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  • 10 Year Anniversary for Infinity Greens

    May 13, 2016 By Billy

    I am very excited to annouce that today is the 10 Year Anniversary for Infinity Greens, the flagship formula of the Infinity Superfoods!..10 years!  Can you believe it?!  The health enhancing properties of Infinity Greens have proven to be extraordinary, and I am more dedicated than ever to continue serving you the very finest superfoods on earth!  Thank you for believing in me and the Infinity Superfoods! As many of you know, Infinity Greens originally came from the Ashram Health Retreat in Malibu, California.  So big thank you to the Ashram too!!

    And exciting news!…We’re doing a 3 day special of $55 for the value size Infinity Greens!  This is the opportunity to stock up and save! 

                               $55 Special, Click here.

    And here’s a FREE SHIPPING coupon for orders over $99 (with UPS Ground)!! – 10yearfreeship

    The impact that diet, exercise and other elements of a healthy lifestyle have on our wellbeing (both physical and mental) is very underestimated and have rather proven to be awesome.  My wish is to be a positive influence and provide the powerful tools and information to help you along your way.

    Yours Truly, Billy Merritt


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  • A newly innovated recipe!

    March 31, 2016 By Billy

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Drum roll for the new recipe called ‘Infinity Peeps’

    …Behold, a deviled egg with extra mayonaise, garnished with an Easter marshmallow.
    This genius recipe was created by myself and my siblings over the Easter Holidays!!

    Note – to negate the toxicity of some of these ingredients, it is recommended to follow up with with an extra serving Infinity Greens. This new recipe was never actually sampled so we can not offer an accurate taste review.

    Yours Truly,

    PS…April fools!! Haha!! You knew I was joking, right? I hope this inspired at least a chuckle, making the small sacrifice of sounding like a goof-ball worth itIf so, then pass the ‘peeps’ to the peeps who would do well to smile 😉

    PPS… The Spring Special ends THIS Sunday! Now is the time to take advantage of this special deal to stock up and save something!! And NOTE!.. I truly feel the Infinity Greens and all Infinity Superfoods are already an extraordinary deal! If you were purchase these superfood ingredients that comprise the Infinity formulas separately I promise it would cost you at least triple, not to mention the Infinity formulas are precision balanced, thus increasing the health enhancing properties of each of the ingredients!!

    *Your 10% Off, plus FREE shipping coupon code – springspecial10&freeship

    PPPS…Did you read my ‘Carbs Demystified’ article? If not, click here.  This is truly important!

    PPPPS…Last thing!! … Great news!!  There is in fact a ‘silver bullet’ for achieving extraordinary health!! ~ It’s your lifestyle!! Yup, tried and tested. And the impact that diet, exercise and other elements of a healthy lifestyle can have on our wellbeing (both physical and mental) is very underestimated.  The possibility of what can be acheived has been known (but not by many) to be awesome.  My wish is to be a positive influence and provide powerful tools to help you along your way.  

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  • Carbs Demystified.

    March 30, 2016 By Billy

    Dear Friends,

    There’s a lot of confusion about carbohydrates. We hear about simple and complex carbs, but what’s the difference? What do these terms even mean? In its most basic sense, a carbohydrate is a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They’re present in the foods we eat and our body breaks them down into glucose that then can be used as energy.

    Simple Versus Complex
    Simple carbohydrates are, essentially, just sugar. They’re found in our diets predominately as processed sugar, such as cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Most of the simple carbohydrates in the modern diet are unhealthy, although there are exceptions, including honey and pure maple syrup (in moderation, as always). Fresh-pressed (non-pasteurized) fruit juice is essentially fructose or fruit sugar, thus making it a simple carbohydrate, but can be relatively healthy, too. A better alternative to juice is often the whole fruit itself, which contains the original fiber and nutrients. Whole fruit can be made into a smoothie, which is why I prefer a smoothie over juice.

    Generally, complex carbohydrates are a combination of starch (chains of sugar) and fiber (non-caloric plant matter). This is why whole fruit, because of its fiber, is actually a complex carbohydrate, although it’s often thought of as simple carb because of the sugar. Besides whole fruit, complex carbs include vegetables, rice, beans, bread, pasta, and all grains such as oats, rye, quinoa, millet and wheat. However, some complex carbohydrates are healthier than others. Essentially, the healthy complex carbohydrates are unprocessed plant foods and whole grains. As we’ll discuss later, these unprocessed complex carbohydrates give you the most fiber and nutrients.

    The Perils of Processed Foods
    Okay, so let’s first talk about the unhealthy complex carbs: processed complex carbohydrates. These are among the greatest culprits of weight gain (and many other health problems) today. Most of the processed complex carbohydrates are essentially grains that have been robbed of their fiber and nutrients, becoming concentrates of starch. Examples of foods high in processed carbs include most cereal, most bread, pasta, white rice, bagels, crackers, chips, most baked foods (among the worst of the worst of processed foods are the “low-fat” snack foods), and basically anything with flour, including wheat and other grain flours. When flour is made, the grain is stripped of the fiber husk and pulverized into a fine powder, leaving nothing but the caloric starch element. These foods are quite abundant, even at your natural food store – and I dare say, make up the majority of products sold.

    And here’s the problem – what happens with these “starch concentrates” is that they behave similarly to processed sugars – because of their processed nature, they are digested too quickly, causing an overdose of glucose that the body has no choice but to store as energy for later, which, you guessed it, is stored as fat. Yup, that’s how it works. This is why processed foods, even in smaller amounts, are such major weight gain foods. What’s worse is that they’re extremely easy to overdo since, without the original fiber and nutrients, they don’t satisfy the appetite. So, it’s a double whammy. They’re fattening in and of themselves, and you eat more of them to boot. Doh! Additionally, you gotta keep in mind, even a small amount of processed food goes a long way – directly around the waist line.

    Distressingly, these foods are a predominant part of the modern diet. It’s hard to get away from them. For most people, their intake begins first thing in the morning with a seemingly innocent bowl of cereal. Some of the cereals in your grocery store appear to be healthy, but do you always remember to check the ingredients? The front of the box may say “natural,” “organic” and “whole grain,” but look at the side of the box. Most cereals, despite what they say on the front, have flour in them. Furthermore, “evaporated cane juice” which, as you’ll recall from earlier, is just straight-up processed sugar disguised by the natural sounding name. Not good.

    So, what can you use as a breakfast cereal instead? How about oatmeal? No, not instant oatmeal and granola. Instead, use whole rolled oats! (The ‘how-to’ – simply cook in water. If you add oil, remember to use a healthy, heat-stable option such as ghee, butter or coconut oil. Add raw nuts, seeds, and unsweetened yogurt. You can even get some of your healthy sugar with sliced berries and a drizzle of honey. Now, that’s a balanced breakfast!). If you want to stick with cereal, look for the brands that don’t contain sugar or flour. There are a few out there. Ezekiel brand is approved, since it is only the whole-wheat berry. For bread, same thing – simply stay away from flour. Unfortunately, that’s 95% of the breads out there. Ezekiel brand also makes a good option for bread. (You owe me one, Ezekiel). Manna Bread is also a decent brand. All of these options are flourless and Billy-approved.

    The Key
    The key is to remember: more unprocessed foods. Simple, yes, but not necessarily easy. Like we talked about earlier, the processed grains without the original fiber and nutrients are merely unsatisfying, fast-digesting calories. Bottom line: enhance your diet to include more unprocessed complex carbohydrates (plant foods, whole fruit, whole grains). This will dramatically improve anyone’s health on all levels, especially long-term. An added bonus is that your days of calorie-counting are almost over. This is because it’s pretty hard to overeat foods such as broccoli. Incorporating more of these foods in our diet enables us to much more easily reduce our calories, if need be (which applies to most of us). What’s more is that fibrous foods are good for the digestive tract and have countless other health benefits. It’s also worth mentioning, that when making choices, green foods are generally the best: broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, and green beans, to mention a few. These have the most fiber and nutrients, relative to the starch content. These are the foods that satiate the appetite the most per calorie. I would also like to comment that among the complex carbs, white potatoes are less than ideal since they have loads of starch and very little fiber and nutrition (not to mention that they are often dressed up with loads of sour cream and bacon bits. Ha!)

    Coming full circle, I understand that a complete dietary overhaul for some of us may be a bit overwhelming. Cereals and breads and snacks have become dietary staples for us. But if you make a conscious effort to start substituting healthier, unprocessed foods, you’ll notice a funny thing start to happen. The processed junk will actually begin to feel unappetizing to you. Very truthfully, the processed foods including bread, crackers, chips and other snack foods are totally and completely repulsive to me. Why? Because of something we’ve discussed earlier: the body recognizes nutrient-rich foods, and if given a steady supply, will naturally gravitate towards the good stuff and away from all the junk. It’s true. Believe me. I saw it countless times during the 8 years of teaching nutrition at the Ashram. During the course of their time there, guests would develop an improved taste for good, healthy, nutritious, lower-calorie, natural, unprocessed food. They’d come back a year later looking and feeling like different people. The difference? They successfully incorporated the Ashram dietary principles into their lives. Furthermore, they reported that it was less-than-difficult for them to do, and that they had no interest in going back to their old dietary ways. Try it yourself and see if the same thing doesn’t happen to you. I have a hunch your body’s instinctual wisdom may just tip the scale in your favor.

    Last thing, did you find this health information helpful? If yes, please send this link to a family member or friend!

    Yours Very Truly,

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  • How diet has become a primary cause of Autoimmune disease and what we need to do about it.

    February 18, 2016 By Billy

    Howdy Friends, 

    We’ve got an important one here.  Recently I’ve been getting many questions about Autoimmune Disease, which is very definitely a critical health topic. This is so very important and deserves everyone’s understanding.  Here is the shortest and clearest explanation of the disease, and what I feel are the most essential factors to know in order to protect your health.

    Jumping in….

    First, let’s define Autoimmune Disease.  The reality is, many people don’t know what it is. It’s often confused with AIDS, when Autoimmune Disease and AIDS are completely different.  AIDS, of course, is a transmitted virus that attacks the immune system.  Autoimmune Disease is when the immune system turns on and attacks the body itself.  Essentially, the immune system gets a mind of its own and goes after its own organs.  This is something that is brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle and is not transmittable between individuals.

    Where all of this is happening in the world is a very noteworthy point – Autoimmune Disease exists almost exclusively in developed countries.  In 3rd-World Countries, it is virtually non-existent.  Such a fact makes this topic very deserving of our attention. While we don’t need to fear Autoimmune Disease, we do need to educate ourselves on it. Essentially, we need to pay attention to the basic facts and adjust our lifestyle accordingly – the simplicity of it all may surprise you. However, the bottom line is that it is so very important. You’ll understand why, below.

    Autoimmune Disease affects at least 25 million people in the United States. That’s 8 percent of our population.  And it’s rapidly increasing. In comparison, cancer affects 9 million, and heart disease affects 22 million. While this is one of the more common nation-wide diseases, it is one that Americans are least aware of. Just 40 years ago, Autoimmune Disease was virtually non-existent, so what the heck is going on?!

    Next, let’s address that there are many types of Autoimmune Disease. There are 80-100 known strains of the Autoimmune Disease, and more are coming out all the time. In all of these strains, the immune is system attacking its own body. The specific Autoimmune Diseases are better known than the general class (the name ‘Autoimmune Disease’) itself. These include some well-known diseases including Type-1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid Disease, Asthma, Eczema, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Psoriasis, Celiac Disease, Thyroid Disease, and more. Some examples – Psoriasis is the immune system attacking the skin, Rheumatoid Arthritis is the immune system attacking the joints, and Multiple Sclerosis is the immune system attacking the brain.  The most common side effect on the attacked area of the body is inflammation, the swelling of tissues, making it unreachable for nutrient rich blood that is trying to come to the rescue.

    It’s worth mentioning –  the most commonly used medical “solution” is medication.  Medication may not always be bad, and more often than not Autoimmune Disease medicines relieve the symptoms, but unfortunately Autoimmune Disease medication is among the worst in terms of their side effects.  Therefore, medication should, at best, be considered a very short-term solution, especially since the ultimate solution to curing the disease is changing your lifestyle. Unfortunately, Autoimmune Disease medication focuses on the symptom rather than the cause.  These medications are intended to suppress the immune system and weaken it’s attack on the body. It’s like trying to clear the smoke out of your house rather than just putting out the fire – it’s a temporary solution that allows you to catch your breath at best. Medication eases the symptoms at best until the cause is discovered and the lifestyle is modified.

    The reason the disease-treatment relationship with Autoimmune Diseases deserves our attention is because it is greatly correlated with diet and lifestyle – much more so than most other diseases.  If you wish to cool the inflammation, it boils down to finding the source.  Some Autoimmune Diseases are genetic, but still, they are most often propagated by one thing – your lifestyle!  What is it in the victims’ diet or lifestyle that is wreaking the havoc?!  That can be difficult to identify, but the good news is, that’s one of the specialties of natural medicine.  There are very many cases of Autoimmune Disease being healed in the realm of functional, holistic, and alternative medicine.

    The very next (and actually easy) step is taking the reins of the out-of-control immune system.  The immune system is wreaking havoc, but it doesn’t need to be laid to rest forever. Essentially, it’s like an untrained Mustang bucking and kicking. We don’t want to abandon the horse altogether, but rather take back the control we know we should have over it. It’s the same with Autoimmune Disease. We don’t want to annihilate our immune system completely, bur rather take control of it once again. Believe it or not, adding a few things to your diet and removing a few other things is what most often saves the day.  It’s all about adding vital nutrients that heal the immune system.  Fortunately, there are two that are the most important. Want to take a guess?  Vitamin C and Vitamin D!! Yep. Let’s touch on that. Some might think “boosting the immune system” would be bad if it’s already attacking itself, but that’s not right. Instead, you’re putting a head back on its shoulders and restoring your body’s instinctive healing wisdom.

    High Vitamin-C foods: I feel making a list here of Vitamin C foods would be preaching to the choir. You know where to get your Vitamin-C!

    Vitamin Sunshine (D): Now here is something interesting – over-exposure to UV radiation is sometimes known to exacerbate symptoms of Autoimmune Disease.  So it’s a matter of timing to get your vitamin D without it costing any harm!  Nutshell solution: get your unprotected sun exposure (no sunblock) for 10 minutes in the middle of the day, at least a couple days a week!  This is often a misunderstood concept.  It’s the middle of the day when you get the important Vitamin-D generating UVB radiation.  And the 10 minutes of UV radiation that you’ll receive at the same time isn’t going to hurt you (a couple hours, different story)!  Here is an article I wrote about it. It’s a critical subject – Vitamin D, the problem and the solution.  It has been discovered that Vitamin-D is very involved in the recovery of all Autoimmune Diseases.  There are actually many functions of the immune system, one of which is the removal of debris from cells in the body, which is Vitamin D’s most critical job.

    There are a number of other very helpful things to put in your body such as high Zinc foods and foods that help your intestinal flora.  The healthy bacteria in your gut is a pillar of your immune system and this is often the hole in the fortress through which harm can work its way in.  Because the average appetite is composed primarily of processed junk food (It’s true, the average American has a primarily processed-food diet, and the tough thing is they don’t even know it), many people think they are eating healthily, when in reality, they are not.  Over time, the unhealthy foods in one’s diet are slowly but surely chipping away at his or her health. And again, it’s tough to watch the grass grow – and it’s also hard to watch it die.  So, eat your fruit and veggies yo!  And cut out the junk!!  You know the drill.  The gains will be worth it, I can promise you that.

    The food culprits: processed salt (sodium chloride), sugar and other heavily processed food create a toxic atmosphere in your body, especially your digestive system. Salt in most food is a heavily processed form of sodium chloride, which is a completely different thing from Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt, which in moderation, are totally brilliant, for most of us (there are health cases that low salt is important regardless of its from – another newsletter down the road).  Low-fat snack foods are the worst because most are GMO and add this toxic salt to make up for lack of flavor.  GMO foods are linked to causing food-allergies and food allergies are another known causative factor for Autoimmune Disease.  Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar (and maybe worse), just in a different way and they deserve their own article.  Fast food is pretty much the very worst, the end.

    Another huge factor? Toxic chemicals. Air-fresheners, heavy metals, and other toxic household items are proven to exacerbate autoimmune disease.  Unquestionably, these are original causatives, at least to some degree, and over time they cause more wear and tear, thus increasing the immune system’s vulnerability.

    Another big red flag: antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are taking on the role of your immune system and doing a much worse job.  In December of 2013, the FDA proposed questioning soap companies to address the potential risks of using such products daily.  Well, guess what?  It has been over two years and nothing has been answered.  The active antibacterial ingredient has already been proven to be toxic and on top of this, there is currently no evidence that antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water. This is nuts!  For your reference, here’s the article on the FDA website that confirms this: FDA Questions Antibacterial Soap Companies.  Such products pave the way for Autoimmune Disease development down the road. It’s scientifically proven. Rubbing toxic liquids that kill everything under the sun all over your hands (or even worse, your body) is both nuts and counterintuitive. The scary thing is that no one knows this!!  Now is the time to detox your house of such dreadful products.  Playing in the dirt, being a little dirty, and being exposed to bugs and minor infections train your immune system to be stronger.  Please, let the immune system continue to do its job.

    Big note: Antibiotics and Vaccines are now linked as great causes for Autoimmune Disease.  Google it!  The data is real. These culprits kill the bad bacteria while also killing the good bacteria we need to survive. Antibiotics are to be used when the situation is desperate and life threatening. Once utilized, there needs to be some follow up damage control with a healing diet. Most important is replacing intestinal flora, which are killed with the use of antibiotics.  Again, digestive health is a pillar!

    Alright friends, please know that diet and lifestyle has a greater impact than most are aware of.  Everything you feed into and put on your body creates a change in the internal atmosphere, sometimes irrevocably. It’s so very true.  Nutrients make our body function how its built to.  Conversely, the processed foods that compose the majority of Americans’ diets have a severely weakening effect on your natural immune system. Essentially, they are paving the way for a precarious – not to mention inconvenient and very expensive.  Beating this takes awareness that we are inundated with unhealthy choices surrounding us every day.  The curative is discipline to keep these toxic ingredients away – both in your diet AND your lifestyle. Discipline comes naturally when the substantial nature of what we’re dealing with is realized, and it quickly turns from “discipline” to a genuine desire for self-improvement.  We simply need to remember to spend our time and resources on enhancing our wellbeing rather than providing it with unhealthy entertainment. You’ll be saving yourself from the misery of the latter.  These bodies we are given are far too precious to waste.

    If someone reading this has already battled Autoimmune Disease, let me say to you that the only true curative is your lifestyle. Is does seem that for some, 100% healing may not happen, BUT at the very, very least, the symptoms will be reduced and may eventually go away entirely.  There have been many cases where toxic foods were identified and removed, ultimately healing the body of Autoimmune Disease.  These stories point us in a very clear direction, right?!  For those of you who have beaten Autoimmune Disease, you may very well have some stories to share! If yes, then congratulations, let’s keep it up and please, spread the word with those you care about while you’re at it!

    It’s the potential good in all of this that has my attention. I say we use this information to make better decisions for our bodies while holding the vision that it is not impossible to enhance the quality of our health and even discover new layers excellence.  Are you in?

    Last thing!  Was this helpful?  If yes, please pass it on!! Thanks!!

    Yours Truly,
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  • Infinity-C Bars!

    January 16, 2016 By Billy

    Howdy Friend!!

    The Infinity-C Bars are back and better than ever!!

    What makes the Infinity-C Bars so awesome is actually simple!! Each Infinity-C Bar has 1000mg of real Vitamin C from 100% Organic and Wild-Crafted superfoods! That’s the equivelent Vitamin C in 14 oranges…14!….not to mention the Infinity-C Bar is less than 200 calories, comprised solely of other health enhancing foods including raw almond butter, honey, flax seeds and cranberries – all organic!

    There is tons of scientific data that high doses of Vitamin C are greatly health enhancing in many significant ways (especially with the immune system)! And on top of it all, the Infinity-C bars taste absolutely amazing!!

    If you haven’t already given the Infinity-C bars a shot, then take advantage of this opportunity to try one and get Free shipping using the coupon below.  There is no minimum purchase required!  The Infinity-C bars truly are awesome, and you might just be blown away!!

    Free shipping coupon, good for one week (expires 1/23/16) – FreeshippingwithCbars

    A greater degree of health and happiness is to be yours this year!! It boils down to just including more health enhancing elements in our lifestyle – healthy diet, exercise, nature, postive thinking, healing arts, friends…you know the drill!  It’s doesn’t have to be hard!  Rather I say we make it fun!  The level of reward may just be beyond the expected. You in?

    Yours Truly,

    Billy Merritt

    PS!!… I very much consider the outdoor dance events I have been producing here in Taos to be among the most health enhancing things we can do for ourselves!  Truly, I do!! Come and you’ll see why!!

    Well good news!….February 14 a StarTribe event is on the radar!!  Ott is coming!…a musician loved by hundreds of thousands!!  This will be a classic StarTribe outdoor bonfire dance event!  I promise this will be very much worth the drive or flight to be here!  And anyone visiting Taos for the first time…prepare to blown away!!  The natural beauty of the Northern New Mexico landscape is truly extraordinary – a vital part of what makes a StarTribe event so amazing and unlike anything else! This event also lands on a holiday weekend making the journey all the more worth it!

    Visit www.StarTribe.org for details! If you’re coming then get your presale early because tickets are limited to 500, and this StarTribe event will very likely sell out!

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  • Boosting your immune system.

    November 25, 2015 By Billy


    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    In this video I talk about a few keys to boosting your immune system this winter!! It’s just a matter of a few adjustments to your lifestyle. It’s not hard and it’s so very worth it!

    And because VitaminC is scientifically proven to significantly enhance the body’s immune system we’re doing a special of including a free large bottle of InfinityC and a C-Bar with your purchase of a 12 ounce bottle of Infinity Greens (a $33 value for free)!  No need to add InfinityC to your cart.  Just enter this code on the checkout page and the free 8oz InfinityC and C-Bar will automatically be included!  This is how much I believe in the importance of high Vitamin C plant foods.  It boils down to the simple fact that it’s health enhancing, and I want everyone to have some!!

    Code – FreeInfinityC

    I this video I also talk about another potentially powerful element to be added to our lifestyle for enhancing our well-being (and life-force!) that I very much want you to know about!

    I say we go for it this holiday season to live the healthy life between diet, exercise, spending time in the outdoors with friends and family and not over-working&stressing.  It’s no doubt a part of raising bars and discovering our potential.

    Wishing you excellent health and happiness this special season – to be yours by nature. It’s just a matter of life-style.  We are all capable of living great.  What is to be revealed I suspect may be extraordinary.

    Yours Truly and at your service always,



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  • By Billy

  • November 3, 2015 By Billy

    Thanks for watching!!
    Here’s a code to enter on the checkout page for 20% OFF your first web order – expo20

    Have an excellent day!!
    Yours Truly,

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  • Smoothie Video and Event Invitation

    June 30, 2015 By Billy

    Here’s the link of the event I’m elarborating on in the video – www.StarTribe.org  This will be very much worth the journey to Taos, New Mexico!

    Keep taking good care of yourself!! Have an excellent day!

    Yours Truly,

    Billy & Arbear

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  • Happy June! Just got a few words to share….

    June 1, 2015 By Billy


    Wishing you an excellent week!!

    Yours Truly,

    Billy Merritt

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  • 9 year anniversary

    May 14, 2015 By Billy

  • Checking Back In

    February 9, 2015 By Billy

    Dear Reader,

    Four days into February, one month down and eleven to go!!

    How’s the ‘2015 journey’ going so far?

    For 2015, many of us resolved to live even better lives than we did before. And now we’re formulating the lifestyles to achieve it. Let’s make those healthy choices and resolutions happen! Achievement (even the little stuff) makes us happy. (Did you ever make it to the gym and work with a trainer?)

    What about spending more time outdoors? Days are shorter (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere), and we often spend more time indoors. But we need that ‘oh so precious’ sunshine! Try to get outside and bask in the sun for least 10 minutes every day! (Did you ever read my updated Vitamin D article?)

    Side note – I think it’s helpful to remember that days are shorter and less sunshine may affect how we feel (not necessarily bad). Naturally, we may feel less energetic – maybe even lethargic, tired, and just a little down (aka winter blues). Rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with you! This is just a short physiological response to your surrounding environment. Conversely, there are known benefits of shorter days worth mentioning. You can even use these shorter days to your advantage!

    When days are shorter, we typically spend more time in the dark. There is a mystical, magical and romantic ‘flavor’ during the darker hours. We may be inclined to spend more time taking it easy. Hey, those resolutions don’t always have to be about ‘doing more’! A resolution can even be made to ‘do less’! Overall, I think many of us are too busy! Let’s take more time to not be busy! What about spending more time just relaxing with family, loved ones and friends that make you happy (with the television turned off).

    You may even create a little more ‘alone-time’ for yourself. Solitude in moderation can be good! Why not spend this time sitting outside on the patio for a slice of nature, preferably with a hot cup of tea. I find this to be a great opportunity to count the good things going on life, and consciously choose to think positively. Additionally, I also use these times to just practice ‘not thinking’ and being quiet in my thought. There is in fact a physiological shift in the brain when you consciously still your mind, which sets off a number of other positive physiological responses (to be elaborated on soon). And while you’re ‘there’, remember the simple fact that we sustain on invisible O2! It’s the most immediate life source and it’s right here around us! So why not absorb it to the max? Law of nature – when breathing deeply, everything works better. Quite simply, it’s good for your body, which is good for the brain, which is good for the mind! Give this some of your time. Healthier thinking happens. Go ahead and take 10 deep breaths! Next step – carry on with your day, a little more empowered.

    An extra bonus – I like having positive daily sayings to serve as reminders. I often frame them to then be placed by my bathroom sink or by my bed! …a few examples – ‘discover your awesome-ness’, ‘take 10 deep breaths’, ‘keep an eye out for the beautiful things around you’, ‘laugh more, dammit’, etc.. Give it a shot.

    It’s nice to remember how much control we have over our mind, mood and energy. Your awareness of your natural ability to manage stress and challenges is substantially enhanced, as well as your innate sense of the good things going on around you. Not to mention your ability to laugh more during the times when things seem ‘not so good’.

    We are trying to live healthier, individually and globally. The collective desire to succeed is tremendously strong, and will get stronger. We are stunningly capable. We are currently innovating what previously would have been miracles. We can (and will) innovate flawless sustainability, widespread health and global peace…happiness too. Why? Because we have to! And we were built to!

    So ‘hooray’ for revealing our awesomeness in 2015!

    Yours Truly,


    PS. The Power Pack Special last month went really well! I’m glad so many of you took me up on the offer! Hopefully you have been taking all three formulas and feeling the benefits. Well, keep it up! And keep up a healthy diet! We are fortunate to understand diet to be one of the keys to pulling back the curtain for our natural health to really shine! Yup, there is in fact a ‘silver bullet’ for our health – let’s call it life-force. And it’s up to you to create it with your lifestyle.

    PSS…I always like to offer gifts! So here’s a coupon code for a free Infinity Green Bar! If you’ve already tried them I’m sure you’ll take me up on it! Enter this code on the checkout page: freegreenbar (No need to add the bar to your cart. Just enter the code and it will be included with your order.)

    PSSS. One last thing – spend more time in nature! There are many things in the world that are perfect exactly the way they are. Mountain tops, waterfalls, and forests, for example. Scenery and plant life rub off something great.

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  • Two Tips.

    December 10, 2014 By Billy

    Dear Friends,

    I felt this is the perfect time to offer two high-impact health tips that will be especially beneficial during the winter months!

    1) Diet – Your body will naturally crave more calories now that temperatures are cooler, assuming that your regular physical activity is maintained. I will explain why weight gain will not be a problem with naturally increasing your calories.

    Remember that most importantly, when you increase your portion size, stick the foods in your diet that you already know to be healthy. This will offset the craving and potential overindulgence of the disease-causing foods high in processed calories like sugar, flour, and cheap oils that are especially common over the holidays. An over-abundance of these foods seem to be the norm this time of year. And now that your body is craving more calories, it can sometimes be hard not to give in.

    Also, remember that per calorie, these processed foods have far more weight gaining effects, yet conversely do not satisfy your appetite like nutrient-rich foods. The calories in those sweet baked goods can add up quickly! Is occasionally having pie and ice-cream when you’re at a friend’s dinner party going to make you fat? Probably not. But it sure can get away from you because processed sugar is addictive! Be sure to keep these foods from sneaking their way into your home! Stock your pantry with more of the foods that you already know to be good for you. Note – holiday treats and desserts don’t always have to be unhealthy! How about a little dark chocolate (70% cacao or more)? Dark chocolate is an appetite suppressant, so just a few squares and you’re good. Many of you know from my recipes that I’m quite a fan of raw chocolate, especially my green power nuggets!

    And remember hot drinks! Chai is classic and often a favorite this time of year. A little caffeine from black or green tea never hurts. But remember that we need to be conscious of the ingredients! The best way is to simply make your own! Have you ever tried my home-made chai recipe? As many of you know, chai is one of my favorites! Also, remember to take advantage of my chai recipe as another appetite suppressant – a satisfying alternative to other sugary drinks.

    Again, the big picture is to keep your appetite satisfied with more of the nutrient dense and unprocessed foods! We want to make the extra calories primarily healthy. An excellent choice is hearty soup – something the body naturally craves when temperatures are cooler. Try my curried kale soup. I’ve been loving this one! Because of the nutrient density and high water content, this one will satisfy your appetite with fewer calories.

    Lastly, consuming more calories this time of year will not necessarily make you gain unhealthy weight. But it requires integration with tip #2!!!

    2) Now is THE time to visit the gym for strength training! This does not entail riding a stationary bike or treadmill (of course a spin-class is in a different category). It pains me to watch people do this as their only form of exercise, while reading a magazine! Sure, you’re burning some calories, but remember that becoming physically fit is more than just burning calories. Plus, this kind of activity actually burns fewer calories than you would think, making this a relatively inefficient way to spend your time and energy.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the strength training with free weights that has the long-term impact of burning substantially more calories! Big picture is we’re building a stronger body. Ultimately, building muscle is the most effective method for keeping your metabolism high. Plain and simple, a stronger machine burns more fuel. Of course it’s a balance of doing both cardio and weight training. The cardio will have a more immediate effect on burning calories, but the impact is shorter term. But build muscle, and your metabolism will increase substantially and is more long term.

    In the long term you will burn far more calories by dedicating some of your visits to the gym to exercises like squats and dead-lifts rather than the treadmill and machines. When I share this information with others I often receive a blank stare. The reality is most of us don’t know how to do strength training like squats and dead-lifts. It’s seldom done because it’s challenging and requires some knowledge to do it right. This is where I strongly recommend working with a trainer! Hiring a professional trainer is one of the best things you can do for yourself! It certainly has been for me. They are using specific strength training protocols that will make the energy you put into this yield far more benefits. It also makes working out more fun! You will notice when people are working with trainers, they are typically using free weights, not machines. Free weights are overall far more strengthening. But again, it takes some knowledge to do it right and prevent injury. So hire a trainer!

    If this will be new for you, I suggest strength training at the gym twice a week. Personally, I do Mondays and Fridays at the gym with my trainer, and Wednesday I do a solid outdoor workout, generally involving a hike. Even if it’s cold, still try to get at least one outdoor workout per week. Go for that power-walk and pump those arms like you mean it!

    Note – Tip #1 addressed our natural tendency to eat more this time of year and what to do about it. And here is the reason Tips 1 and 2 form a perfect integration – you can build strength faster when you’re eating more. You’re building a stronger body and more calories speeds up the process. And so this is the perfect time of year for strength training! But just like we talked about, keep the extra calories healthy! Rather than increasing animal protein in your diet, add a post-workout smoothie to your day. Be sure to include a serving of Infinity Protein! You will essentially be taking advantage of your natural tendency of eating more this winter to build strength that ultimately will make you leaner in the long run. In the spring when you instinctively cut back on your calories, you will actually lose fat much faster and easier because of the substantial increase in your metabolism. Make sense? This is essentially the protocol used by body builders. We’re just doing the less extreme version.

    Let’s do this! Life is good and we can make it even better. But no waiting. If you feel any enthusiasm from reading this letter, then now is the time to go for it. All of this takes relatively little discipline when you know how good the results will be.



    PS…one more health tip – Dance!!! Dance is like tea. There are many flavors. Break dancing to barn dancing – all of it. Just pick the one you love and do it! I truly believe dance to be one of the very best things you can do for yourself. There is a huge amount of scientific data that dancing has a profoundly substantial effect on numerous elements of our health, especially the brain. I read an impressive article on how dance can stimulate a part of the brain that regularly is inactive. This has shown to affect memory, general happiness and more. And it can be serious exercise. So get out on the dance floor and wave your arms like you mean it.

    ….and last thing – I just want to let you all know how grateful I am for your loyalty to Infinity Greens. Some of you have been solid customers since the very beginning, 9 years ago. It makes me happy so many of you believe in what I’m doing, and I will do whatever it takes to always serve you the very finest health forming products on earth!

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  • Response to questions from the Animal Protein Newsletter

    July 1, 2014 By Billy

    Dear Readers,

    This newsletter is a response to questions from the Animal Protein Newsletter you received a few weeks ago. This is massive subject and so cramming it all into one newsletter that everyone has the time to read isn’t really possible. I’m glad many of you are asking these questions so I can address some of the in-between details. There were however too many questions to answer in one newsletter, and so I have extracted the 3 most common ones to focus on.

    1) There were questions about B12 in relation to eggs and dairy. There are some of you who have an allergy to eggs. The concern was where to get B12 if your diet does not include eggs or animal protein. Dairy is a fair solution. Yogurt, cheese, and milk all have a small amount of B12. Butter only has trace amounts. However, there are some of you that have an allergy to dairy as well. Or you may be totally vegan for personal reasons. Respectable. (I understand if some of you are unhappy I don’t endorse vegan-ism. I understand your own ethical reasoning, but my role is nutrition, and so I will remain within those boundaries. I’m just glad no one showed up on my doorstep to smack me with a cucumber after reading my previous message.) So naturally there were many inquiries about fortified foods with B12 as a possible solution, like nutritional yeast, cereal, bread and soy products. The B12 in all of these foods is lab formulated cyanocobalamin. And remember my emphasis in the previous article that cyanocobalamin B12 is toxic. Mildly so, but definite….and on a long-term basis will have some degree of wear and tear. Bottom line – avoid fortified bread and cereal. If you’re a huge fan of nutritional yeast for the flavor then you can find some brands that do not have added B12. So you’re probably wondering, ‘for B12 what the heck do we do’? There is a middle road solution. Methylcobalamin B12 is available by injection, sub-lingual liquid and patches. It’s hard for me to propose this as a solution since I’m not a fan of ingesting things formulated in a laboratory and do not come from food, but it’s better than nothing. A diet lacking B12 poses risk on neurological health. Not good. Note – if taking any form of Vitamin B supplements, this is not something you need on a daily basis. Exactly how often, I can not say, but I have read articles from well reputed doctors suggesting that once a week is more than adequate. B vitamins are stored in the body for years. Vegans, I hope this helps.

    2) There were also some inquiries about fats. I talked about why with animal protein it’s important to most of the time choose the leaner options (Not the case with dairy. Remember whole dairy, only the finest, and less of it). I’m definitely not talking about going on a low-fat diet! Low fat diets are not good for a number of reasons, one of which includes unhealthy weight gain! It’s all a matter of the right fats. Animal lard, not great. Plant-based fats are pretty hard to overdo, if they are the elite – raw oils, like olive oil, raw nuts, seeds, and avocados. We covered this topic on fats a year ago and I’m writing a newsletter to expound more on this very important information! But nutshell version – remember that fats fuel the body the exact same way as carbs. And per calorie, fats satisfy your appetite more than carbs. Example – 100 calories of almonds will satisfy your appetite far more than 100 calories of crackers. So adding more of the healthy fats to your diet will help you cut back on your overall daily calories.

    3) There were also questions of concern about getting enough protein. This article is definitely not intended to endorse my own products, but this is exactly what the Infinity Protein Blend and Bars are for. Infinity Protein is a blend of the highest grade plant foods, combined with herbs and enzymes for maximum absorption. And I’m a huge fan of protein smoothies! I typically have a smoothie morning and afternoon. Make it right and this can be a supremely healthy meal that keeps you totally satisfied for hours with relatively few calories. I know for many of you this is a real priority. Blend a pear and/or half banana with a handful of strawberries, a heaping tablespoon of raw almond butter or yogurt, Infinity Protein and purified water. Now you’ve created a well rounded meal. And afterward tell me you don’t feel totally amazing….and satisfied. Also remember there are other plant sources like edemame, tempe, quinoa, broccoli, avocado, nuts, seeds and legumes. As far as how much protein to include in your daily diet is getting into an entirely new subject. The protocol that is generally accepted as standard is .8grams protein per kilogram of body weight. This is for a relatively sedentary person. But who the heck is sedentary? Not you! And so I feel most of the time this should be a minimum. For athletes the most commonly proposed maximum is 1.6grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. But of course there are many more factors other than just your level of physical activity, like body mass, gender, and age, just to name a few. Now for the good news – it’s pretty hard to under-do or overdo protein if you have a variety of the mentioned plant proteins and fewer processed starches. Exactly how many grams of protein to have per day gets a little more attention than it deserves. Trust your instincts and select the plant protein foods that your body naturally craves.

    Any more questions? Keep em’ coming, and as always I’ll do my best to provide answers!
    Lastly, did you improve upon your diet per my recommendations from the previous newsletter? Notice any difference in how you feel? If you didn’t already integrate some of these principles, will you? Now is the time. The immense benefits to be experienced when using this information will continue pulling you in the right direction – the ‘snow ball effect’ made great.

    Yours Truly,
    Billy Merritt


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  • Animal Protein – the pluses, minuses and most critical factors.

    June 9, 2014 By Billy

    Dear Reader,

    I know this is one of my longer articles, but I consider this to be some of the most important information ever included in my newsletters. So it will be worth the time!

    Animal Protein –

    There is no universal answer for this one. But let’s weigh the factors.

    Animal protein has been in the human diet all over the world for 200,000 years, since the hunter gatherer days. It was essential for many cultures since climate would potentially limit their food resources. Consider the Eskimos as an extreme example! Even in the northern regions of United States food supply was potentially limited to just meat and potatoes in the winter because of short growing seasons. This was before the advent of the food distribution that we have today. The majority of the western world now has access to virtually any food year round.

    Nutritive Considerations –

    First let’s talk about protein since this tends to be the primary subject of dispute. I do not consider this to be much of an issue because of the modern day availability of other high protein foods. Examples – quinoa, legumes, nuts, seeds, avocados, broccoli, eggs, dairy, and plant-based protein supplements, just to name a few. And when done right these options prove to be more than adequate for most.

    But here is where vegetarians can run into trouble – animal protein is often replaced with processed starches – bread and pasta being the big ones! And remember what happens? Did you read the April newsletter? Yup, with too many starchy foods you’re likely to put on the not-so-healthy kind of pounds. So replace animal proteins with other high protein foods – not processed grains!

    Eggs – I consider eggs to be a perfect food. Worry not about about cholesterol! Eggs raising your cholesterol would be comparable to olive oil making you fat. Not possible. The egg white thing is a disaster!!! These egg white products are simply riding on the coat-tails of the buzz about the low-fat diet in the 90’s, which of course now is outdated. Remember it’s the saturated fats that affect the body’s cholesterol. And eggs have less than one gram. Plus the yolk is what has the nutrients! Just go with the finest – ie organic….or even better, visit your local farmer’s market.

    Dairy – many of us are developing sensitivities from overdoing it. The problem is the low fat products. Think about it – take the fat out and milk essentially becomes a lactose concentrate. Lactose is the part of dairy that does not digest so well. Low fat yogurt is disaster. You have a serving and you feel like u didn’t even eat anything. Essentially you had a bunch of sugar from the fruit sweetener laced with processed sugar. Yes whole dairy requires moderation for adults. Again, too much saturated fat raises our cholesterol (not an issue for kids). The key is to go with whole dairy and just less of it.

    Fish – Present day, in most cases fish is not so good because of the situation with our oceans. Seafood same. Farm raised fish is worse. Bummer. Of course this is an entirely new subject so we can talk about this one soon. Need essential fatty acids? Flax and chia seeds are an excellent source. Also substantial amounts of fatty acids aren’t really necessary for everyone. Consider many cultures adapted to diets with out fish. Yes, essential fatty acids lower cholesterol but so does cutting back on saturated fats. Exercise too!

    So what kind of meat is best? Tough question. At least the lean stuff. Lower fat meats are better. Animal lard can raise cholesterol substantially. Is it going to hurt having a burger once in while – probably not. But compare low quality meat to processed sugar – these foods are simply wear and tear on your health if they are a regular part of your diet. Beef and pork I consider to be the least ideal. While nutritive, they are seriously acid forming. Not to mention they can accumulate in the gastro-intestinal system. The only reasons the human body intensely craves it is because of the immense protein, iron and B12. I have solutions! Protein and fats are what truly satisfy our appetite. But another compromise is animal protein takes a lot of work for the body to break it down. The popular chicken salad for lunch only makes you tired. Animal protein is a dinner food. Protein is NOT fuel. It’s a ‘restorative’. And sleeping at night is when the body is doing the majority of it’s restoration. Now replace your chicken salad with a plant-protein fruit smoothie (Not with Whey! It’s constipating!). And then enjoy a bowl of quinoa and edemame with coconut oil and leafy greens. Tell me you don’t feel the same satisfaction – minus the lethargy. Easily digestible proteins simply do not make you tired. Next day take inventory on how you feel after a steak dinner. Energized or Tired? I bet on the later.

    As many of you know I did an animal protein experiment on myself. For two years I integrated a respectable amount of bison into my diet. I did in fact put on more body mass, but I became lethargic! I had to take a couple naps daily! Boo. Since removing it from my diet for the last year I have actually found a way to maintain the same body mass even on a vegetarian diet. And I have WAY more energy.

    A tangent consideration about this topic – it is only fair to consider the beef and pork industry’s and wear and tear on the planet. I know this is opening a new can of worms, but please consider our own health’s interrelationship with the health of the planet. When on an airplane flying across the country, notice all the circles and squares? This is simply hay for cattle. Could food production be any less efficient? I’m not suggesting we all go vegetarian tomorrow. It would likely bring destruction down upon our economy. But if we continue with our current rate of consumption the same will happen. So the solution for both yourself and the planet – cut back. And only go with the finest.

    The B12 situation – first and foremost, supplements aren’t the long-term solution. There has recently been a surge of respectable scientific data confirming the potential toxicity of cyanocobalamin B12. This artificial B12 is produced by fermentation of GMO bacteria. It has now been tested to leave behind toxic cyanide in the bloodstream. Not good. There are other supplemental B12 solutions including patches and injections that are debated to have little harm if any. But remember the most reliable source of vegetarian B12 is eggs! They’re the winner. I know this may surprise some of you vegans, but facts are facts. And if we do it right this can be awesomely sustainable. I suspect most of us will have chickens running around in our backyard before long (apartments in New York may not be ideal). The efficiency is mind blowing. Feed them your food scraps and they recycle it into perfect protein and B12! I’m working on it here in Taos, New Mexico!

    But wait – here is the ultimate solution to prevent B12 deficiency – avoid a lifestyle that depletes it! The two easy ones to eliminate that have substantial impact are processed sugar and flour. Google it for some impressive data. Also avoid over-consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Over-consumption is relative, so it would be unfair to make a claim as to what is appropriate. Have confidence in your instincts and exercise your discipline. And of course avoid narcotic drugs.

    Iron – the solution is a piece of cake, metaphorically. Eat figs, pumpkin seeds, and cook with a cast-iron pan. Problem solved. (note – google ‘season iron pan’ and food will never stick to it again. And chuck your other non-stick pan. Or better yet, recycle it.)

    While on this subject of nutrients it feels appropriate to remind ourselves the severe toxicity of multivitamins. I’m not a chemist, but I’ve read the current literature. There has been a surge of respectable testing and legitimate data on this entire subject, similar to the B12. Artificial ‘nutrients’ come from mines and hydrolyzed GMO corn. 100% of all your daily nutrients pressed into a pill the size of a peanut. Really?… Really?! While doing your online research evaluate the claims companies make that such ‘nutrients’ are genuinely healthy. The data is hilariously pathetic. Don’t take multi-vitamins. And please note – watch out for the supplements that claim to be made of raw foods. Be sure to read the list of ingredients before you buy any supplement. On the front of the label it may say ‘superfoods’. If on the back of the label the ingredients are listed in a box titled ‘supplement facts’, this is a red flag. If the label says ‘Nutrition Facts’ then you know the product includes plant foods only.

    So that’s all folks. Bottom line – I’m not saying you need to be vegetarian to be healthy. Would vegetarian be the healthiest? If you do it right, then probably. At the very least let’s all cut WAY back on our animal protein consumption. Animal protein is not a food to have every day. Maybe every few days or once a week. Or less. And just go with the finest – ie organic/hormone free.

    Now go make yourself a protein smoothie. And then after have steamed quinoa with olive oil, raw leafy greens and a soft boiled egg. Of course the potential variety is endless.

    Let me know how it goes after a couple weeks! I suspect you’re going to feel a substantial difference, and it’ll be good. If so, pass this to a friend.

    Yours Truly,

    Billy Merritt

    Ps…mind if I ask a favor? When convenient please visit the Infinity Greens FaceBook page and click the ‘like’ button! OR you can click the ‘like’ button on any page of the website, InfinityGreens.com! Thank you!!!

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  • How to make Almond Milk – this is hilariously easy!

    April 30, 2014 By Billy


    April 29, 2014 By Billy

    Remember reading my weight-loss article last month? We did a refresher a few days ago about cutting back on the processed grains and starches.
    Did you do it? How did it go?

    NOW it’s time to do a short refresher with how to manage sugar! Remember that sweet foods and drinks metabolize into fat almost instantaneously!
    It’s those darn bottled drinks! Even in the ‘natural’ stuff. (remember that for fruit juice to be sitting for months in a container it has to be pasteurized, heated! Really any benefit is compromised).

    So what do you say for just three days let’s cut WAY back on bottled drinks that have any sweetener! note – artificial sweeteners are not an option! Stevia okay!

    * Of course the BIG exception is a fresh smoothie that you make at home!!
    We all have a sweet tooth and why not keep it happy with the premium!

    Just a few days! Let’s do this!
    Let’s minimize –
    sweetened non-dairy milks (ie. almond, rice, soy)
    bottled fruit juice
    pre-packaged smoothies
    Sweetened teas.
    * Why not a little honey or coconut nectar in your morning tea be an exception! But use less. Just a little does the trick!

    This is just the first step, and we’re making it easy! No need to be hard-core and go 100% sugar-free, unless you want to. But let’s start with something manageable!

    Having a few pieces of fruit throughout the day will make this much easier!
    Do superfood smoothie in the morning, sweetened only with fruit! Why not a banana? Mix it in a blender with water, InfinityGreens and some fresh almond butter – amazing, and easy.

    Why not have a pear, watermelon, peach, OR berries with lunch? So many options!

    Something for dessert? How about yogurt, blueberries and almonds?

    So what do you say? You in? You’ll be glad you did this!!!
    Why? Because you’ll have more stable energy and experience how your body simply operates better without processed sweeteners and packaged juice products. Tried and tested by many of us. Note – day one you may experience a hint of withdraw. No big deal. Hang in there. Just remember, this is a massive step towards losing some serious weight if you want it!

    Yours Truly,
    Billy Merritt


    Did you find this helpful?!  If yes, then forward this link to a friend!  And like us on FB!  Thanks!~

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  • Cut back on these two foods to lose weight this spring.

    April 15, 2014 By Billy

    These two categories of foods seem to find a way into everyone’s diet, and they definitely put on the weight!  Here’s the info to beat it!~
    1) Sweet drinks, including juice!

    Here’s a brief reminder why – Sugar is fuel that is available instantaneously.  Assuming you are not exercising at that very moment, sugar is converted to fat to be used as fuel later.  These days, such a huge portion of daily calories come from drinks!  The obvious are sodas, but what about all of these other ‘natural’ drinks?

    Examples – flavored water beverages, sweetened tea and coffee, packaged smoothies, bottled fruit juice.  These are so common!  And at the end of the day these calories really add up!  Yes, some of these drinks are a natural sugar, but when it comes to weight loss, many kinds of sugar are in the same category.
    One source of sugar that may be of surprise is fruit juice.  I am referring to juice in packaged containers.  Of course, fresh pressed juices are in an entirely different category.  Remember beneficial properties of fruit are heat sensitive.  For fruit juice to be bottled and stored at room temperature it must be pasteurized. This is the heating process to essentially sterilize it.  Popular examples would be orange and apple juice.  In their fresh raw state they’re awesome and loaded with nutrients and enzymes!  But once cooked, beneficial properties are gone.

    I’m not saying to eliminate sugar from your diet all together!  Sugar is important.  It’s instant fuel for the brain!  Let’s just stick to the good stuff!  Examples – a fresh fruit smoothie with superfoods, a small amount of fresh pressed fruit juices, a little coconut sugar or honey in your tea.  The big picture is to keep your sweet tooth happy with foods and drinks that have nutritive value and are less sugar concentrated.

    * Note – I do not consider zero calorie sweeteners to be a solution.  We know many of them to be toxic.  And there are increasingly more that are marketed as ‘natural’.  Really?  This is another newsletter altogether.  The exception is Stevia which is simply a plant food.

    2) Processed Starchy Foods!

    Why?  It’s a similar biological reason as sugar.  Processed starchy foods burn quickly, only to then be stored in the body to be used as fuel later.  And remember how it’s stored?  Fat… quite inconvenient.

    For most people the biggest one is Cereal!  Cereal is in almost everyone’s diet!  At the grocery store there is a whole isle dedicated to just cereal.  Why is it a weight gaining food?  It’s all in the ingredients!!!!  The front of the box markets the cereal as ‘natural, whole grain, low fat’.  But look at what its made of!  Notice the tiny ingredient list hiding on the side of box in a 8sq inch rectangle.  Most common processed grains you can look for are wheat, corn, oats.  The other common ingredient is ‘evaporated cane juice’.  Are you serious?…”’Evaporated cane juice”’?!!?!  This is nothing other than straight-up processed sugar, disguised with a natural sounding name.  Naming ‘evaporated cane juice’ on labels is now under review by the FDA and will likely become illegal.

    Further down the list of ingredients we typically find canola or safflower oil.   Remember from reading my previous articles, these oils are rancid and irritate the thyroid.  Not good for weight loss.

    Possible replacements? How about oatmeal (NOT instant oatmeal or granola).  Add a healthy, heat stable oil like ghee or coconut.  Add raw nuts, seeds, unsweetened yogurt.  And get some of your healthy sugar with sliced berries.   Now this is sounding more like a balanced meal!

    The other big culprit is Bread!  It’s a mystery how we have become convinced that we are doing something good for ourselves when eating whole wheat bread.  It’s a heavily processed food that is devoid of any nutritional value other than the added artificial ‘nutrients’.

    A possible solution for wheat bread is Rye bread.  But wait!!!!  If you look in the bread section at the store you will see numerous options that are labeled ‘whole rye’.  Remember to read the ingredients!!! Most often wheat will be the first ingredient and rye will be way down the list of the 30 other ingredients.  Proper rye bread is heavy like a brick and is made almost entirely of rye.  I consider it a better alternative because it is more satisfying per calorie and it does not burn so quickly.  Another possible solution is to simply put the foods that would normally be in your sandwich into a salad instead. And then enjoy it with flax seed crackers!  Note about the gluten free products – I do not consider most of these gluten-free bread alternatives to be superior.  Again, just look at the ingredients – potato starch, rice flour, buckwheat flour – just more of those starchy lifeless foods.

    Other common foods that fall in the starchy category are chips, crackers, cookies, muffins, and bagels.  What makes them difficult to avoid is they are labeled ‘natural’, ‘low-fat’, ‘gluten free’, ‘whole grain’.  As for what’s truly healthy, there’s more to it than that.  Remember all of these foods are comprised primarily of processed grains.  Starchy snack foods are so easy to overdo simply because processed grains do not satisfy our appetite like plant foods, good protein and healthy fats.

    *Note – If you have some of these processed foods occasionally when traveling or out with friends, then no big deal.  It’s not going to make much of a difference.  Plus being too stringent has social compromises.

     I understand a complete dietary overhaul for some of us may be out of the question.  Ok, Fine.  Let’s make it practical.  What do you say we cut back 50% on these processed grain foods and sugary drinks.  And why not try it for just a month.  Let’s call this STEP 1.  In a month let’s re-evaluate.  Does that sound possible?  Or if you’re determined enough, just cut the majority of these foods out of your diet and give it a few months.  If weight loss is in fact a priority for you, I’m quite confident you will be impressed.  Not to mention it will have other health benefits as well. 

    So that’s it!  The next 30 days – are you in?

    Yours Truly,
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  • Article – Spirulina nutrition details and testing for radiation

    February 19, 2014 By Billy

    Dear Reader,
    Recently I have noticed a growing interest in health information about blue-green algae. Given that this is the primary ingredient in Infinity Greens I would like to offer you a few short articles expounding on blue-green algae in the human diet, the safety of it, and why it is so important.

    Article #1 –
    Here is a brief refresher of what blue-green algae is. Is the miraculous compilation of fresh water, sunlight and minerals. Algae was in fact the first and only life on earth 2 billion years ago. And it was essentially a gateway for all life since it absorbed toxic material from acid rain, volcanoes and meteors and then soon after produced 60% of our atmosphere, thus making planet earth a fit environment for other life to spawn. And yes, even today algae produces 60% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. This process is essentially a model for how it operates within the human body. We instinctively know all green plant foods to be number one for removing toxins in the body because of chlorophyll. Blue-green algae is far and away the highest Chlorophyll density food, thus why it is so dark green. So, like for the planet, the right blue-green algae can absorb toxins in the body and recycle it into oxygen – a miracle of nature we can’t thoroughly explain.

    There are literally millions of different kinds of algae on planet earth. Several of these are known to be edible. In this first article I would like to talk about Spirulina since it is the most well-known. Spirulina among other blue-green algaes have been a part of our diet for 200,000 years, since our hunter gatherer days. Like many other plant foods it is something that the human body has become keenly adapted to. And because of the nutritive value, for many cultures it has become a food that is sorely needed. Why?

    Remember the big picture with our diet. There are two primary objectives – remove toxins and restore with nutrients. And remember blue-green algae to be number one for removing toxins. And I do consider it to also be among the most important for supplying nutrients. For many of you health seekers, you know the facts about Spirulina, but a short recap can always be helpful.
    To keep this article short, here is the nutshell version –
    – of all plant foods Spirulina is number one for iron and Vitamin B12.
    – of any food on earth it is the most protein dense, even more so than animal protein.
    – Spirulina is a primary source of niacin, copper, manganese and riboflavin.

    This kind of nutrition is what makes multivitamins completely outdated. Another noteworthy perk of Spirulina is it’s secured level of purity. Again, the ingredients are simply water, sunlight, and minerals. And for many of you I think it is worth mentioning that the Spirulina in Infinity Greens is always thoroughly tested to assure this level of purity. Every batch we use is required to have a Certificate Of Analysis, authorized only by thorough lab testing for any potential contaminants or radiation. While contamination would be near impossible, it is always a good idea to be extra redundant in making sure. I know this will be a comfort for many of you since there is increased worry about potential radiation with freshwater and saltwater foods. Radiation is in fact an issue for many foods and I plan to send more articles about it shortly, via newsletter.
    So please standby!

    If you have any further questions this topic it’s up for discussion!

    Yours Truly,


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  • Just wanted to share a couple things!

    January 4, 2014 By Billy

    Just wanted to share a couple things!

    First, Happy Belated New Year!!!!!!!

    Second, Thank You! If you’re reading this you probably have read my other newsletters and maybe use the Infinity Superfoods. I wouldn’t be doing all of this without your faith and I just want to say that I am grateful.
    And continuing to serve you ‘awesomeness’ is what makes me happiest!

    And third, I would also like to share a few thoughts that I have been reflecting on for this year. Lets call them resolutions….a tried and tested philosophy that we all know to yield some benefit. I am really taking it seriously this year. I find that if I keep my goals in mind and then rotate a healthy life around it, these tend to work out to at least some degree of success, if not magnificent. This idea of doing real New Year’s resolutions, and then tracking it, was recommended to me by my Dad. Thank you!

    So I typed and printed a list of my visions for this year and put it in a picture frame. It’s in a place where I see it often. It helps me to live accordingly because I simply think about it more. And of course we know our thought influences our actions. Assuming your thoughts are healthy, you are set to go!

    Here are a few of mine –
    Strengthen Body
    Spend more time with family
    More social life
    Grow Infinity Greens
    And one of my more personal goals is spiritual growth and I just wanted to humbly offer a few words….I’m definitely not trying to play a guru. It’s just something that is of most value to me and so I wish to share it with you.

    One Leader and Mystic we all know says ‘prayer is not asking but is rather receiving’. God already knows what we want before we ask. I have found my main responsibility is to simply ‘be still’ to make myself fit to receive good inspiration so I can then go and do likewise.
    And here is one thing I do to help me better do this. I’ve talked with you about this before, but shoot, I just want to share it again because it really works! Well, here it is – I go outside and stand tall, or sit tall! And then I concentrate on my breathing. Call it what you want. For me it takes tons of concentration. I can typically go 3 breaths before I forget and start dreaming about my day. But I’m working at it and have come quite a long ways! But dang, still got a ways to go.

    Right, so here’s why I do this and what it then does for me. Why not look at this from the physiological standpoint.
    Nutshell version – Simply the brain is the core of our physiological health. We know oxygen to be the most important thing…can’t go a few minutes without it, in most cases. If it’s really so important, why not do everything we can to optimize it?

    I say cut to the chase and make this a part of your morning routine!

    Step 1. Stand or sit tall in a quiet environment and concentrate on breathing deeper. Maintain your body’s ideal posture. You’re essentially using your body’s core strength to hold your spine straight so the body can more efficiently serve the brain with oxygen nutrient rich blood.

    Step 2. Repeat.

    Step 3. Yup, do it again.

    A healthy brain we know to be one of the most important parts of our health. It’s good for everything! Consider that it simply does a better job of telling the whole body what to do. AND it greatly determines our emotions and how we think! So again why not do whatever you can to strengthen this foundation of your health. ….why not do it every morning for 10 minutes before you check your email or go to work.

    Note – kinda cool how interaction with the invisible (O2) is what most nurtures us most. I like how the physiological body serves as a model for interaction with the Invisible on the spiritual level. I do believe that this breathing practice better enables us to better receive divine messages as a lovely side effect. One more thing I try to do at the same time is say ‘Hi God’, and then I listen. We are built to receive these kinds of messages.
    I have a hunch this can feed us more than we can imagine.

    So big picture.
    Breathe. Send the ripple effect though your body that makes everything work substantially better. Especially our quality of thinking, and mood!
    This of course has the horrendously magnificent effect of making us nicer…everyone nicer. Whoa. Health resolutions of all kinds, whether diet, exercise and even the most basic that we have been talking about, will at some point in the not too distant future make us even better people. Will that journey ever really stop? I hope not. I have a feeling this year will yield more good than much of the world thinks is possible.…. We are inevitably fit to receive from the Divine in order to make things always go better….not to mention that ‘things going better’ is just one of things we receive. Witnessing this fact by good luck in our daily lives is why faith is evolving into absolute certainty that the world is perfect as it is, and yet will still become even better. And we inevitably become peaceful mystics making us fit to then share this, yielding sustenance of global miracles. ‘Miniscule Evil avenged, Unlimited Good manifested’.
    And those that come in contact with you….lucky them.

    …gotta get back to my day….. lots to do! And I’m super grateful it’s mostly taking care of YOU!

    Yours Truly,

    Ps….one of my 2014 visions – serve you even better. If you ever have thoughts or feedback of how my products are working for you or if anything could ever be better, please let me know. I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and get right to work any time you need it. And the whole Infinity team is here for you too.


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  • Billy’s Backdoor Secret to Weight Loss Before The Fall Equinox… And no, I ain’t just bragging about my greens!

    September 5, 2013 By Billy

    Like carbs, fat gets burned by our bodies as fuel to keep us going. The problem is, that which doesn’t get burned has a tendency to accumulate. And I probably don’t need to tell you in which places of your body that happens.

    There is a little known reason fat cells accumulate and it has to do with a simple fact of human biology: fat cells are essential protection. Collectively, they help insulate the body. Of course everyone knows that fat helps insulate the body from the elements. It helps keep us warm in the winter, for instance. But did you know that fat also protects the body from toxins?

    Our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day, especially here in the 21st century. We have toxins invading our system that our ancestors never had to worry about. Our water comes to us through miles of metal pipelines that are decades old, we eat processed grains that are produced by metal blenders, we eat too many animal products and metabolic food waste slowly accumulates in our gastrointestinal systems. Not to mention the stuff that’s in our air that we breathe in every day.

    As a response to this, our fat cells go into action and absorb these toxins as a way to keep them from our vital organs. It’s a form of self defense. It’s amazing, really. The problem, however, is that, when the body needs to burn the fat for energy, it becomes reluctant because doing so means releasing the toxins, dumping them back into the bloodstream.

    So the fat continues to accumulate. Of course a common response by most people is to diet. The fat gets burned, the toxins are released, and we feel awful. Tired and lethargic. It’s not the loss of energy, so much as the increase in toxins coursing through our veins. At the end of the diet this cycle only repeats itself.

    A healthy person’s everyday diet, therefore, requires foods that not only deliver good things for the body, but foods that take the bad stuff out. If the bad stuff is out, the body will become willing to burn the fat which is now available as clean fuel. The best foods for both parts of the equation? Green foods. And no, I don’t mean green icing and mint ice cream and green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. I mean plant foods. Foods with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a strong negative charge that makes it bond to toxins, thus allowing them to be excreted through our gastrointestinal system.

    Green plant foods are high in nutritive value – good in and of itself – but also essential for eliminating the toxins. And here they are: kale, arugula, chard, mustard greens, parsley, cilantro, spinach, basil, broccoli. These are all weight loss essentials. But maybe the best of all? Blue-green algae: Spirulina and Chlorella. Why? It’s the highest in chlorophyll. And it’s been in the human diet for a hundred thousand years, though not very much in the past one hundred, sad to say. Our ancestors all over the world used it as a staple in their diets. And why not? It’s nearly everywhere you’ll find fresh water. They’d harvest it, dry it out, grind it up into a powder, and put it in their foods. Not to brag, but this is why blue-green algae is the foundation of Infinity Greens. Of course everyone wants to endorse their own products, but I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t certain this is true. So take my word, and let’s do this! Use Infinity Greens in a smoothie every morning. And some of you should do the same in the afternoon!

    But don’t stop there. With a diet that’s now taking the toxins out of your body, it’s time to start burning the fat. The best weight-burning exercise for this? Hiking. Power walking, preferably up and down hills. If you live in a flat area, do sets of stairs. Exercising in this way is both cardio and weightlifting in one – essentially lugging your body weight up and down hills – this makes you work the fattest part of your body and your biggest muscles – your quads, your glutes, your abs. You’ll build lean muscle which is essential for burning fat because it keeps your metabolism higher than just simple cardio by itself. And why not go full-court press and work with the trainer too.

    So here’s the challenge: For three weeks, go green! Increase your intake of foods high in chlorophyll. Find a way to add more of them into your diet. Large salads! Or why not cut to the finish line and just have a massive handful of arugula. Have at least one low calorie smoothie every day with Infinity Greens (preferred recipes here). Then, get out at least four days a week and go for a good hike. Can’t hike? All the more reason to work with the trainer. This is the perfect time of year. The heat will make you sweat – another way for the body to excrete toxins.

    This is the last few weeks until the fall equinox – so do it! …just see how much weight you lose and how much better you feel. And then do me a favor, will you? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you. I’m confident you will have a success story and I can’t wait to hear about it! So here we go. Woohoo!

    Yours Truly,
    Billy Merritt

    PS…Help me spread the word about my articles and products! Become an Affiliate!

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