some follow-up damage control with a healing diet and lifestyle. Most important is replacing the intestinal flora that gets wiped out with the use of antibiotics. This is the role of a probiotic supplement (which is why it’s an important part of the Infinity Greens formula).

    There’s some psychology to it, too

    There’s another very important topic we need to address when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system: stress. Stress is essentially anything that puts strain on the mind or body. This includes many things such as lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and even anxiety and anger – essentially anything that makes us feel less at ease. The reality is that periods of these challenges are all naturally part of life. Stress hormones, like cortisol, aren’t always a big deal since the body knows how to remedy imbalances. But on a regular basis these hormones can have as much wear and tear as junk food.

    The idea here is how we handle stress, like taking action to remove the common stressful circumstances that come up in daily life. Another vitally important part of reducing the effects of stress is exercise. Here’s why: stress produces adrenaline. Adrenaline unused makes the body weaker and the mind irritable and more vulnerable to low moods, too. So the idea is to exorcise the adrenaline, booting it out of the body to leave everything stronger at the end, including your natural ability to cope with stress in the future. The big picture here is to live a life that reduces the stressors and incorporates restorative anti-stress elements such as a healthy diet, time in the outdoors, exercise, and spending more time with joyous companions. Hooray for the holidays!…might mean moderating time with the in-laws, though 😉

    With regard to any malady, a truly healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. The potential healing powers of the body are awesome. Truly. Today, it’s massively underestimated. Improving our diet, exercise, pure water, fresh air, and sunshine is simply what it takes (not easy, always, but not rocket science either).

    And NOW, in case you missed out on the Immune Special two weeks ago…. 

    I want to give you a second chance to take advantage of this Special since the REAL vitamin C from Camu-camu, Acerola cherry, and Amla berry in Infinity-C is by far the most effective support for a strong disease-resistant immune system. I am totally confident Infinity-C really is the most powerful immune system enhancing product in the world. Click here to learn more about why and take advantage of this one-time special.

    Until Monday only, save $13 on the Infinity-C Bundle that includes 30 servings of Infinity-C PLUS 12 Infinity-C Bars!

    (Call the Infinity Team if you’d like help with placing your order at 877-291-1990)

    The simple fact is, since we’re getting into the season when we get less immune support from vitamin D due to less sunshine, NOW is the time to increase your intake of vitamin C! My wish is to support you on this life-journey of becoming your healthiest, and this is the time when strengthening your immune system is so very important, and as far as something you can easily use daily there’s nothing that would be more effective than Infinity-C.

    While there aren’t necessarily guarantees you’ll never catch a cold, what I am confident of are three things: 1) The risk would be greatly reduced. 2) The symptoms would be milder. 3) The recovery would unquestionably be faster. I have seen this countless times to be true. Have a look at the product reviews on the webpage, and you’ll see what I mean.

    What makes Infinity-C and Infinity-C Bars the superior immunity allies –

    The Infinity-C formula which is a blend of the highest vitamin C superfoods is specifically formulated for strengthening your immune system, the natural way, with 1000mg of REAL vitamin C per serving exclusively from plant foods (for 100% absorption), rather than lab-made ascorbic acid (10-15% absorption) in the other competitive supplements. That’s the vitamin C content of fourteen oranges, making Infinity-C an incomparable immune-boosting powerhouse. Simply mixed in pure water the taste is delicious! Note – Infinity-C is also available in capsules for travel! As for what makes the Infinity-C Bar a superior immunity enhancing ally, the Infinity-C Bar contains a full serving of the Infinity-C formula. The Infinity-C Bar is my immune boosting afternoon snack every day, and I can’t recommend this highly enough! Plus they taste amazing!

    Over the last 18 years, the Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be included. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this message along to your friends and family, or even better, give them some Infinity products so they can experience what they’re all about. Naturally they will receive the same awesome benefits.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,

    Billy Merritt


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  • Upgrading digestive health for a healthier YOU.

    August 28, 2019 By Billy

    Hey Friend,

    The importance of a healthy gastrointestinal system cannot be emphasized enough. It’s a pillar of your health and an accurate indicator of it, too. But proper digestive health doesn’t require rocket science. The best part? Within no time, you’ll find that your digestive system is getting stronger when implementing the principles below; then to be reflected by everything else in your body getting stronger, too. Give the protocols we cover below a “go” for one month and I can assure that you’ll find the impact anything but subtle. (We talk about this topic in even more detail in Infinity Health Manual, but this will get you started!)
    In essence, your digestive system plays two primary roles: it extracts nutrition from the foods you eat and it eliminates toxins from the body. When the digestive system is strong, it does an outstanding job in both roles. When it’s compromised by poor diet, it does a poor job. Your diet, indeed your lifestyle, amplifies, for good or for bad, your digestive system’s performance.

    In fact, because of the dual-role nature of the digestive system, a poor diet actually compounds the problem of poor nutrition. You’re not taking in quality nutritive foods in the first place, and the nutrients you are taking in aren’t being properly extracted for the body’s use because of the weakened digestive system. It’s an unhealthy spiral.

    The good news is digestive health isn’t very complicated. Like we’ve talked about in the past, for optimal health, your body needs more plant foods—fruits and vegetables, along with unprocessed whole grains and healthy fats like from raw nuts and seeds. Additionally, it requires some elimination—like cutting out processed sugar, flour, and cheap animal protein. Without fiber from plant foods, everything slows down. We’ve talked about how weakening flour can be, a significant fiber-less ingredient in so many diets. Most animal protein doesn’t do your digestive system any favors either, unfortunately. If meat and/or dairy are regular parts of your diet, take breaks from them every now and then to give your digestive system a chance to recuperate.

    What and How You Eat

    It’s probably not surprising that some of the best foods for your gastrointestinal system are foods that are easy to digest. The hard-to-digest foods we’ve identified (especially animal protein and flour) over time have a tendency to accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, slowing things down, allowing toxins more opportunity to be absorbed through the intestines back into the body. This also interferes with the body’s ability to soak up beneficial nutrients.

    What may be surprising, however, is that some raw vegetables aren’t always easy to digest either. While raw veggies aren’t foods that accumulate in the gastrointestinal system, they can make it work harder which is often reflected by indigestion. The coarser, more rigid vegetables (like kale, chard, collard greens, and broccoli) can, in fact, be harder to digest when raw versus when cooked. Strike a balance by mixing it up. Also remember my philosophy about tossing these greens into the blender! Raw, easy to digest, and chlorophyll—score! Give my kale pesto a try! It’s a favorite of many.

    Cooked or not, it’s important to chew your food thoroughly. Ever notice how fast many people eat these days? Much of the world is in a hurry. But chewing is Phase One of digestion, and it’s super important. There are digestive enzymes in your saliva that begin breaking down food before it’s even swallowed. Take your time when you eat. You’ll get more taste out of your food and you’ll make things a lot easier on your digestive system.

    Your Internal Chemistry

    One especially unappealing consequence of a poor diet is internal parasites. These are more common than we like to believe. We all have them, to some degree. The most common is a yeast fungus called candida which thrives on processed sugar and flour. Alcohol, too. Candida weakens the walls of the intestines, often creating food sensitivities. Along with removing the foods that candida thrives on, I recommend doing battle against candida from time to time with foods and herbs that are known to kill it. Raw garlic is a classic one. To be effective however, it has to be truly raw, unheated garlic. Chewing raw garlic can be a painful for the tongue (not to mention can have socially unfashionable effects). Dicing it up very finely to be washed down with a glass of water will spare you from having to chew it. Parasites hate raw garlic. And there’s a whole host of similar parasite fighting superfoods that can be found in the flagship formula, Infinity Greens, too.

    The good news is, once strong and balanced, your digestive system can keep candida and other parasites at bay. Remember that a digestive system in a weakened state leads to an unhealthy internal chemistry which, in turn, weakens the whole body. It weakens your very life force. And consider this– the digestive tract is where the majority of serotonin is created in the body. Serotonin is what has a direct impact on our mood. That alone is reason enough to maintain a healthy digestive system!

    Poor diets cause poor internal chemistry because of the lack of nutrition (obviously), but also because of the typical components of the common diet; namely, sugar, flour, and lack of fiber. Fiber, of course, helps move things along in your system, thus making it more difficult for parasites, or any toxic material for that matter, to stick around. There are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble (typically from plant foods) breaks down, dissolving in your system. Insoluble (typically from grains), doesn’t digest. (One exception is oats, which are a great soluble fiber.) Insoluble fiber still plays an important role, though, because it adds bulk to your food, helping satisfy your appetite with fewer calories. But ironically, too much insoluble fiber can be constipating. Soluble fiber plays the more important role, keeping things moving through the gastrointestinal tract.

    Flax and chia seeds are an amazing source of soluble fiber, superior alternatives to other fiber supplements like psyllium husk (which is why they’re part of Infinity Greens). Both of these seeds lubricate the gastrointestinal system perfectly. Sprouted, raw flax-seed crackers can be good, but the less adulterated products are always better.

    Cleaning the System

    Speaking of taking breaks from poor nutritional habits, many people do cleanses from time to time. Some people will fast for days and even longer as a way to detox, although some do it for spiritual reasons, too. The idea is to cleanse the body of toxins that have built up, especially in the colon. I wouldn’t necessarily advocate a heroic detoxifying cleanse for everyone, but I wouldn’t stop you, either. It’s fascinating how the body will truly cleanse itself if it’s allowed the chance to do so.

    One way to do a cleanse is by utilizing a liquid diet exclusively. Juicing fresh fruit and veggies (not pre-bottled products) can be good for such a cleanse, but I’m a bigger fan of smoothies with superfoods, the advantage being that you’re getting the whole food including the cleansing soluble fiber that comes with it. It’s true that juicing gives the digestive system a break while still providing the nutrients, but so does blended food, especially if you’re using a high-power blender which really breaks things down. A quality blender can be money well spent.

    For a digestive system that’s slow to the point of constipation, you might be thinking about laxatives. I don’t recommend using them except for rare occasions since, over time, your system can become dependent on them. If and when you really need it, I’d suggest senna, which is a natural (herbal) laxative. Aloe latex is a stronger natural option.

    Colonics, administered by ‘colonic hygienists’ have become popular. An enema is a lighter-version colonic that can be self-administered. Another option for flushing the system out, top to bottom, is a non-invasive technique called Shatkarma that goes all the way back to the ancient health practices of Ayurveda. Essentially, this entails drinking a liter of salt water that you can mix yourself with non-iodized sea salt and purified water to make it comparable to ocean water. This is an extremely effective cleanse. The body can’t absorb salt water, so it travels through the intestines, top to bottom. Just make sure you have a bathroom handy for the next couple hours as you’ll have at least a half dozen substantial bowel movements. This is something that I did for years, and I think it’s great. Search online for the how-to’s. It’s a well-known practice.

    Fasts, colonics, Shatkarma flushes—these can all be effective cleanses. But more to the point, I’d simply recommend a diet that is ‘cleansing’ in general. Even just a few days after removing meat, too many dairy products, sugar, and foods with flour, you’ll likely be able to sense toxic funk leaving your body. Not to say that it’s necessarily going to feel good. For a few days you may feel a sensation of a hangover since an increased volume of toxins is moving through the bloodstream to be excreted through the gastro-system. Chlorophyll from green food (blue-green algae, the number one ingredient in Infinity Greens, is the highest source of chlorophyll of any food), nature’s purifier of blood, is an especially important ally here for the purpose of soaking up these toxins. After a cleanse such as this, you might just decide to leave the less-than-healthy things out of your diet all the time, naturally gravitating towards the healthy—cleansing—foods, instead.

    Strengthening Your System

    Besides a cleansing diet, a major way to strengthen your internal chemistry is with healthy bacteria. Unhealthy intestinal bacteria have become a common theme with the prevalence of modern junk foods. The right kind of bacteria supports digestion among other things in the body. When healthy bacteria settle in, they also become defenders, greatly enhancing your immune system. We can get healthy bacteria in raw, fermented foods like sauerkraut. Probiotic supplements can play a major role, too. These include bacterial blends of acidophilus, bifidus, and lactobacillus. Note – there are 20 Billion Live Probiotics per serving in Infinity Greens!

    The microorganisms that inhabit your digestive tract—your intestinal flora—greatly influence your digestive health. How do you know if your intestinal flora is healthy? The most accurate gauge is your bowel movements. Fiber, coupled with a predominance of healthy bacteria, give bulk. A healthy bowel movement is sizable and, well, there’s just no other way to say it, satisfying.

    And while we’re on the subject of bowel movements, you should be having at least one a day. Regular bowel movements are important for making sure that toxins don’t linger in the intestines too long for the reasons I mentioned. A good diet aids this regularity. For enhanced ‘gastro-mobility’, keep in mind that effective and common intestinal lubricants include coconut oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds, papaya, and prunes.

    Other ways to strengthen your digestive system include enzymes, which are important for breaking foods down for proper digestion. Where do you find these? Raw fruits and veggies. Enzyme supplements too. (Yes, Infinity Greens includes a blend of live enzymes for this very purpose.)

    Naturally, water also plays a role in digestive health. We’ve talked about this before. (See the Infinity Health Manual for the essentials of healthy hydration.) For now, suffice it to say that many of us are walking around slightly dehydrated most of the time. It’s no coincidence that many of us are also walking around slightly constipated most of the time, too. Drink water! Ideally, do the majority of hydrating through the day and less with meals. Hydrating during meals does slightly dilute your digestive enzymes. At the very least, try to avoid cold drinks with food. While cold drinks during meal-time is a common theme, they do in fact dampen your digestion.

    The importance of a healthy gastrointestinal system cannot be emphasized enough. It really is a foundation of your health, and like I mentioned, an accurate indicator of it, too. Give the protocols we’ve covered a “go” for one month and I can assure that you’ll find the impact anything but subtle.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,



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  • Simple, yet POWERFUL!

    August 6, 2019 By Billy

    Here’s the crash course of the key health-empowering dietary adjustments that are of greatest gain and just how to make them easy. These I share with Dianne Porchia from ‘Heal’ documentary, and I can guarantee you this will be time very well spent. Enjoy!

    As always, I appreciate you reading my newsletters! As a ‘thank you’, here’s a one-time 10% off coupon you can use for any purchase within the next two days: readerscoupon10 (exp. 08/9)

    Call my team if you’d like help placing your order at  877-291-1990

    Over the last 18 years, Infinity Greens and the other Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of it. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this link along to your friends and family (or even better, give them some Infinity products to try) since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

    Yours truly, and at your service always, 

    Billy Merritt


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  • How Infinity Greens tightens and tones the skin – and more.

    July 25, 2019 By Billy

    Hey Friend,

    Did you know the health of your skin is largely a reflection of the health of your body? The good news is the simplicity of it all; when it comes to healthy skin it primarily boils down to reducing inflammation. Yes, it’s that simple. But is it easy? Not so much in this day and age. The reason why is many of the most common foods in the modern diet set off an inflammatory response in the body when consumed on a regular basis. As organic as they may be, this can include foods that contain ingredients such as processed sugar, wheat flour, and cooked oil – to mention just a few. Large amounts of animal protein can be a factor, too. The solutions to this dilemma are what I talk about extensively in my book, Infinity Health Manual. Now this isn’t necessarily reason for panic. Instead, let this simple understanding be a compass to help guide you toward including more of the anti-inflammatory foods (replacing the inflammatory ones) in your everyday diet. We’ll identify what some of these are in a moment.
    Now let’s talk about how this is to be reflected by the appearance of our skin. This is also simple. The degree of inflammation throughout the body is largely what influences the rate at which the body ages. The biology of it, in a nutshell, is inflammation reduces blood flow. Conversely, strong circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood is number one for maintaining our youth and vitality because the body is diligently able to restore and repair itself; to then be reflected by the performance of every organ in the body, including the skin. This is why the skin can tell us so much about what’s going on on the inside.
    So the solution is pretty straight forward; add more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet. You probably guessed it; we’re talking fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, nuts and seeds high in essential fatty acids, and the right superfoods, too. Then the big question, of course, is what foods are the most effective when it comes to removing inflammation from the body? Well, it’s in fact a few very specific superfoods. These are superfoods that are providing just the right antioxidants and nutrients. Upping the intake of these specific superfoods is one of the fundamental purposes of Infinity Greens.
    Virtually every superfood ingredient in Infinity Greens has an anti-inflammatory influence on the body, to some degree. Specific superfoods enhance the strength of specific organs and functions naturally to create a ripple effect eventually leading to healthier skin. There are, however, several key superfoods that together complete a spectrum of antioxidants that is by far the most effective when it comes to reducing inflammation. This high-antioxidant blend includes mangosteen, amla berry, acai berry, acerola cherry, lucuma, and goji berry. Each of these ingredients plays a vital role with fulfilling the antioxidant spectrum. Then there are the ‘energetic enhancement’ ingredients of Infinity Greens that further potentiate the influence of the antioxidant blend. This includes ginger, cayenne, Himalayan salt crystals, probiotics, and enzymes; each of which plays a vital role.
    Believe it or not, there’s actually even more to it, and since we’re on a roll, I’ll share one more large factor. In order for these antioxidants to enter the body’s cells to do their restorative work, first, metabolic waste in the cells must be removed. We’ve talked about this before. Let’s call it ‘cellular-detox’. The most important element for this process is chlorophyll which is noted for its ability to remove metabolic waste from cells and toxins from tissues throughout the body. And what are the highest chlorophyll foods? Blue-green algae, including spirulina, chlorella, and klamath algae. This is why these are the fundamental superfoods of Infinity Greens. (These blue-green algae actually have many other benefits as well.) The general idea is ‘pull the toxic funk out, and put the restorative nutrients in’. This is the very essence of Infinity Greens. By the way, as powerful as it already was, did you know the Infinity Greens formula has recently been even further improved?

    I share this humbly as possible, but people often ask me how I look so young relative to my age. I’m very diligent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I am confident that Infinity Greens is a vitally important part of this for all of the reasons above. The superfoods that comprise Infinity Greens have been used for millennia (except for in the western world), all of which are proven to have significant results when used on a daily basis. If you’ve been diligently incorporating Infinity Greens in your diet for at least a few months then you very likely know just what I’m talking about. Because I’m confident this would be the case for anyone using Infinity Greens is why the specified results are guaranteed.
    Over the last 18 years, Infinity Greens and the other Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be included. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the tremendous benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this message along to your friends and family (or even better, give them some Infinity products to try!) since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,


    Call us if you’d like help placing your order at 877-291-1990

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  • The diet trick that backfired and what to do about it.

    July 1, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    Did you know that dropping fat in your diet doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight? In fact, it can even have the opposite effect! Yikes! Since “fat” is too often regarded as a cause of the common over-weight problem (and no pun intended, but it’s big!) by many people who don’t know any better, fat in our food is inherently seen as bad. But fat is actually essential to our health for a number of reasons – including the maintenance of a healthy weight! So the answer is not to remove fat from your diet. The good news is it’s only a matter of understanding how to get it right.

    The first backfire

    Like carbohydrates, fat is actually fuel for the body. In fact, fats, per calorie satisfy the appetite more than carbohydrates. Ever sit down with a bag of low-fat chips, and, before you know it, you’ve polished off the whole bag? It just doesn’t satisfy the appetite, does it? It’s often the same with “low-fat” foods like crackers, bread, cereal, pasta. It’s easy to overeat them. And then what does your body do with the overflow of the starchy calories which turn to glucose in minutes? It stores them as…fat!…and generally in the less flattering areas of the body. This is how the ‘low-fat’ diet backfires. One-hundred calories of the healthy fats (what you might find in an avocado, for instance), will be more satisfying than one-hundred calories of carbohydrates. Same amount of calories, much different level of satisfaction = reduced chance of overeating.

    And the second…

    High fat, low carb diets – like paleo and ketogenic diets. The idea is to satisfy the appetite with fewer overall calories and achieve weight loss. Brilliant, right? Actually no, and here’s why…

    In the beginning there will be some weight loss – but not for long. Why? A weakened thyroid. This is because in most cases high fat diets include a significant amount of cooked oils, like what’s in animal protein. Some animal protein in the diet is fine. (We talk all about this in my book, Infinity Health Manual.) But cooked oil (like the oils in cooked meat, fried foods, and baked foods) produces free radicals that can weaken the thyroid. (Refresher: What are free radicals? These are unstable molecules that roam around the body chipping particles from cell walls, which then create more free radicals.) Zapping the thyroid with these free radicals zaps the metabolism. Slow metabolism = weight gain. Eek!..who wants that? The reason this has not been more diligently considered is because this weakening process is gradual, like watching grass grow, only in reverse. So yes, you’ll likely lose weight at first, but it’s likely to come back in the long run, and maybe with a vengeance.

    The solution here is to eat more of the healthy fats, in moderate amounts, while avoiding the unhealthy ones (except for when you’re at someone’s birthday party – no need to be the wet blanket when someone’s cutting the cake). Now we know it’s largely the unhealthy fats that are the cause for unwanted weight gain.

    So what are healthy fats? It’s raw nuts and seeds! You can read more about it in the Infinity Health Manual. Have you read it yet? If yes, then you know all about these very important topics, putting you ahead of the game in terms of vibrant health! If you have yet to read it, then I say go for it – there’s no better time than now. In fact, I guarantee that you’ll be very glad you did.

    Raw nuts and seeds are superior foods and for even more reasons than the healthy fats. It’s the awesome nutritive value, too. We’re talking vital nutrients such as vitamin E, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium – all things that keep the body strong! And what else can nuts and seeds provide? Superior protein! Superior protein = superior muscle. Who doesn’t need that? I do!

    Now here’s the big question: what makes the Infinity Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, and Walnuts superior to all the others on the market? So superior, that I’ll put my name on it. The one-of-a-kind Infinity nuts and seeds are sprouted, which unlocks far greater nutrient absorption. They’re simply easier to digest. Plus the sprouting makes these nuts and seeds more delicious with a lighter, crispier texture. Check out the Infinity nuts and seeds pages, and I’ll explain just how the sprouting process works – and why it’s so important for making nuts and seeds a true superfood. I’ll also share with you the extraordinary health benefits that each of them provide.

    By the way, did you know the primary ingredient of all the Infinity Bars? Raw almond butter! The simple fact is a healthy foundation of an energy bar is big part of what makes the Infinity Bars so delicious and healthy, too. Need I say more? So you might want to take this opportunity to stock up on your Infinity Bars as well.

    Over these many years, the Infinity Superfoods and health protocols have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of it! If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the great benefits of the Infinity Superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then please forward this email to your friends and family since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

    Have a wonderful day!!…

    Yours truly, and at your service always, 

    Billy Merritt

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  • Billy Merritt shares health essentials with Doctor Jody Stanislaw.

    May 31, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    I’m excited to share with you

    Over the last 18 years, Infinity Greens and the other Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be included. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this link along to your friends and family (or even better, give them some Infinity products to try!) since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

    Yours truly, and at your service always, 

    Billy Merritt

    Call my team if you’d like help placing your order at  877-291-1990

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  • Dr Jody Stanislaw, diabetes specialist, shares vital info about blood sugar

    By Billy

  • Video of how I start my day for utmost vitality.

    April 26, 2019 By Billy

    Thanks for watching! I can guarantee you that drinking this smoothie every morning will yield massive benefit within every channel of your health.

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  • The CRITICAL factors of protein.

    March 30, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    Getting it just right with the protein in your everyday diet will be reflected by many aspects of your health including your energy, longevity, and even your attractiveness (I’ll explain why below). Unfortunately, in this modern day and age, for the most part, protein consumption is ranking at ‘disaster-status’. The simple fact is the toll it’s currently taking on the majority of our population’s health is huge. This is why the info I have to offer you is critical. (I’ve trimmed this down from my book, Infinity Health Manual, to the most important factors for you, to make your next five minutes very well spent.)

    Question – why exactly is protein worth our special attention in the first place? Because protein is the primary building block of muscle, ligaments, vital organs, skin, and essentially every cell in the body. You really are what you eat! That’s why. So I say let’s use the finest building blocks that we have available.

    Unfortunately, as a species, we’ve made things complicated for ourselves, and our intake of protein is now a matter that desperately needs a shift. First, consider that for thousands of years, since our days as hunter-gatherers, our major source of protein has been animals. Before the advent of today’s food distribution, people could only eat what they could find in their immediate surroundings. Especially in the winter months, that could mean just meat and potatoes. But from our ancestors’ simpler days of hunting wild animals for food, we’ve gone down a different path. Today, our Western diet is plagued by poor quality meat—and lots of it!

    Moreover, very definite data now exist that show a connection between the consumption of today’s animal protein and cancer and heart disease. Processed beef and pork have been newly classified by the World Health Organization as Level One carcinogens. That’s the same as cigarettes! Eek! Isn’t that nuts? And few people even know about this. Let’s consider this a red flag.

    The Flaws of Modern Day Protein

    The days of low-grade beef, pork, and chicken have caught up with us. This meat is definitely protein, but it’s the wear and tear on our overall health that comes with it that needs our attention.

    Part of the problem is the type of saturated fats that come with animal protein. These are the fats that very definitely can raise unhealthy cholesterol—a separate book entirely. Even with the low-fat meat products, a little lard can go a long way, and not in our favor! I feel that the fats in meat are actually a big part of why we crave them. Ah, the smell of bacon many of us mysteriously appreciate. Because cutting back on all fat in our overall diet is a dominant theme, we eventually cave in and get our fat fix from animal products. But satisfying our need for fats with animal lard is akin to satisfying the sweet tooth with processed sugar instead of fruit.

    Another consideration: meats are acid-forming. Quick lesson: our bodies seek to strike a healthy acid-alkaline chemistry that’s affected mostly by the foods we eat. All animal protein makes the body acidic (as does processed sugar, interestingly enough). An “acidic” internal environment ultimately translates into a decrease of calcium in bones and an increase of inflammation in tissues causing reduced blood-flow, which ultimately translates to a weaker body that simply ages faster than it regenerates. And in case you’re wondering, chicken is just as acid-forming as red meat, so you’re not really doing your body any favors by sticking with just “white” low-fat meat.

    Additionally, metabolic waste from regular animal protein can accumulate over time in the gastrointestinal system. An eight-ounce steak isn’t eight ounces of protein, after all. A lot of it is indigestible animal matter which can build up in your large intestine and colon, slowly but surely weakening your digestive system, a vital pillar of your health.

    Also, ever notice you’re tired after eating meat? Even just a chicken salad? This is because it actually takes a lot of work for your body to break it down to extract the protein. So if you do have any animal protein in your diet, you might want to consider limiting it as a dinner food.

    But what about Fish?

    I believe having a little fish in your diet can offer some overall benefits. Certain fish can be excellent food nutritionally and a far superior option to other meat products. One of the reasons is ease of digestibility. Another advantage of fish is the quality of fat. Remember fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids which have the exact opposite effect of the fats in other meat products. These fats actually reduce unhealthy cholesterol.

    With all fish, be sure to go with wild-caught and avoid farm-raised fish. A lot of the fish today are farm-raised where the fish are crowded together, producing unclean conditions that require major amounts of antibiotics and pesticides. Even salmon labeled as “Atlantic salmon” is, more likely than not, farm-raised. If salmon or any fish are wild-caught it will clearly say “wild-caught” on the label.

    If fish is a regular part of your diet, it’s also important to be aware of fish that are known to be high in mercury as well as other harmful contaminants. Fish repeatedly testing high in mercury include tuna (especially albacore, ahi, and yellowfin tuna; skipjack tuna is okay), swordfish, shark, grouper, marlin, and mackerel. I suggest avoiding these entirely. Stick with the options tested to be low-mercury. These include salmon, trout, tilapia, sole, and most smaller fish. Other seafood like shrimp, oysters, and scallops tend to be okay too. In general, it’s the large predatory fish that have toxic levels of mercury, even with freshwater fish.

    As for the Vegetarian Lifestyle

    If you’ve been thinking of trying a vegetarian diet, I say why not? Today, with the large variety of foods we have available year round, we can in most cases get all the protein and nutrients the body needs without animal protein. Or getting your animal protein exclusively from fish can be an excellent option too.

    I feel it’s worth sharing that for two years I was on the “Paleo” diet, a popular diet that is quite high in animal protein. I kept to the better quality options like bison, elk, venison, and meats of similar nature. These meats are definitely better alternatives to the more common meats like beef and pork. Even still, at the end of the day, I found that the Paleo diet yielded much less energy and sense of life-force than a diet without these animal products.

    If you continue to have meat as a regular part of your diet, it’s still good to take breaks! Going a couple weeks without meat, adding more plant foods in place of it, allows your body to go through its important cleansing cycles.

    While we’re on the subject, I should say this. Many people take an ethical position on the eating of meat. In case you’re wondering, my role here is nutrition and so I’m going to keep within those bounds. I’ll leave the ethical question to each individual reader. Nevertheless, I do feel that a primarily plant-based diet with the right foods is the superior option for overall health.

    Where to Find the Right Plant Protein

    Okay, so where can you find the plant foods high in protein, the plant foods you’ll need in order to compensate for cutting back (or maybe even eliminating) meat? Easy. Vegetarian foods with a reasonable amount of protein include raw nuts and seeds, avocados, beans, edamame, eggs, and dairy (eggs and dairy we will talk about in my next newsletter). Protein supplements can also play an excellent role here. But beware of whey or soy based protein. They’re culprits of constipation, like eating glue. Hemp and rice protein have the potential to be awesome, depending on the quality of ingredients. And you may have guessed it; Infinity Protein is the elite and at the very top of the totem pole! Click here so I can explain why.

    Note: don’t make this mistake frequently made by people cutting back on meat: replacing meat with pasta, bread, processed grains, and other starchy foods. You’re looking for protein, not tons of starch! As for my recommendation of how many grams of protein to have per day, I’d put this in the same category as counting calories. Unnecessary. Follow the suggestions above and there’s really not a margin of error you need to be given since your body’s tastes and instincts will be allowed to do the job they were born to do.

    Okay, so here’s the big picture.

    The Western world eats way too much animal protein (especially the worst kind!). Kind of like unhealthy sugar. But in the end, it comes down to a lifestyle choice. And who wants a lifestyle that includes foods that slowly make you weaker, little by little chipping away at your body’s overall health and life force? Not you or I!

    It doesn’t help, of course, that beef, pork, and chicken are so prevalent. And few people know how high-impact this part of their diet can be. But now you do. If you’re starting to become more and more sold on the healthier proteins, then fantastic. If we’d collectively cut back on the common low-quality meats, we’d be doing something extraordinary for ourselves (not to mention the planet would have a sigh of relief too!). Yes, we have the hunter-gatherer in our genes, but we also have the option to live a lot healthier than our ancestors did— and longer too. And as we’ve seen, because of today’s availability of healthier plant protein, this can be easy to do.

    Over the last 17 years, the Infinity superfoods and health protocols have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of it. Lastly, if you’ve experienced the benefits of what I have to share, then please forward this to your friends and family since naturally they will experience the benefits, too.
    Have a great day!!…

    Yours truly, and at your service always, 

    Billy Merritt

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  • The essentials for kicking out the winter blues.

    February 18, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    Because we’ve hit the mid-winter benchmark the simple fact is that for a few months now, we have been getting less sunshine. The problem is when we get less sunshine, the body produces less serotonin which is a chemical messenger in the body responsible for keeping a positive mood.

    Reduction of serotonin over the last few months is why you may be feeling less positive than you normally would. This can be reflected by such states as irritability, impatience, lower self-esteem, and less-than-great stress management.

    With less sunshine, not only is the production of serotonin reduced, the body also produces more melatonin which is why you may also feel drowsy and less motivated.

    Feelings, including any of the above, when related to less sunshine, are diagnosed as ‘seasonal affective disorder (SAD)’, commonly referred to as the ‘winter blues’.

    The good news is this means that since there’s a sound reason why you may be feeling this way, it’s highly unlikely that there is something wrong with you. So don’t despair!

    Now, for the really good news: there are some simple yet incredibly powerful ways that will help boost your serotonin production! So don’t delay if you’re not feeling your greatest! Make today the day of giving yourself the healthy serotonin boost!

    Here are 5 highly effective ways to boost your serotonin levels:

    1) Digestive Health – did you know that the majority of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal system? Wow, that’s major! This is why Infinity Greens, the flagship of the Infinity Superfoods, is intended to support a healthy mind. The precision blend of probiotics, enzymes, soluble fiber, and algae has a profound influence. Essentially every food you put in your body influences your overall health. The big picture to consider is that the health of your body is a massive influence for the health of your brain; thus your mind, too.

    2) Superfoods!…and just the right ones! The mood-boosting power of superfoods is the very essence of Infinity Chai; joy in a teacup, made delicious, of course. It’s the trinity of Reishi, Cordycpes, and Lions Mane mushrooms which are precursors to serotonin production. Truthfully, when I go for even one day without my cup of Infinity Chai, something doesn’t feel quite right.

    3) Exercise – exercise boosts serotonin! This means get to the gym! Or go for a power-walk. Or take a yoga class. The discipline is so very worth the effort, and why not make it fun?

    4) Get outdoors for unadulterated sunshine whenever possible. If this most important option is limited then a light therapy lamp can be helpful since it is dedicated to serotonin production. This, of course, does not replace pure sunshine though.

    5) Reducing stress with a healthy personal life dedicated to the mind – Who are you spending time with? Do they lift you up or bring you down? Do you have a spiritual practice? Prayer? Meditation? What kind of material do you read or what do you watch on the television (if you do). Is it positive and uplifting or the opposite? Naturally these are all important parts of our lifestyle since they affect your joy. This we cover extensively in my book, The Infinity Health Manual (have you taken advantage of this vital resource yet?).

    Over the last 17 years, the Infinity Superfoods and health protocols have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of it. Lastly, if you’ve experienced the benefits of the superfoods and knowledge that I have to share, then please forward this to your friends and family since naturally they will experience the benefits, too.

    Have a great day!!…
    Yours truly, and at your service always,

    Billy Merritt

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  • Video: Billy shares with Dianne the easiest of the longevity essentials.

    February 11, 2019 By Billy

    Hey Friend,

    Here’s the crash course of the little-known longevity essentials that I share with Dianne Porchia from ‘Heal’ documentary, and I can guarantee you this will be time very well spent.  Enjoy!

    Over the last 18 years, Infinity Greens and the other Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be included. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the guaranteed benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this message along to your friends and family (or even better, give them some Infinity products to try!) since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

    Yours truly, and at your service always, 

    Billy Merritt

    Call my team if you’d like help placing your order at  877-291-1990



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  • Infinity Health Manual – the essentials for longevity, weight loss & the mind…simplified.

    By Billy

    Infinity Health Manual (free electronic version): 

    Click Here to Download PDF

    May the Infinity Health Manual be a profound resource for achieving your truest excellence!


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  • Wheat grass is an inflammatory and not a superfood.

    January 31, 2019 By Billy

    It should be noted that in the 1970s, grass supplements like wheat grass and barley grass came about as a low-budget green food. The theory was “greens for pennies.” But unfortunately the pretty price of grass supplements comes with drawbacks. Grasses do have some chlorophyll but nothing even close to that of the blue-green algae. (This is why algae is the foundation of Infinity Greens!) Algae and all of the other more commonly known green foods like kale, collard greens, spinach, and chard are nutritively superior to wheat grass.

    What many people are unaware of is that wheat grass (even juiced) is hard to digest and can be weakening and even damaging for the gastrointestinal system. Consider the fact that this is a food that has only been used for the last fifty years, making it something that we are completely unadapted to digest. Here’s why this is an especially big deal – naturally the digestive system is a pillar of our health. A weakened digestive system from routinely having irritant foods makes it harder for the body to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. The very opposite is what we need! Make a strong digestive system an utmost priority. It’s so very worth it. So pass on the grasses.

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  • The 30-Day Infinity Cleanse to kick off 2019 with a spark!

    January 9, 2019 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    Below is the most simplified and ‘bang for your buck’ 30-day cleanse ever! We’re talking just a few easy adjustments to your diet that all add up to make the whole thing profoundly beneficial (and thankfully doesn’t involve starving yourself on veggie juice!). And there is no better time than NOW since the beginning of the new year is when our resolve to do something great for ourselves is often its strongest!

    Whether or not you want to go for it boils down to the following questions:

    – Would you like to shed some pounds?
    – Would you like more energy?
    – Would you like to improve your mood and self-image?
    – Would you like to live a longer and more satisfying life?
    – Or would you at least like to keep away the winter bug?

    If you feel a ‘yes’ to any of the above then let’s go for it! I’m so very confident that you’ll be glad you did since the benefits you’ll experience will be massive. I can guarantee it. Below are the simplified methods that will far-and-away have the greatest benefit for the effort it takes. You’ll see.

    Dietary adjustments for just 30 days:
    (If you would like to know why each of these adjustments have such a massive influence on your wellbeing, you can reference the Infinity Health Manual.)
    No processed sugar. This one is the most important and includes any foods with evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, corn syrup, and agave. Small amounts of honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup are fine. Have all the fruit you want but no packaged fruit juices.
    No wheat flour. Screen those ingredient labels.
    No processed carbs including chips, pasta, bread, crackers, and cereal; gluten-free or not.
    No canola, safflower, or soybean oil (i.e. baked foods, packaged salad dressings, and sauces)
    No fried food.
    No roasted nuts or seeds. Raw nuts and seeds only! Sprouted Infinity Almonds are the elite!
    No pork or red meat.
    No high mercury fish. Reference the Infinity Health Manual for the safest options.
    No excessive snacking between meals.
    Steer clear of alcohol, or at least keep it to a minimum.
    Drink lots of pure water!
    Eat more vegetables! Especially those cleansing leafy-green foods! Need healthy recipes? Click here for my favorites that might just become your favorites, too.
    First thing every morning have your Infinity Greens smoothie – not to be skipped for vitally important reasons!

    Exercise for the next 30 days –

    Your exercise is as important as your diet! Doing a good job with one doesn’t forfeit the necessity of the other. If you have you read my exercise chapter in the Infinity Health Manual, then you’ll understand why. Even just a half hour every other day would have significant benefit versus doing nothing. Do you feel you don’t have enough time? If yes, well then, I dare say this will give you more time rather than take it.

    Hands down, the best exercise is hiking or fast-paced walking. Not only is it great doing the very activity that the body is most adapted to doing, you are also getting your fresh air and sunshine. Yes, days are short, and I understand if you’re unable to get outside before dark with your work schedule. So get to the gym, then! Or how about a yoga class?!

    Naturally, a few other parts of your lifestyle to keep healthy for the next 30 days include good sleep, positive social activity, and doing things that bring you joy. Let’s see this as a great opportunity to get things on a roll for making 2019 our best year yet. The bottom line is, you have it well-within your reach to do something truly great for your betterment of mind and body. So let’s go for it!

    Over the last 17 years, the Infinity Superfoods and healthy lifestyle protocols have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be part of it.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,

    Billy Merritt

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  • The Fundamentals of a Powerful Immune System.

    October 22, 2018 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    This topic is so very important for your overall health and longevity. Diet, exercise, hydration, even sunshine and sleep—it’s all connected. And one of the great results of living a healthy way of life? Taken care of properly, your body is less likely to experience illness. By maximizing those things that strengthen the body and minimizing the things that weaken the body, naturally you’ll be able to enjoy life at your greatest potential.

    I’m not claiming that you’ll never feel under the weather, but I can state with confidence that your odds will be lower as your body’s immune system becomes stronger. The body is commonly underestimated when it comes to both prevention of illness and healing. We live in a society where often the first recourse is to turn to modern science, to depend on pharmaceuticals to fix what’s ailing us. But a body well taken care of has an extraordinary ability to take care of itself. Life-force created via lifestyle heals and is the body’s preferred remedy.

    It’s important make a note here about cancer. Cancer prevention (and healing) is primarily about strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C (one of the essential antioxidants), as we know, is an amazing immune-system booster, reputed to be the most effective anti-cancer agent there is. Naturally this is what Infinity-C, a blend of superior high-vitamin C superfoods, is all about. Vitamin D is also a huge part of your immune system. It’s quite ironic that the correct amount of sunshine for vitamin D has proven to help with cancer recovery. (Of course too much sun should be avoided to prevent the opposite effect. This topic I cover extensively in Infinity Health Manual.) Note: part of why there is often compromise of the immune system during the winter is because we get less sunshine. This is why having additional vitamin C, beginning this time of year, is important.

    Another important topic to address here is that the most common disease (I don’t like to word ‘disease’. Anything is curable; even broken genes.) of our modern world, is autoimmune disease. (I talk about this topic quite a bit in Infinity Health Manual. Autoimmune disease affects at least twenty-five million people in the United States. That’s eight percent of our population. And it’s rapidly increasing. As you may know autoimmune disease is when the immune system turns on and attacks the body itself. Besides allergies (the most common case), some of the more well-known strains include type-1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, and celiac. The common denominator is attack on the body by the immune system. The most common effect on the attacked area of the body is inflammation, the swelling of tissues, making it unreachable for nutrient rich blood that is trying to come to the rescue.

    Just forty years ago, autoimmune disease was virtually non-existent. Interestingly, in third-world countries, it’s still virtually non-existent. It exists almost exclusively in developed countries. So what’s going on? The simple fact is, it’s greatly correlated with diet and lifestyle. Yes, in some cases it’s genetic, but still, various things can be implemented to fix even genes. That, we will talk about soon.

    Mostly it’s about adding vital nutrients that recover the intelligence of the immune system (the immune system works hand-in-hand with the neurological system) while cutting the toxic junk out. Believe it or not, adding a few things to your diet and removing a few others is what most often saves the day. Remember there are two powerhouse nutrients that are the most vital to the immune system: vitamin C and vitamin D. Some might think boosting the immune system would be the exact wrong thing to do in the case of autoimmune disease, given the fact that the immune system is already attacking itself. But what you’re really doing is restoring your body’s instinctive healing wisdom. The intelligence of the immune system is truly awesome, and it does a lot more than just fighting colds.

    Naturally, to boost the body’s immune powers, it’s vital to cut out the junk, and to let the body heal itself. By now, you can guess what the food culprits are: processed sugar, low-grade animal protein, cheap oils, flour, and similar heavily processed food. Another huge “junk” factor is toxic chemicals. Toxic household items like cleaners and air-fresheners are proven to weaken the immune system significantly. Unquestionably, these can be causatives, at least to some degree, and over time the wear and tear of these pollutants weakens the immune system.

    Another culprit: antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers were originally intended to take on the role of your immune system. In December of 2013, the FDA questioned soap companies to address the potential risks of using such products daily. The active antibacterial ingredient has been proven to be toxic, and ironically weakens the immune system. On top of this, there’s no evidence that antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water. Finally, as of this writing, the FDA is working to ban these terrible soaps. Let’s allow the superior immune system to do its job!

    And another: antibiotics and some vaccines are now linked to reduced immunity! What an irony! The data are real. These culprits kill the bad bacteria while also killing the good bacteria we need in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Antibiotics may play a role when the situation is desperate and life threatening. Even still, after utilized, there needs to be some follow-up damage control with a healing diet and lifestyle. Most important is replacing the intestinal flora that gets killed with the use of antibiotics. This is the role of a probiotic supplement (which is why it’s an important part of the Infinity Greens formula).

    There’s another very important topic we need to address when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system: stress. Stress is essentially anything that puts strain on the mind or body. This includes many things such as lack of sleep, anxiety, poor diet, anger, sadness, and guilt—essentially anything that makes us feel less at ease. The reality is that this is all naturally part of life to a degree.

    Stress releases hormones like cortisol that, short term, aren’t such a big deal, as the body knows how to remedy this. But on a regular basis they create as much wear and tear as junk food. And ultimately stress makes the mind and body weaker. Believe it or not, stress is actually proven to be the primary source of all illness. The first thing stress weakens is the immune system, the body’s capability of protecting and restoring itself.

    The idea here is how we handle stress, like taking action to remove the common stressful circumstances that come up in daily life. Another vitally important part of reducing the effects of stress is exercise, and more than most people realize. Here’s why: stress produces adrenaline. Adrenaline unused leaves the body weaker and the mind irritable and more vulnerable to low moods. So the idea is to “exorcise” the adrenaline, booting it out of the body to leave everything stronger at the end, including your natural ability to cope with stress in the future. The big picture here is to live a life that reduces the stressors and incorporates restorative anti-stress elements such as a healthy diet, time in the outdoors, exercise, esteem-building activities, and spending time with joyous companions.

    With regard to any malady, a truly healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. The potential healing powers of the body are awesome. Truly. All we need to do is nurture it with diet, exercise, pure water, fresh air, and sunshine. And positive thinking, too! (Shoot, what does that one have to be so hard sometimes! Remember you’re not alone. And it’s part of what friends are for.) The magnificent life-force this can yield is the body’s preferred preventative of illness and remedy too.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,

    Billy Merritt

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  • The keys to build true physical power.

    July 18, 2018 By Billy

       Dear Friend, 

    The keys to building your physical power are so very important, and there being some real substance to them, they can’t be summarized in just one paragraph with a few bullet points. So give yourself the ten minutes it will take because these are essentials for your overall health and longevity. (Note: this is content that can be found in my book, “Infinity Health Manual“) 

    You only get one body in this life, so need I convince you of the value in what we’re going to talk about here? The reality is we’ve steered way off course in this modern day and age with what constitutes a truly powerful body. First, when I’m talking ‘power’, I’m talking about far more than just strong biceps, quads, and abs! Ha! It’s about a deeper strength that’s infused with an incomparable life-force that today is seldom experienced. The fact is, the majority of modern exercise is completely missing the big picture. I would like to explain why, and most importantly supply you with the essential keys to fix it; building your true physical power, that is.

    Where we got off course

    First, let’s consider that we humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but it’s only been relatively recently in our history, with the development of agriculture, that we’ve settled ourselves into villages and, ultimately, cities. Before that, we were nomads, traveling by foot around the countryside in search of food and moving with the seasons. As a result, our bodies adapted to this kind of physical activity. Today, with our modern lifestyles, we’re far less active than we previously were. The bottom line is we do a heck of a lot of sitting, both at work and at home. The modern way of life is not what our bodies were adapted for. And today we see the effects: a commonality of obesity and a host of other issues like heart disease.

    The Big Picture

    As I’ve always focused on in my articles, our diets are vitally important for keeping our bodies strong. Eating healthy is an essential start, but putting fuel in is only half of it. You’ve gotta pump the handle!..and in just the right way.

    Building a fit body through the right exercise does extraordinary things for many aspects of our overall health. Improved strength supports joints and bones and, especially, the spine. The spine, after all, is a pillar of the neurological “superhighway” through which the brain exchanges vital information with the rest of the body, and, in turn, is how the body takes care of the brain. Strong body and posture keep that superhighway healthy.

    Other benefits? The obvious one is that exercise boosts our metabolism, thus reducing the amount of fat stored in the body. Leanness alone is worth the moderate effort it takes. Exercise also circulates nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to organs and every part of the body, essentially making everything stronger and more resistant to injury.

    Furthermore, strengthening your body helps to eliminate everyday aches and pains. Your body heals faster. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Many people shy away from exercise because of aches and pains, and yet there’s no better way to avoid physical discomfort in the long-term than by strengthening the body! Exercise fortifies the parts of the body around those everyday aches and pains, creating an incubating environment for the healing of the weak areas. Building core strength can lessen back pain, for instance. The increased oxygen-rich blood flow reduces inflammation so the body’s restorative healing life-force can get in there to work its magic. Done properly (as we’ll discuss), exercise essentially becomes physical therapy. I never stopped being amazed when I would witness this at the Ashram Health Retreat where I worked as a trainer for many years. People would experience six days of intensive exercise and leave with their everyday aches and pains gone, or at least substantially reduced.

    I’ve experienced it firsthand myself. Years ago, I suffered from a variety of aches. Due to inflammation, I had plantar fasciitis in the arches of my feet, carpal tunnel in my wrists, and pain in my shoulders (thoracic outlet reduction). I went to a series of specialists, some of whom recommended various surgeries. At the time I was wearing braces on my wrists and doing virtually no exercise other than limping around my living room. Finally, a doctor said something startling. “You need to take those stupid things off your wrists and get to the gym!” I took his simple advice and worked with a professional trainer and my aches and pains all went away within a few months. I didn’t need surgery; I just needed to make my body stronger. The impact blew my mind. What a lesson!

    Need more reasons to exercise? The data are overwhelming that exercise is a great stress-reducer—quite unlike anything else. Plus, it gives you a sense of achievement, helping to build your self-esteem. How’s that for true power? Not to mention that you’ll pick up some peace of mind just by getting outdoors for fresh air and sunshine, something tried and tested for millennia.

    Most people who decide they’re not going to take the time to stay physically active through some kind of consistent exercise have no idea how powerful it can be reflected in the mind and body and what they are missing out on. They lack the comparative experience. But for those who engage in it, they know the benefits can be enormous. Bottom line? The value of exercise is in its ability to significantly enhance life-force, longevity, and happiness. Priceless, wouldn’t you say?

    As many of us know, there are two general categories of exercise: aerobic, also known as “cardio,” and anaerobic which is generally load-bearing or the expenditure of energy in bursts, like sprints. You need to get the heart rate up with sustained aerobic activity, but you need to build muscle via anaerobic activity, too. By building muscle with load-bearing exercise, your body naturally burns more calories on a consistent basis. You’re building a bigger engine which requires more fuel! So the priority isn’t necessarily losing weight, it’s building power which produces a leaner body.

    There’s one particular exercise that, for the money, is the most efficient in combining both cardio and load-bearing activity: hiking. After all, trekking up and down hills is just what our ancestors did. The distances we are capable of hiking are commonly underestimated. During the one-week program at the Ashram, we’d hike with the guests ten to fifteen miles a day for six days straight! And not everyone was always the most fit. But again, hiking this kind of mileage is what we are adapted to do.

    Of course, generally speaking, we don’t have the time to hike for hours every day. But even going a few miles at a sturdy pace two or three days per week can have a tremendous impact. You’re getting your heart rate up and lifting your body weight as you trek up and down hills, making hiking the perfect cardio and load-bearing activity, all in one. Plus, you’re exercising the largest muscles in your body— namely your gluteus muscles and quads in your legs—which therefore has the most effect on your metabolism. And you’re strengthening your core, too. When you’re hiking over uneven terrain, you’re also exercising your smaller, stabilizer muscles—lots of little muscles that all add up. There’s a lot you can cover by just walking up and down hills.

    Popular ways that people try to replicate this kind of physical activity are in the gym via stationary bikes or treadmills. These are obviously much better alternatives than not exercising at all. But when doing only the same repetitive motion that’s offered by stationary bikes or treadmills, you can’t really get the same kind of workout provided by hiking and navigating hills. Essentially, all of those stabilizer muscles aren’t working so hard. And, you’re not getting outside which is always the place I prefer to do at least a portion of my exercise. Do you live somewhere flat? No worries. A brisk walk, followed by doing a few sets of squats while holding a dumbbell to your chest, qualifies as an awesome workout.

    As for load-bearing exercise, remember that the gluteus muscles and quads should be your highest priority for enhancing your metabolism and building your overall strength. The seldom-done squats and deadlifts are hands down the best gym exercises you can do because of the emphasis on these bigger muscles as well as your core strength. Deadlifts have an undeserved negative reputation (the name doesn’t help—better would be “life-force lifts” or “anti-death lifts”!) that comes from too many people doing them inappropriately, with too much weight and with the wrong form. Just like hiking, bending over or squatting to pick up heavy objects is an ancient exercise; thus our bodies are well adapted to do them. But don’t risk an injury. Do them right. Your best bet? Work with the theme “less weight, more reps.” Also these lifting exercises don’t necessarily need to be committed to with a bar. Using dumbbells or kettle-bells is a great, low-risk way to get started. And why not work with a trainer? I do, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

    Remember to maintain stretching as a part of your physical activity. Maintaining elasticity of muscles is vital for a whole host of reasons, the most important of which is prevention of injury, inflammation, and those everyday aches and pains. It’s important for maintaining good posture, too. A full body stretch doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes. Actually, a common mistake can be over-stretching, which can make muscles weaker. Of course muscles can be re-strengthened, but why put your body through unnecessary stress? If you choose a yoga practice, the idea is to hold the stretching poses for only seconds. It’s the strengthening poses that can be held for longer. There is some reasoning however for holding the stretching poses longer, and it’s for the releasing of deeper tension. So in a sense there can be a benefit to this. My suggestion if you do the longer stretching poses is to do them only on an occasional basis, especially if building strength is what you’re going for.

    As mentioned, I highly recommend working with a fitness trainer. What you learned in PE class just isn’t going to cut it if a deeper power for the sake of your longevity and life-force is what you’re going for. And going to the gym on your own and doing the same routine day in and day out only does so much. It’s much more effective and time better spent to shake things up. The variety of fitness activities is endless, and changing up the exercises you’re doing on a regular basis will make you stronger faster. A trainer knows best how to do this, and it needn’t be time-consuming. With the right kind of intensive exercise, you can get a lot out of a single hour, or even less. Believe me, I’ve seen the results firsthand through trainers I have worked with, and by my own experience as a trainer at the Ashram. I’ve witnessed incredible transformations in people of all body types and starting out at all different levels of fitness.

    Find the trainer who believes in sticking with the free weights. Free weights have exponentially more impact than machines. Remember that core and lower-body exercises are the most important since, as we discussed above, they’re the biggest muscles. Men especially tend to get preoccupied with upper body workouts, partly because they’re easier overall since the upper body muscles are smaller relative to the muscles in the legs. It’s a matter of balance between lower and upper-body exercises, but placing more of an emphasis on lower-body is the way to go. And of course we’re not talking body-building here. Again, we’re talking about ‘power-building’.

    Keep in mind you don’t have to work with a trainer every day. Why not start with just two days a week? Of course a good trainer will teach you how to work out on your own, too. I’m confident you’ll be very impressed with what you get out of it.

    The other days of the week? Hike or go for power walks! I am very much a believer in fast-paced walking. Too easy for you? Try carrying three to ten pound dumbbells (or water bottles) and pump your arms like you mean it. Now we’re talking. Or maybe you’ve got other athletic pursuits—sports that you like to play. Being physically active should be enjoyable, something you look forward to. Yoga, soccer, pottery (well maybe something a little more strenuous), swimming, and biking—they’re all good. Need I share my opinion of the contact sports like football that invite injury and wear and tear on the body? Get creative. Join a softball team. Take up tennis. Play ultimate frisbee. Dance! (This one is among my favorites.)

    Exercise is certainly neck and neck with diet, in terms of importance for overall health. They’re both critical links in the chain of well-being. On the note of diet, I recommend a sturdy dose of easy-to-digest protein following your workout. Naturally, and for the sake of purity and potency, I’m a fan of my post-workout smoothie with Infinity Protein, which is a blend of organic hemp and brown rice protein infused with muscle-enhancing herbs. And of course the Infinity Protein Bars too, which are hands down, the best bars in terms of both pure ingredients and flavor. Remember that when we neglect our diets, we lose the energy and enthusiasm we need to be physically active. It becomes hard to exercise even if we want to. So create the right chemistry with your diet and then pump the handle with exercise, with the restorative nutrition to follow.

    As a motivating factor, it’s always helpful to remember your physiological health is intimately connected with your mental health – that’s your peace and happiness. No question a strong body is one of the foundational elements for a strong mind, only to make us more fit to better navigate through the world of modern-day stressors and still maintain a general sense of wellbeing. It’s the strong mind and body together that build true power, and there’s no moment like the precious present to jump onboard. I say we go for it.

    Over the last seventeen years the Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and it is an honor to have you as part of the team.

    Yours truly, and at your service always,



    PS…I greatly appreciate that you read my newsletters! If you resonate with this newsletter, please forward it to a friend. They will likely find it to be of great value, too.

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  • Water: The critical elements for getting it right.

    May 7, 2018 By Billy

    Dear Friend,

    * Take ten minutes for yourself to read the essentials for getting it right with the water you’re drinking since it’s vitally important for your health. And if you find this useful, then please send it to a friend.

    This topic is thought to be an easy one and taken for granted which is why it never gets the attention it deserves. But the fact is, water is one of the pillars of life. Without water, we sure wouldn’t last very long. And because it’s what we put the most of into our bodies, it warrants some serious consideration. After all, our bodies are seventy-percent water! Water that is clean and pure is vital for so many things, some of the most notable being the proper functioning of our organs, a strong immune system, maintaining energy and vitality, mental clarity, and yes, even longevity. Thankfully, getting this right isn’t hard! But there are a few key factors.

    The Problem with Water Today

    Unfortunately, pure water is not all that easy to come by. Most water available today (tap and bottled) is far from pure and is not the same water we were drinking a hundred years ago (or even ten years ago, for that matter). Much of it is contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, and bacteria (to mention just a few). In urbanized areas where recycled water is used, testing reveals even trace amounts of pharmaceuticals due to them passing through the user’s body. Yikes! Impure water might well be why we get sick more than we think we should, or develop allergies due to a weak immune system, or often feel just ‘okay’ instead of energized and really alive.

    So where can you find the cleanest, purest water? It may be no surprise that it turns out that fresh spring water, assuming it’s free of contaminants, is the best water. Well water is a close second to fresh spring water, again purity being the determining factor.

    Filtering is a Start

    The problem, however, is that we don’t all have access to a fresh, pure spring or a well. So what to do? Well, an inexpensive first step would be a filter. A simple carbon filtration system will remove large sediment and chlorine. These carbon filters are the filters that attach to your faucet or come inside the common pitchers. You might want to consider a carbon filter even if you have well water. Well water can sometimes be a little over-mineralized, creating a kind of metallic taste. A carbon filter should take care of that.

    You can go a step further and get a whole house carbon filtration system where all of your water is filtered before it runs through any of the faucets in your home. Any plumber can install one for you.

    However, where recycled water is used in more populated areas, carbon filtration is definitely not adequate for the healthy lifestyle we’re going for. Sure these systems can take out sediment and chlorine (chlorine is a large molecule which a carbon filter has no problem trapping), but they are inadequate for filtering out most of the other contaminants. This is very important. The filtration of both the commonly used pitchers and refrigerators is nowhere close to sufficient. The only ways to thoroughly filter your water are with a reverse-osmosis filter or a distiller.

    A reverse-osmosis filter works by squeezing the water through a pressurized filter membrane. The pores in the membrane are the size of a water molecule, allowing virtually only pure water molecules to pass through. The filters typically need to be changed once a year; otherwise, the system doesn’t really require any maintenance. These, too, are units that any plumber can install for you under your kitchen sink, and they’re generally no more than a few hundred bucks. Or you can rent one for the sake of maintenance that is typically included.

    The distiller option works by having the water steamed and then pressed through a filter. These are more expensive than reverse-osmosis systems, but the filtration is a little better, too. Both reverse-osmosis systems and distillation filters are generally installed under the kitchen sink with a separate faucet on the countertop. At a minimum, I believe a good quality reverse-osmosis system should be considered a basic household amenity.

    Mineralizing and Ionizing

    Reverse-osmosis systems and water distillation systems do present one minor issue. The filtering process, being as thorough as it is, filters out trace minerals. Trace minerals include over 70 minerals that are found in spring water. What’s the role of these trace minerals? They make the water more absorbable, and they’re beneficial for the body on their own account, too. There are trace mineral products available at most natural food stores for adding to your water after filtration, which I feel are only fair, at best. Of course you can get these minerals in food, as well, which are naturally better.

    There’s another thing that sets spring water apart: ionization. In springs or streams or rivers, water rushing and churning over rocks creates a bonding of water molecules into hexagonal structures (this is why snowflakes are hexagonal shaped). This helps explain the surface tension of water—the way water holds itself together. Think of how you can fill a glass slightly higher than the top of the glass without the water spilling over. It’s this ionization that makes it more absorbable by the body. With municipal water, you actually have to drink more of it to quench your body’s thirst, since much of it passes right through, due to the lesser absorption.

    There are also such things as water ionizers. These are units that sit on your countertop. They filter the water and add minerals and use electricity to create an ionization comparable to the churning of flowing spring water, creating the bonding of water molecules. The drawback, besides cost, is that water ionizers only use carbon filters, so you’ll still need a reverse-osmosis filter or distiller for the water to pass through first, for the purpose of getting the water free of small contaminants. If money is a factor, don’t sweat it. I do feel these products are a little over-hyped, the emphasis being that they make the water alkaline forming. The notion that people feel better using them is likely because they are simply drinking more water since the ionizers do improve the taste with minerals. And you can alkalize your body with a healthy diet anyway. The most important thing here is water purity. And of course drinking enough of it.

    Bottled Water

    What about bottled water? Can you really get the purity that the bottling companies advertise? Well, maybe. Most bottled water is reverse-osmosis filtered. Some companies advertise natural spring water, which should theoretically provide the minerals, but it’s worth noting that the structured water ions begin to dissipate after sitting for about a month. The more critical factor is the purity of the spring which, to the consumer, is really unknown.

    Then there’s the bottling itself: plastic versus glass. Plastic is made of petroleum which inevitably leaches its own contaminants, especially if the water’s been sitting in the bottle for months (and invariably it has) – even those boasting that their containers are ‘BPA free’. If you’re out somewhere and you’re dehydrated and you grab a plastic bottle of water, no big deal. But for your everyday drinking water, opt for water sold in glass. And if you’re on the go throughout your day, then take water with you in a glass or steel bottle rather than plastic. If you’re using a delivery that provides spring water to your home in five-gallon containers, I suggest a service that will provide glass containers instead of plastic. Just be careful muscling around what adds up to about fifty pounds of water and glass! (Tip: wrap a slightly damp towel around the glass container first. Then, with the towel wrapped around it, pick it up with a bear hug. You’ll get a better grip.)

    Keep in mind that not all municipal water is bad. If you live in smaller towns and more rural areas, for instance, your local water may, in fact, be sourced from a well with only light chlorination added. Like I mentioned, just chlorination alone can be removed via a carbon filter. Or even just filling a pitcher and letting it sit for a few hours does the trick since chlorine is a gas that quickly evaporates out of the water. It would also be worth getting your water tested. There are home test kits you can purchase on the web, but it only takes a couple hundred dollars to send it to be lab tested.

    Some Notes on Hydration

    Okay, so now we know the importance of pure water. Make sure you’re getting the best available. And plenty of it. How much water should you be drinking? Listen to your body. Most people are consistently in a state of mild dehydration without even being aware of it. It’s kind of the norm. And when you think about it, this just might be a function of our inferior tap water. The most common water often doesn’t taste that good. So we don’t go out of our way to drink it. It’s instinctual—the body doesn’t want it the same way it wants pure water.

    If you find yourself craving cold ice water, it’s likely an indication you’re dehydrated. Dehydration produces a slightly higher body temperature and the body wants to cool down, hence the craving for something cold. If your urine is consistently a darker yellow color, that’s another sign that you’re not getting enough water. Migraines are often caused by dehydration, too. And daytime sluggishness generally comes with it. The body is wrapped in a thin layer of facia that aids in your body parts moving smoothly. When dehydrated, cells in the facia shrink, and things don’t move as well, often giving the body a chronic mild ache. Also the body’s ability to remove toxic waste from cells becomes stagnant which is reflected by everything slowing down and becoming weaker. As always, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Everything works better when you’re properly hydrated.

    Ironically, a lot of dehydration is caused by other things that we’re drinking. Coffee is dehydrating. So is alcohol. Even sports drinks can be because they’re full of sugar. After all, what does it take for your body to detoxify all that sugar? Water! (Water is the universal solvent for any toxin in the body.) Sports drinks are overhyped, false-advertised products. Even ‘natural’ juice products need to be red-flagged for important reasons that’s covered in the Infinity Health Manual. The bottom line is to quench your thirst with what’s worked best ever since humans began to populate the earth: water. Make the majority of your hydration with unadulterated pure H2O! I can guarantee you that it will make a noteworthy difference in your health, including how you feel, if your hydration has not been raised to this caliber already. You’ll see.

    A side note about when to drink the majority of your water (which we delve into in the Infinity Health Manual), it’s important to drink one to two cups of pure water when your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. Naturally, the body is in a state of mild dehydration after a night’s sleep. Tea and coffee are acceptable to have after your water. And then of course the idea is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Because of the variables of body type, body size, and climate, it’s hard to put a number on exactly how much water to drink. A general rule is one to two liters per day. Naturally if you’re hiking all day in a dry climate you’re going to drink more. Whilst drinking water that’s adequately pure, trust your body’s instincts and continue to satisfy your thirst exclusively with water rather than bottled drinks. A helpful gauge is the color of your urine. Light yellow is what we’re shooting for. Note – if you’re having to get up numerous times throughout the night, this being a gauge of over-hydration might be something to consider. This we cover in the ‘Sleep’ chapter in the Infinity Heath Manual.

    You know what’s also good at helping you to stay hydrated? High-water content foods. Just another reason to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Grapes, apples, pears, berries, cucumbers, watermelon, and celery are just a few of the excellent sources of hydrating foods. Now that’s pure water!

    A note about hydrating during meals: it’s less than ideal for the majority of hydrating to be with your meals which has interestingly become the norm. The key is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day rather than hydrating when you sit down to eat. In the ‘digestion’ chapter of the Infinity Health Manual I break down how water can dilute, however slightly, your digestive enzymes. Try to leave a window of thirty minutes before and after your meals to curb your water intake. If you’re hydrating properly all day, that shouldn’t be a problem. Try it. You’ll find this becomes the body’s natural preference. Of course if you’re already thirsty when you sit down to eat, then drink up. Hydration is a bigger priority than enzymes.

    A note about the water from your shower: when unfiltered hot (municipal tap) water is sprayed from a faucet, the chlorine instantly turns to gas which is then inhaled. More chlorine can be absorbed by the body during a ten minute shower than by drinking chlorinated water all day! Filtering your drinking water is vital, but don’t forget to filter your bathing water. A simple, inexpensive (less than thirty bucks) carbon filter from your local home improvement store can solve this problem for you. The shower head screws off, the filter screws onto the pipe, and then the shower head screws onto the filter. Easy. The whole-house water conditioner mentioned above also takes care of the chlorine for your showers, and all of your other faucets as well.

    Okay, this all might seem like a lot of information for something as basic as water. But it’s truly so important to give your body the best water possible, and taking a few easy steps towards making this happen has definite rewards. Plus, it gives you just that much less to worry about. Whatever you do, find a way—within your budget—to do something for the sake of this vital element of your health. Bottom line: being well-hydrated with pure water ultimately makes everything in your body work far better – not to mention last longer too. So drink up!

    Yours truly, and at your service always,

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  • The essential for ‘spring cleaning’ and weight-loss. Plus a gift!

    March 29, 2018 By Billy

    Dear Health Enthusiast, 

    Please allot ten minutes to read this! It’s a vitally important excerpt from my book, ‘Infinity Health Manual’ that nails down a dietary essential for weight loss and even more importantly, general health and longevity. When I say ‘essential’, this means that you’re not going to be your healthiest without implementing this information into your everyday diet. And you definitely won’t get very far if weight loss is something you wish to achieve.

    And now for the drumroll….

    …Plain and simple, it’s green foods!

    We’re talking about foods like kale, arugula, chard, mustard greens, collard greens, parsley, cilantro, spinach, basil, broccoli, and blue-green algae. (Algae? Yup! I’ll explain shortly.) What makes these foods vitally important for a healthy diet? There are two reasons, and one might surprise you. The first is commonly known: yes, green foods are rich in nutrients, especially the ones that help the body to maintain its youth and vitality.

    But the second reason often gets overlooked. Green foods are essential for eliminating toxins from the body. And this is a bigger deal than you might realize. Think about it. Our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day, especially here in the twenty-first century. In the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, we’re exposed to impurities that people never had to worry about before. This is wear and tear enough. Add to it the normal everyday stresses from life itself, and you can readily see why the cleansing goodness of greens is so important to our diets and health – more than ever. Quite simply, their impact is huge!

    The Magic Behind Greens

    What specifically is it about greens that gives them the unmatched power to cleanse and restore our bodies from toxins? A little some- thing you might remember from high school biology: chlorophyll. This is the magical element in green foods. (It’s also what makes them green.) It’s the chlorophyll itself that bonds to toxins in your body, enabling them to be eliminated via the gastrointestinal system. This is indeed a critical means of avoiding the buildup of toxins in your body. Consider that it’s the buildup of toxins that’s a primary instigator of disease, as well as aging.

    The Weight-Loss Connection

    Interestingly, bodily fat attempts to protect the body from toxins, too. This is a little-known reason that losing fat can be so challenging. Collectively, fat cells absorb toxins from the bloodstream for the sake of protecting vital organs. It’s a temporary form of self defense. The problem is that when the body needs to later burn this “toxic fat-fuel” for energy, it becomes reluctant to do so because that means toxins would go back into the bloodstream (which would then cause wear and tear on other things in the body). So let green foods fulfill their vital role of removing toxins, making way for fat to be burned as fuel.

    Additionally, green foods are very low calorie, and this factor coupled with the nutrient density makes way for satisfying the appetite with fewer calories. Naturally, this enhances the potential for weight loss (which, statistically, should be a priority for more people than not). Fat reduction: yet another reason for adding more green foods to your diet!

    And vitamin K! Kale, spinach, chard, collard greens, mustard greens and broccoli are the most vitamin K rich foods. Vitamin K is important for a lot of reasons, but the most critical is blood clotting and repair of damaged tissues in the body. Talk about a healing food!

    Keep it Simple

    So from a dietary standpoint, think “clean and green.” Introduce more dark green foods into your diet to get your chlorophyll and vital nutrients. How about salads? Well, sure. But don’t make the common mistake of fooling yourself into thinking a salad of lettuce with a couple of wedges of tomato covered with packaged salad dressing is going to do the trick. We’re talking unadulterated dark greens. And keep it simple. Why not go hand to mouth? That’s what I do. Grab a few large leaves of kale or chard or a couple handfuls of spinach or arugula or any other leafy greens and chow down. You can eat greens just as they are.

    Personally, I find greens to be tasty (they most certainly don’t taste bad) and see little reason to add anything to them. But if you want to toss a little homemade healthy salad dressing into the mix, have at it. Olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, and cayenne. Simple. A tried and true classic. (Please don’t even bother with the packaged salad dressings which are nothing more than unhealthy entertainment. What the heck is ranch dressing, anyway? Ever read the ingredients of those dressings? Straight up junk food! Even the “natural” ones.)

    And then there’s green sauce! This is one of my favorite recipes and one that we should all be making. You put the same salad dressing ingredients (olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, and cayenne) into the blender with raw greens like spinach or kale. An advantage of this is it makes these foods easy to digest. At times, the coarser green foods can actually be a little hard for the body to break down. It’s cellulose that gives plants their rigidity so they don’t just op over in the dirt. Blending them essentially breaks down the cellulose walls which makes them easy to digest and maintains the chlorophyll. This recipe tastes amazing and is brilliant as a sauce over other cooked foods, or as a dip. (See my recipes here.)

    Cooked greens still provide all of the minerals, but it’s good to keep in mind the chlorophyll will likely break down, depending on how heavily they are cooked. When greens are bright in color post-steaming, that means there’s still chlorophyll. Cooking them, similar to blending, also breaks down the cellulose—another reason to mix it up between cooked and raw.

    Another factor to consider is that green foods like kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, collard and mustard greens, when raw, and in large quantities, can actually have a mildly suppressive effect on the thyroid, which controls our metabolic rate. A weak thyroid is somewhat common. (The main culprit today is fried food and other cooked unsaturated oils that I talk about in Chapter 2 of Infinity Health Manual. Processed soy products can do the same too.) Then again, some people have an overactive thyroid, so turning it down mildly with these green foods isn’t necessarily bad. It’s a matter of balance, having them both cooked and raw. Personally I cook my greens about half of the time. Steam them, sauté them, put ‘em in soups. Again, you’ll lose some of the chlorophyll, but when cooked (or blended), the minerals actually become more easily absorbable. For raw greens, have the majority of these as the “baby greens” that are softer, making them easier to digest.

    As for how much green food to have in your daily diet, definitely more than just a sprits of greens on your sandwich. A simple and reliable gauge is the “large handful.” This is another thing with which your instinctive wisdom can play an outstanding role. There’s memory of green foods in our genes since these foods have been in the human diet for many thousands of years. So your body knows. Trust those instincts.


    Even among the healthiest green foods, there’s one group worthy of extra mention. Based on my nutrition research and experience, I rank algae at the top of the ladder of the most health enhancing foods. Interestingly, algae were the very first life on earth—beginning three and a half billion years ago. Essentially, algae are the ancient foundation of our food chain. It’s fascinating that now we’re turning back to the very first food on earth for nutritional support.

    There are thousands of different algae, most of which can’t be consumed. However, edible varieties of algae have been in the human diet as far back as recorded history will take us—and all over the world—except for the last few hundred years in the Western world. Only recently have we begun hearing a lot more about the nutritive attributes of algae. Why this recent interest? Because algae have the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any food you can name. This is what makes algae so green!

    It’s also worth mentioning that algae produce over sixty percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere and are the most powerful photosynthesizers on our planet, harnessing directly the energy of the sun. Sun plus water and minerals miraculously creates algae—then poof!—oxygen, which is among the more important elements of life, wouldn’t you say? This magical process happens in the body as well. Algae oxygenate the blood which naturally has a tremendous impact on our energy and overall health, especially in conjunction with the chlorophyll.

    The Trio

    Among the different types of algae, it’s Klamath algae, spirulina, and chlorella that have the most remarkable health forming qualities.

    Numerous blind studies have proven the significant nutritive and restorative value of these algae. Here is a brief summary of what makes each of these three algae truly worthy of our attention.

    Klamath algae is recognized for its extraordinary support of the nervous system. Klamath algae metabolizes nitrogen in the body which stimulates the production of more neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the link that carries messages from the brain to the body and then from the body back to the brain. In addition, anecdotal reports consistently attribute Klamath algae consumption to an increase in mental alertness and memory retention.

    Spirulina is among the few richest sources of beta-carotene, which is reputed to be an important anti-cancer antioxidant. Beta- carotene is also an anti-inflammatory. Natural anti-inflammatories are a vital part of disease prevention simply because strong circulation throughout the body is how organs are nourished and detoxed. Spirulina is also notably high in iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus, all of which play a tremendous role in our overall health and longevity.

    Chlorella shines in its ability to enhance detoxification. Of all algae, chlorella is at the very top of the totem pole in terms of chlorophyll content. Along with detoxification, the high chlorophyll content supports oxygenation of our blood and consequent energy production in all cells (O2 = life-force). So, naturally, chlorella enhances physical stamina and energy. Studies have also proven chlorella reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Interestingly, the causes behind these benefits of chlorella have not yet been fully understood. Oh, the mysteries of nature!

    I truly feel algae can play a significant role in our diet, and I’m confident the world will better understand why these foods are so important in the near future. Bottom line—gram for gram, algae have concentrations of nutrients unmatched by anything else. Naturally, all of the reasons above are part of why I am so partial to my Infinity Greens, of which algae are the biggest part.

    I truly believe algae are literally the antidote for us overfed, yet undernourished, modern humans. It is worth noting that today, even unprocessed plant foods do not have the same nutrient content they did just a few decades ago because of the soil depletion from mass agriculture. However, this is not the case for algae! It’s the same extraordinary nutrition that it was three and a half billion years ago.

    I believe that before long, algae will be a much better under- stood and more utilized food on a global scale. As for how to introduce algae into your diet, start by adding it to your smoothies. Already, smoothies should have a role in your diet if they’re made with genuinely healthy ingredients. And I’ll share my favorite smoothie recipes with you here.

    It should be noted that in the 1970s, grass supplements like wheat grass and barley grass came about as a low-budget green food. The theory was “greens for pennies.” But unfortunately the pretty price of grass supplements comes with drawbacks. Yes, grasses have some chlorophyll but nothing even close to that of algae. What many people are unaware of is that wheat grass (even juiced) is hard to digest and can be weakening for the gastrointestinal system. I say “pass” on these products. Algae and all other green foods are superior to wheat grass.

    To sum it all up, introducing the right greens into your diet, ones that are high in chlorophyll and nutrients—especially kale, spinach, or algae—is about much more than just weight loss. You know, it’s interesting how our modern diets focus so heavily on getting the “right” calories and nutrients. But think about it. Getting the calories and nutrients in is only half the picture. The other half is getting the toxic funk out! Removing the wear and tear from your internals makes it well worth the small effort of adding more chlorophyll-rich green foods to your diet. The main idea here is, we are honing a diet to enable our body to rejuvenate faster than it would break down. That’s the ultimate key for longevity, life-force, and protection from disease.

    Thank you so much for reading the ‘Critical Element of Green Foods’, chapter 6 from the ‘Infinity Health Manual’. If this information clicked with you, then the ‘Infinity Health Manual’ is for you! My book is the shortest and sweetest breakdown of what enhances our health the most relative to effort and cost, and my wish is for you to be onboard!

    And most importantly, I want you to be onboard with Infinity Greens! As amazing as all of the Infinity Superfoods are, Infinity Greens is the most important for general health and longevity. And I’m going to say with upmost confidence it’s the very finest superfood/supplement in the world! I’ve researched them all, and there’s nothing even remotely comparable in terms of ingredients and purity. If you’re new to Infinity Greens then I encourage you to give it a ‘go’ every day for one month, and tell me you don’t feel a noteworthy enhancement in your general ‘head to toe’ health. With seventeen years of passion driven research and formula development, the Infinity Superfoods have improved the health of thousands of people, and this is very much my wish for you!

    Yours truly and at your service always,



    And now my gift to you…(today and tomorrow only!)

    With your purchase of Infinity Superfoods of $99 or more, I will include a free 3 ounce bottle of Infinity Greens, OR if your order is $199 or more I will include a gift of a FREE 12 ounce bottle of Infinity Greens – a $65 value for no charge! This is how much I want to have you onboard with what I know to be profoundly influential for living a truly long and healthy life. This is the ultimate one-time special that is not to be missed! Add Infinity Greens to your morning routine every day, and I am so confident it will make a difference in how you feel, that if you don’t feel a difference, I will reimburse you the full value! So try it! This offer is for today and tomorrow only!

    *No coupon is needed. If your order is over these amounts, then no worries, your free bottle of Infinity Greens is automatically included!

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  • the power of the mind

    March 21, 2018 By Billy

    Hey Friend,

    I’d like to share with you the ‘Power of the Mind’ chapter from my book, ‘Infinity Health Manual‘. For me, it’s the content that really is the most valuable. Let me share why…

    First, it’s interesting to contemplate that among the greatest reasons for keeping your body healthy is to best take care of your brain. In turn, your healthy brain reciprocates by taking better care of your body. It’s the brain that tells the body how to function and tells the organs what to do. The neurological system truly is a core of our health. All that I talk about in the ‘Infinity Health Manual’ is correlated with the idea that everything works better with a healthy neurological system.

    ………….((details for gift at bottom of page))…………..

    And let’s also consider that a healthy neurological system supports a healthy mind, naturally including a greater sense of peace and happiness, among other things such as our memory and mental acuity. It makes us nicer, too! And better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Essentially, the brain is the seat of the mind—your very self. Let a strong, healthy mind be a motivating factor behind keeping a healthy body. Sturdy connection between these internal facets is an invaluable perspective to bear in mind.

    As for what defines a healthy mind, let me say that I’m presenting my thoughts here with a lot of humility. I don’t pretend to have all of life’s answers. I see my perspective on life and the universe as just a tiny drop of water in an endless ocean of knowledge. There are many brilliant philosophical minds that have pondered the mysteries of life going back thousands of years. Yours included! No question you have a unique message about reality, making you an irreplaceable wealth of knowledge.

    For me, it was when I was in the midst of my brain condition, which I explain in the Introduction of the Infinity Health Manual. During this time I found myself contemplating life, and what’s behind it, as never before. Nothing focuses the mind quite like the sudden realization of life’s brevity. There was one specific year within my healing journey in which I struggled especially hard with my condition. Significant bleeding in my brain caused many more seizures. Even the entire left side of my body would go numb. The whole experience dramatically shifted my attention. Mostly, it shifted my attention away from all the smaller day-to-day worries like work, money, running errands, where I needed to be, etc. In a sense, my condition was, ironically, stress-reducing!

    Breathing and Meditation

    During this period, I spent much more of my time outdoors in stillness and quiet. One thing that played an especially large role for me with gaining a deeper peace of mind was the practice of improving my breathing. The extraordinary healing and restorative powers of oxygen can be easy to forget. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. It’s something we all instinctively know, yet underestimate. I highly recommend taking some time each day, preferably early, to sit quietly and practice your breathing. Make it a part of your daily lifestyle. Purposeful breathing has the effect of training your body to breathe correctly, even in times of stress. Under stress, breathing becomes relatively shallow. Nevertheless, your brain is like a muscle, with muscle memory. Practice on a daily basis and your brain will respond. You’ll breathe better all day long, helping you maintain a more peaceful, less-stressful frame of mind—and stronger body, too. And let’s look at it from a purely physiological standpoint. Oxygen is the most essential life-support we know. We can go for days without water. Without food, a few weeks. Without oxygen, we can only go for a minute or two. Upping our intake of this vital element has an influence on our health and life-force unlike anything else. Deep breathing has even been proven to lower blood pressure! That’s a big deal and very much worth our attention. (It’s interesting to ponder the idea that the subtler things in life like the air we breathe, things that can’t be seen, heard, or felt, are yet among the most profound. I take this as a brilliant message from the universe.)

    A tip to significantly increase effectiveness of this practice: relax your lower abdomen and gently let it expand out as you inhale— we’re talking the belly rather than the chest. Then fill your chest after your belly. Think of it as filling your lungs from the bottom up. This is commonly referred to as diaphragmatic breathing. You can actually increase the volume of your lung space by fifty percent with this simple technique! And now you’re using your diaphragm to breathe, like the body naturally did before the commonality of modern day stress.

    During this practice breathe through your nose. This by nature is the body’s preferred way to breathe. The nasal pathway filters and balances the moisture of the air, optimizing it for maximum absorption in the lungs. Note: if your nose is often blocked, then lay off wheat and dairy for a couple weeks. Try to keep your living environment as low-dust as possible. If this doesn’t help then get an allergy test. And experiment with a neti-pot which has proven to be an effective remedy in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. As for the pace of your breath, relax and let your body breathe at the rate it wishes. This is part of your body’s wisdom and you can trust it. There are many breathing exercises which can offer great meditative value, but this is the one that really does the trick for training the body and is beneficial for anyone to practice. This is essentially going straight to the finish line and breathing exactly the way the body is meant to.

    Take note of how you’re breathing right now, and give this a shot for just a minute. In doing this, you’ll not only be saturating your bloodstream with valuable oxygen, you’ll be mobilizing stale blood from organs and expelling built-up carbon dioxide from the body. You’ll also be retraining yourself for proper breathing, resynchronizing this vital process. You’ll end up breathing more oxygen throughout the day, making this one of the best things you can do for yourself. And it’s one that’s easy to get into the habit of doing. For me, it’s become a very joyous part of my day. I suggest devoting at least ten minutes daily to this practice.

    The setting with this plays a significant role. Create a quiet environment free of stimulation, although some soft background music is okay. Just be sure it’s up-lifting. I almost always couple this practice with time outdoors, typically early in the morning. Nature is a powerful force for the mind. Sit tall and hold your spine erect. Seated in a chair is fine but on the ground is better. Sitting on a cushion so your pelvis is higher off the ground than the knees will be helpful for maintaining a good posture. If sitting this way feels uncomfortable, try it for a few days and it will quickly feel more natural. After all, this is the way we were born to sit. As for what to think about, that’s up to you, but the aim is to keep it positive. Even better is to allow the mind to relax and be still. This happens naturally when focusing on abdominal breathing.

    Remember in the chapter about digestion I explained how the majority of the body’s serotonin resides in the gut. It’s the reason that the notion of “using your gut instinct” has some legitimate truth to it and is also why this practice is largely about tuning in to a different layer of our consciousness from the thinking mind. I do believe this strengthens the intuitive senses, such as when to go right and when to go left. The value of this is tremendous. Focusing on your breath is part of what helps you get ‘there’.(We’ll delve further into this topic in my next book, ‘Be your Healer’.)

    A gentle smile throughout this practice helps enrich the mood of the experience. You may not have moments of ecstatic revelation (although you may!), but you will be training your mind and body to become better fit to receive positive inspiration throughout the day. I’ve taken to keeping a journal for thoughts that come to me through my quiet moments. Occasionally I read through old journals, and often I’m surprised by the valuable content I had written even years before. It seems to help make such material more familiar in my everyday thought.

    During times of practiced stillness, I work to contemplate the things I’m grateful for. Gratitude is a practice of rewriting a better script in the consciousness. I liken gratitude to a breeze on a flame inside us. In my daily journal I record at least two things that I am feeling grateful for. I recommend doing this. It’s a proven means of making us happier. I also see it as a way of clearing the cobwebs to connect with a more steadfast sense of appreciation that life is truly brilliant. And like everything else, a feeling of gratitude is something that can become stronger, especially when making it part of a daily practice.

    There’s another meditative technique of simply standing tall. All it involves is standing with your feet at shoulder width, spine erect, shoulders back, and chin up with your gaze fixed on the horizon. And, as with a sitting meditation, wear a light smile. Your hands can be positioned however you prefer, but I like placing my hands on my hips. It’s somewhat of a “superhero” posture. Let’s call it “the poise of power.” If this stance doesn’t match your mood then it’s a good reason to do it. It’s essentially taking the concept of “fake it till you make it” up a level to “practice it till you become it.” Modern psychology has proven that the body performs as a compass for the mind. From a metaphysical sense, healthful postures can serve as an antenna for the mind. This is part of the philosophy behind yoga. The word yoga means “unify.” Ancient yoga came from the philosophy that holding specific postures opens the way for the consciousness to connect with and receive divine energies. And such influences as lengthening of hamstrings were, to the yogis, just side-effects, as great as they are.

    As part of your meditative practice, I feel the need to emphasize once again the benefit of spending at least some of this time in beautiful places outdoors, the setting being a significant element for our state of mind. Mountains, oceans, canyons, and sunsets. They’re restorative for the consciousness. They can support us in ways nothing else can. If you live in an urban environment, make time for a weekend drive out into the country to enjoy the natural elements. And visit your local park. Often!… Take a blanket, your journal, and a thermos of chai, known for millennia to be an ancient elixir of the soul. It’s restorative for the human spirit, and is, in my opinion, among the best therapies, especially with that hot drink in hand.

    Make some time in your life for the meditative moments of quiet. I’m confident you will gain something from it. Our minds weren’t designed to spend their time caught up in today’s busy world. In a culture of unhealthy products and entertainment, it’s a challenge to not fall victim to the spells of mass-distraction that modern media can put upon us. For the sake of protecting our consciousness from weakening stimulation, let’s steer clear of the propaganda that brings us down or lures us into anything unhealthy. Rather, let’s dedicate some time each day to non-stimulation and self-reflection. In the stillness, there’s a special magic to be found that cleanses the mind and resets our attraction toward the better things in life.

    A Larger Perspective

    I believe that deep in the mind we all have an intuitive knowing that there’s an unwavering excellence to the universe and our place in it. We can see perfection from the micro scale of the atom, up to the grand cosmic scale of the stars and galaxies. I see us as the link where the two meet. We’re a part of it. We’re in this universe, and this universe is in us. Today, the thread of perfection inside us can often be easy to forget, making a good reason for taking the time to step back and quietly contemplate our place in the cosmos. I’ve found that working to maintain this perspective gives a sense of being connected with a greater source of life. Why not call it a metaphysical sense?

    Naturally, the question arises: could there be a consciousness behind it all? An invisible hand involved with everything that we do? A God? This is something that I approach with deep humility. In the past, my faith has wavered as my boat has been rocked over the years. It’s a question that I pray about daily. My wish with all of this is very much to have a clearer sense of a Great Spirit. What a wonderful path of discovery to be on together.

    Of course if you feel called, choose a spiritual practice—yoga, qigong, shamanism, or a religion— something that resonates with your soul, and go deep with it. Honestly, I’m partially reluctant to be emphasize religion since many of them argue with each other, the irony being that they are all trying to get to the same place. But any religion that influences its people to become nicer and more understanding toward everyone, regardless of ethnicity or religion, has my deepest appreciation. The main criteria to search for are finding a path that reveals to you a deeper sense of your strength and joy, and a genuine wish for the same in others.

    Nevertheless, I believe that already we ourselves have undiscovered metaphysical powers, some that can override the seeming limitations of the physical world. We are so much more than seemingly limited minds and bodies. The fabric of reality has proven to be malleable depending on the activity behind the eyes of the beholder. I work to view life in the context of participation with the unlimited. The fact is, we are derivatives of an imperishable universe of limitless possibility. Faith within this frame of thought can be an antidote for developing a deeper sense of faith in ourselves. It can be a means of dissipating the veils of self-doubt and fear, making us better able to see our lives rich with capability and magic. This sense is the part of ourselves that is also able to help us during times of fear, grieving, heartbreak, illness, pain, and other trials in life. This is not to say we can bandage all of life’s problems with light. Nor is it always easy to find these powers in ourselves. For me, a sense of this selfhood can become out of reach during the toughest moments. This is where the love from friends and family can demonstrate its healing powers. For the same reason, we’re here for our friends and family. But also deep inside there is a place we can be held in repose that can carry us along the journey of healing and restoration. The view that I work to maintain during these periods of feeling stretched and cracked, is that ripples from the challenge travel out to then be received down the road in life as accumulated wisdom and power. It’s then that our problems become relatively smaller as our strength becomes greater.

    The Greatest Element

    The programming of the heart knows the greatest treasure in life to be love. It’s the iridescent diamond of the Universe—all the way from true romance to the love for family and friends. After all, it’s from where we all have come. Extending love toward others (strangers included), through acts and words of kindness is what makes us happier and stronger. It makes those others happier and stronger, too. Loving affection is an unparalleled remedy for both the giver and receiver. More love in our community can begin with us. Improving our cultivation of genuine, non-egotist love is a lifelong journey we are all on together. Have faith in yourself that you can and will walk this path. Love’s extraordinary powers make it the ultimate medicine for the human spirit of which you are a vital part. I believe that there will be a day when the willfulness to harm will be wiped away from our planet by this very force, including every bullet to battleship, to make way for greater expression of our enlightened nature. I dare say this time is not distant. May the world come home to this place in its consciousness. Our genes are programmed to know that kindness unveils a magical very special joy unlike anything else.

    Carrying forward in our day-to-day lives from the perspective of service and looking out for one another brings a sense of satisfaction unlike anything else. Also within this frame of thought comes a refined sense of our unique abilities of how to make the world a better place, as well as the powers around us from which we are becoming more fit to receive. Essentially, the universe is looking to express its power and intelligence by means of you. And you are one of a kind that can support humanity in ways that no one else can.

    While we’re on this subject, think about just who it is you’re spending your time with. Do they make you happy or bring you down? And are you making them happy? Cultivate a lifestyle that for much of the time surrounds yourself with positive people you truly enjoy. But have patience with others that you come across in life that aren’t quite there. Remember that we all get stressed out from time to time and if you find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s negativity, it might just be that they’re having a bad hair day. Do your best to not take it personally. “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Let that be you.

    Remedy of Forgiveness

    This is an act of kindness that helps you as much as the person you need to forgive. We’ve all experienced grudges to be profoundly unhealthy. Thankfully, we’re built with the capacity to forgive. It’s the expertise of the heart. And hey, don’t forget to forgive yourself, too. It’s not healthy to go around being your own worst critic. How we think about ourselves and life on earth is equally, if not more, important than diet (the good news is the two work hand in hand).

    Self Esteem

    This brings up the topic of self-esteem. We all have our challenging periods of criticizing our own weaknesses. But negative thoughts about ourselves do not have to loom over our consciousness. Viewing thoughts of self-criticism and worry as passing clouds is a practice. A reality to be considered is that it’s the weak places in us that are also where we have the greatest potential to grow. The big questions to ask ourselves are: “What are my strengths?” (Having trouble of thinking of any? Ask a friend.) And “How can my strengths support the weaknesses?” The answers to these questions can help clear the way for a new view of your previously underestimated positive qualities. And here is another concept to practice—choose to make happiness a cause in life rather than waiting for it as an effect. The idea is to view happiness as a substance rather than a state of mind that comes and goes. Taking ownership of peace, joy, wisdom, and power is a natural ability of the human spirit and is something I work for every day.

    I also work to remember that periods of feeling weak or down are only temporary, and the growing that takes place throughout these times has the potential to yield a tremendous esteem-building sense of achievement. It’s the nature of personal growth—a course of action that never ends. Building self-esteem and casting aside shame and similar types of stagnation is a life journey we are all on together. Thankfully, for all of us, the feeble myth of an undeserved guilt is a dying paradigm. Rather we are living a way of life dedicated to clearing the cobwebs and establishing a stronger identity with a steadfast sense of joy to be a more permanent trait of our consciousness, rather than a temporary state of the mind—both for our own wellbeing as well as for the wellbeing of those whom we influence. Lastly, I can assure you that incorporating the everyday healthful lifestyle information that I discuss throughout the Infinity Health Manual plays a tremendous role in how we feel about ourselves, our joy, and our mental wellbeing, and our overall sense of success. And vice-versa! A healthy mind supports living a more intelligible way of life. The wellbeing between mind and body is a brilliant synergy and will only come to be more impressive.


    Awe is a state of mind that can have great value when maintained in daily thought. Marveling at the expanse of reality, the universe, and our place in it can provide a powerful state of mind, and there are ways to stir it up. One of my favorite ways is to ponder, especially outside at night while gazing at the stars, the unimaginable vastness of the universe. Consider that the nearest star, Proximus Centauri, is four light-years away. This means that it takes four years for light from this star to reach us. And light travels at 700 million miles per hour. Here’s a mathematical way to put that into perspective (and to me this one never gets old): the fastest humans have ever traveled is 25,000 miles per hour in a space shuttle entering our atmosphere…. That’s fast! If we were to travel that fast towards Proximus Centauri, it would take 112,000 years to get there. Now think about this: the farthest stars we’ve identified are over fifty million light years away! Want more to ponder? Think of what’s beyond those stars. Now compare such miracles of reality to our very selves. Fundamentally we are time-traveling emanations from the beginning of the universe, alive and infused with majesty, order, and intelligence. Awe—I consider it an invaluable state of mind that we can readily stir into action. It’s a capacity that arouses receptors in our consciousness for the mystical and magical. And it’s to be discovered by you.

    The Magic of Dance

    On the quest to connect with ourselves, the universe, and the moment, there’s a tried and true practice that goes back to the ancients: dance. Dance is a significant part of cultures all around the world, from the distant reaches, going back many thousands of years. To these cultures, dance was, and is, an invaluable part of life. It’s in the human genes,… yours included, whether you know it or not.

    In much of the Western world, the scope of dance has become narrow and limited with the theme often being of noisy, unnatural nightclubs and bars. Even music festivals—lined with booths doling out burgers, processed sugar, and alcohol—aren’t exactly nurturing, relative to what’s possible. But there’s a revival of late towards more meaningful dance—dance that takes place in outdoor settings in untainted, natural, beautiful environments, within a real sense of community, much like it was for millennia.

    I’d like to share that I’m a part of this new-old tradition. I’ve become involved in StarTribe (www.StarTribe.org), an organization that provides very special outdoor dance gatherings in northern New Mexico. These events have become quite an attraction. The setting is amazing and a big part of the experience high on a desert mesa, next to the Rio Grande Gorge and in view of the southern Rocky Mountains. Thousands of people have participated in these events, and for the real spirit of dance. There’s something especially moving and powerful about an entire community of people coming together to participate, and you are warmly invited!

    Attendees often report feeling a sense of deeper awareness, a clearer view of who they are, a special joy, and a feeling of that awe. I view dance as a martial art of the consciousness, as it has unquestionably helped defend my mind from stress and negativity. It’s certainly a mood elevator. In a metaphysical sense, dance is participation with harmony in the Universe. Maybe this is why civilizations all over the world have dance as part of their culture. It’s ancient and its benefit is proven. Plus dance is exercise! Ecstatic movement gets the heart rate up for sure. I’ve made dance a significant part of my life and I can’t recommend it highly enough. After all, since we were children, we’ve been singing the “hokie-pokie” is “what’s it all about.” Wisdom sometimes has creative ways of making itself known.


    Humor is a medicine. Learn to laugh—especially at yourself. Remember to use the gift of humor in your everyday life. The work is to maintain a thread of humor somewhere in your thought. Use it in your dialog with the intention to lift up the atmosphere around you. And like everything else you practice, your ability to do so will become stronger.


    Studies show that people who have pets live longer! They provide a sense of purpose. And even more. When it comes to unconditional love and forgiveness, my golden retriever, Arbear has been among my few greatest teachers. And dogs in particular give you one more reason to go for a walk, which for you equals more exercise and sunshine!

    Living Environment

    Neatness is an important part of maintaining a healthy mind. I’ve found that un-cluttering my mind and creating a sense of clarity sometimes starts with un-cluttering my home. To a degree, they are intertwined. And I like to add simple things around the house that emphasize positive energy. I have a number of small picture frames visible throughout my living space with little nuggets of wisdom and mini-prayers. The classic, “Be still and listen” is one that I have sitting on my kitchen counter. “I am a master of my consciousness,” “You are wonderful,” “Gratitude works magic,” and “Your life is a treasure,” are a few more examples. Get creative and write your own. Little reminders such as these will have great value. And flowers! Studies have proven that flowers can have a physiological influence on the nervous system due to pigments that are unique to a real flower only. These are colors that cannot be fully replicated to have the same effect as the flower itself. We all know the mood enhancing nature of flowers. The fact is, flowers help improve our mental and emotional health. I love contemplating the possible reasons behind it. I suggest always having them in your home.


    Stress is commonly thought of as the boss riding us hard to meet deadlines. But stress is essentially anything that puts strain on the mind or body. This includes many things such as lack of sleep, anxiety, poor diet, anger, sadness, and guilt—essentially anything that makes the mind or body feel less at ease. The reality is that this is all naturally part of life to a degree.

    Stress releases hormones that, short term, aren’t such a big deal, as the body knows how to remedy this. But on a regular basis they create as much wear and tear as junk food. And ultimately stress can make the mind and body weaker. In general, stress is proven to be the primary source of all illness. Prevention of illness is what I talk about in the chapter about Healing. I talk about how the first thing stress weakens is the immune system, the body’s capability of restoring itself. Removing stress so the neurological and immune system can function better is what we’re going for.

    The idea is how we handle stress, like taking action to remove the common stressful circumstances that come up in our daily life. Another vitally important part of reducing the effects of stress is exercise, and more than most people realize. Here’s why: stress produces adrenaline. Adrenaline unused leaves the body weaker and the mind irritable and more vulnerable to low moods. So the idea is to “exorcise” the adrenaline, booting it out of the body to leave everything stronger at the end, including your natural ability to cope with stress in the future. This is what makes exercise an essential thing for a long life of true well-being. We talk all about this in my chapter on Exercise. The big picture here is to live a life that reduces the stressors and incorporates restorative anti-stress elements such as a healthy diet, time in the outdoors, exercise, esteem-building activities, and spending time with joyous companions. A positive shift of perspective comes with it. The sense of burden of navigating through the daily ‘to-do’s’ will naturally lighten as the mind becomes stronger.

    As we talked about, the mind and the body go hand in hand. A happy body supports a happy mind. Take care of your body so that it can better take care of your mind, and take care of your mind so that it can better take care of your body. You’ll be a healthier, happier person. Start thinking of success and prosperity in life in terms of a healthy mind and body. I know we don’t like to think of our psychological health being limited by the quality of our lifestyle, but it can be. Do I necessarily think you need to eat healthy to be successful? No. But the mind and body are deeply connected and will empower one another if you make way for it. Besides, soda and fast food weren’t around during the days of the ancient mystics and leaders. I’m curious what they would have to say about it, although I have a hunch.

    Bottom line: enhanced well-being will be reflected in all facets of your life—energy, longevity, memory, relationships, stress management, general happiness, and more. Let this motivate the full realization of your potential. And what potential is that? Well, when it comes to the power of the mind, the potential is still being uncovered. This is a big question, worthy of contemplation, and imagination too. How about we really ponder it together. What’s behind our eyes really is a whole universe. And in merely scratching the surface of the inside universe, science can’t say exactly what is possible and what the limits might be. Bars are lifted every day as we reveal new intelligence and innate abilities that are discovered within us. Let’s call it a responsibility, meaning responding by fulfilling a way of life relative to what we know will reveal our greatest yet to be. I sense, as you probably do, that collectively, the momentum is building. It’s a journey greatly magnified because of the simple reason that we’re in this together. Could a new era be born? Could we be on the brink of overriding the notion of impossibility? Let’s nurture ourselves (and inspire those around us to do the same) to become great thinkers with ever-strengthening hearts, and use our superhuman (hero) powers to see just where we can steer this mighty earth-ship – with the Great Spirit filling our sails!

    Thank you so much for reading the ‘Power of the Mind’ chapter from the Infinity Health Manual!

    With seventeen years of passion driven research and formula development, the Infinity Superfoods have improved the health of thousands of people, and this is my wish for you!

    Yours truly and at your service always,

    Billy Merritt

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