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  • Infinity Value Packs

    January 3, 2012 By Billy

    It’s a great way to get introduced to our products. The Infinity Greens Value Packs are just that – a great value! We have 2 different value packs, sample all our products or our Greens, Infinity-C and Protein.

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  • Simple Infinity Superfood Drink

    December 19, 2011 By Billy

    Billy’s Simple Infinity Superfood Drink Recipe for optimizing your daily nutrition.

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  • How To Incorporate Protein Smoothies Into An Exercise Program

    By Billy

    If you are getting into an exercise routine you need all the help you can to get your muscles going. It is no secret that protein will help you build muscle and protein smoothies are a perfect and delicious way to get the muscle building proteins you need. Before you even consider adding the shakes or smoothies you should find flavors you love, because you will be drinking them often enough that you want to enjoy them. You can even find a variety of flavors, this will be even better because you will be less likely to get bored by one taste. If you enjoy something you will keep doing it. That applies to not only to your exercise routine but as well as the drinks you include in your diet.


    You may have heard that breakfast is an integral meal of the day especially when you want to live healthy and it is absolutely true. Breakfast is the meal that gets you going and when on an exercise routine it’s the meal that you should never skip. That does not mean go and have a bacon egg and cheese sandwich every morning with a double order of toast but you can have a protein smoothie that will charge your batteries. Many people believe the less you eat, especially if you skip breakfast, the better chance you have of losing weight; they could not be more wrong. Skipping breakfast or any meal for that matter can alter your metabolism negatively. You want to eat small, nutritionally diverse and rich foods several times a day. Many experts actually suggest six small meals a day-how will you get that without breakfast?

    After Exercise

    After your exercise routine you have spent a lot of energy and your body has lost precious nutrients. In order to get back that strength, nothing is better than a smoothie. Water will rehydrate you, but you need more than hydration after a workout. Plus the time after a workout is actually the best time for your body to receive nutrients; this is called the glycogen window and that means that for the next 30 to 45 minutes your body is actively seeking nutrients and when you give them to it then it works almost as an extension of your work out.

    Make Your Own

    You can find protein smoothies in many locations but if you want it to really help you instead of setting you back you are better off making your own smoothie. Why? Because you never know what a store may be putting in their smoothies to add flavor. And you can add Infinity Greens Protein. If you make your drinks at home then you know exactly the ingredients you are getting into your body and what will make it more effective. If you are buying your smoothies in a health store, make sure you read the label and understand the ingredients. Another thing that you want to do when incorporating any sort of diet change to your workout routine is to make sure that you are getting all the nutrition you need. Of course you need protein but you also need other nutrients and a balanced diet will help you reach your goal sooner. For this reason many people choose to add supplements to protein shakes as part of their meal plan.

    Read more about Infinity Protein here.

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  • Billy’s Favorite Superfood Smoothie

    December 17, 2011 By Billy


    Smoothies & Breakfast

    The Ultimate Superfood Shake for Breakfast
    Add to Blender:
    1 pear or banana and 5 strawberries (can be frozen!)

    1.5 cups water

    1-4 round teaspoons Infinity Greens . . . enough to make a real difference!

    1 round tablespoon Infinity Protein (18grams protein, only 99 calories)

    round tablespoon raw almond butter

    optional: round tablespoon organic whole yogurt

    Blend it up!

    Learn more about Billy’s Infinity Greens and other nutritious superfoods here!

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  • Coconut Bliss Smoothie

    December 16, 2011 By Billy

    Coconut Bliss Smoothie

    Add to blender:

    Coconut water and meat from fresh Thai coconut
    1 to 4 round teaspoons Infinity Greens

    Want to add a quick immune boost to this wonderful smoothie?  Add a serving of Infinity C!

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  • Benefits of Health Transformation

    By Billy

    If you can’t catch your breath when walking up a flight of stairs while others your age can sprint up those same steps and further, then it’s time to do something about your health. Exercise and nutrient dense food can do wonders to transform a person’s wellbeing. When we get our blood pumping faster it can carry away all the accumulated poisons our bodies have absorbed through a poor diet and other, harmful environmental substances.

    The Changes Are Slow

    We must not set ourselves up for failure by expecting to feel better the moment we start eating kale or seaweed or herbal tea. Likewise we won’t expect to lose fifteen pounds in a week. Not only would that be impossible, it would be dangerous. A gradual, but steady, loss of weight and increase in well-being is the best way to transform ourselves from poor to excellent health. Quite frequently, when expectations are set so high that it is impossible to attain them, it may be that we are not ready to change our lifestyle. Change is a lot of work and no matter what area of your life you’re looking to give a boost to, it’s hard work. It has probably taken you years to make these unhealthy habits. With the correct frame of mind, good diet and exercise, the transformation will happen slowly.

    Better Fitting Clothes & Less Illness What A Combo

    Imagine this scenario: digging through boxes of clothes that were discarded years ago because they were too small and coming across jeans you loved. On impulse, you try them on and could actually zip them up. It probably made you feel on top of the world. If you have started adding proteins that are high in complex B vitamins, Omega-3s and Omega-6 you will start to feel better on the inside as well. Getting the nutrients your body needs can help you feel less fatigued, have lower instances of colds and the flu and generally feel more alert and aware of your body.

    Feeling Better, Looking Great

    Transforming ourselves into healthy, well-balanced beings will make us glow from the inside. In the Caribbean, there is a saying about people who have gained weight: You’re carrying your troubles well. What they are really telling us is that we are trying to eat our troubles away. Food has become an area our bodies are often left unsatisfied with. Getting to the root of what caused our present state of health may not be simple, but it is worth taking the time to examine the why’s and how’s. Starting with a food journal and keeping track of how many calories you’re eating and even more importantly, what you’re eating can be very helpful.

    It can be truly amazing to feel satisfied off of rich green vegetables, delicious fish, vinaigrettes, and fruits. Often the hardest part is just learning to satisfy those cravings by having a steady supply of fresh food available.

    Finally You Will Feel Great:

    When you take the final step to dedicate yourself to reach a certain goal, you have entered the realm of freedom. You have the freedom to live and eat healthy all you need to do is start to make the right choices. You were meant to enjoy a wide variety of natural foods that didn’t have a list of ingredients. These steps will get you closer to feeling better and healthier.

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  • Pear Almond Breakfast Shake

    December 15, 2011 By Billy

    Totally energizing and lasting nourishment!

    Pear Almond Breakfast Shake

    Add to blender:
    1 ripe pear quartered and frozen
    Small handful Billy’s Sprouted Almonds
    1 to 4 round teaspoons Infinity Greens
    1.5 cups pure H20
    1 tablespoon cold-pressed flax seed oil

    Get more info about all of Billy’s superfood products here.

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  • Banana Mint Shake Paradise

    December 14, 2011 By Billy

    This is total body nutrition refreshment!

    Banana Mint Shake Paradise
    Add to blender:
    1 ripe banana peeled and frozen
    1 cup pure water
    2 to 4 round teaspoons Infinity Greens
    2 tablespoons hemp seeds
    10 drops “Herb~Pharm” brand peppermint extract
    Hit go. Serves 1

    Read more about Billy’s Infinity Greens and other superfoods here.

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  • Advantages Of Organic Nutrition And What It May Mean For Your Health

    December 12, 2011 By Billy

    For years organic nutrition has been advocated as being more healthful, having more nutrients the body can use and very importantly, also tasting better. These foods are grown without any chemicals, any pesticides and are prepared without steroidal or hormonal changing additives. In that vein, superfoods consisting of a variety of berries or beans, vegetables nuts and teas have been welcomed as a great, health promoting part of the human diet.

    Decline In Quality Of Food Increase In Quantity

    Higher demand for food from an increasing population around the globe was the reason for inventing additives that grows larger potatoes, larger tomatoes, bigger apples, bigger eggs, deeper colored yolks in eggs; the list goes on and on. Adding just a few of the superfoods to everyday meals, including to meals prepared from purely organic nutrition ensures you provide all the vitamins, minerals and fats needed every day. This would counteract some of the detrimental effects caused by the over manipulated dairy foods, meats or produce offered in grocery stores.

    To bring more profits within the food industry, more and faster sales are necessary. What is a chicken to do when it can lay only one egg a day? Agricultural conglomerates which supply meat and dairy products to the masses may have employers who have no other interest vested in animals or animal products than to mass produce. To achieve this, genetic modification often plays a large role in our food supply. Not all scientific advancements concerning and applied to, our food may be harmful to us and may, in fact, be necessary in order to feed the world. But what are the implications of this on our health?

    Toxins Being Sprayed:

    Fruit trees used to be sprayed with pesticides indiscriminately. After years of this practice, it was discovered that the effects of pesticides injured the environment to a great extent, especially since some of the pesticides have a very long half-life. Pesticides reduced the amount of antioxidants and vitamins in the fruit. Pesticides are also thought to be the culprit in many allergies, especially in children. Organic nutrients mean they have not been in contact with poisonous substances. Because of this superfoods should also be consumed only if they are grown organically.

    Hormones In Our Food:

    Young girls, within the past fifty to sixty years, have begun their monthly cycles earlier and earlier. In the 1950s, the average age of menarche (the first menstruation) was about twelve or thirteen years old. Little girls today have to deal with the bodies of women, often before they have completed their first decade of life. Additives of growth hormones, which serve to mature chickens earlier and make them bigger, enter our bodies every time we eat a chicken dinner. Eggs are affected as well since growth hormones will also be found in the egg whites and yolks, ready to push another generation of chickens to grow larger than nature had originally intended. Cattle are targeted for increased muscle mass and higher fertility to have more beef and veal to sell. Organic nutrition and a few superfoods are a powerful deterrent to the expedient development of children of either sex.

    Breast cancer has been on a steady rise for years, being the number two cause of death in women. Men are also affected by breast cancer more frequently than in the past. This may quite reasonably be attributed to the additives and pesticides that engulf just about every food item we consume, unless we choose very carefully. It may not be terribly incorrect to label organic nutrition in general as a group of superfoods.

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  • Love Your Body And Increase Your Health With The Right Food And Diet

    November 28, 2011 By Billy

    It is not easy to get fit, whether it is through exercise or nutrition. To do it right, we probably need to pay attention to both. Once there are extra pounds hanging on a person, it is extremely difficult to find the individual that’s inside that dough boy or girl. Likewise shallow health habits can be difficult to cure. While it can be disheartening to find oneself in that proverbial uphill battle, especially in regards to a person’s health, there are some things you can do to get help right away.

    For Starters:

    To get fit, to find that wonderful, healthy body, we need not look far. Television programs galore show us weekly the road to successfully lose weight. At the same time when we are verbally and visually prodded to join that group and become healthier, we also receive a strong dose of encouragement from the success stories we see and hear. This is more important than many people realize because giving up looms big and heavy over most people on the journey for dietary changes. This may cover you in regards to fitness, but what about how you eat? Chances are you’ll need to revolutionize how you eat. Many times we are hungry because our body is starved of nutrients. Unprocessed, organic fruits, vegetables and nuts are important as well as wild fish and lean antibiotic-free poultries. Stay away from meals that are in a box or complete frozen dinners as they are full of preservatives.

    Consider Trying:

    We have many aides at our disposal to help us with weight loss and better health through fitness. Everything from exercise machines, to books and DVDs, to nutrition coaches on TV and on the internet, all are eager to be instrumental in our success. The honest to goodness truth is, however, that losing weight must first happen mentally. We must have the mindset, the drive to get involved with our health from all angles. We must choose to perform exercises that help to keep us fit and healthy. In addition we must choose the proper nutrition which will help in keeping us healthy while shedding the pounds. In short, our entire life style must change.

    Be In It For The Long Haul:

    One big mistake many people make is to start out with a blast on the first day. They forget that they did not gain all those habits in one day. They gained them slowly. Now, their body is so used to being at their current weight that to punish it with rigorous exercise may result in serious consequences. It is important to speak with a doctor before entering a high-activity weight loss training program. Likewise this goes for extreme dietary changes. While you’re getting fit physically through moving, nutrition needs to provide the body with all the vitamins and protein, carbohydrates and fats that is necessary to retain strength and health.

    The rewards after reaching a set goal are immeasurable; not only is there the physical gain of good health, you’re sure to change your entire outlook on life. To get fit means to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without having to pause to catch your breath. Confidence will also exude from every pore in one’s body because you will be healthier. Nutrition will be a major issue from that point on as will physical movement. Altogether, this makes for a much better mental health state as well.

    Learn about nutritious and delicious superfoods to support your health goals here.

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  • Tips For Transforming Health And To Get In Better Shape

    November 27, 2011 By Billy

    Transforming health to get the most advantages may seem like a difficult thing to do but in reality, little things you do can have a tremendous impact on your health. You do not need a huge change all at once in fact a large, drastic change can affect your health negatively. The small changes are recommended and they can be as simple as buying a different product when you go shopping or adding a little more walking into every day. Picking healthy drinks instead of a sugar-packed one can also be another way to change to a healthier lifestyle. You just have to find all those little things that will add up to make the difference.

    Healthy Shopping

    The main thing that you have to think about is all the things that you are putting in your body. How could you expect to have a healthy life style if all that you put in your body are the things that are known to hurt your health? If you can afford organic food then do so as it does make a difference. Organic food that does not have all the steroids, chemicals and preservatives in it will start having an impact very quickly. Avoiding red meats can also improve your health, you may not want to give up red meat altogether but should you have it 3 times a week? Instead go for chicken and fish and you will start feeling improvements. Even better if you can reduce your meat intake, that may sound hard but all you have to do is go for smaller meat portions and compliment it with more vegetables. It’s also not a bad idea to consider looking at the different items that are considered Super Foods. These nutrient dense foods can add a lot to your overall health.

    Before You Run You Should Walk

    If you don’t have an exercise program then you should have one. Of course this is about transforming health, but the transformation is not going to happen in a day. The reason most people will join a gym just to end up not using the membership is because they want to make the drastic change all at once. That would be fine, if it weren’t so difficult. It is more likely that you will stick to an exercise routine if you start slowly and that means walking. Walk a little bit further each day and before you know it you will be running.


    If an exercise regimen promises you that you will drop 10 pounds a week just pass on it. While it is very possible to drop that much weight that fast, chances are that you will end up gaining the weight back. The reason for that is that you have not really changed your lifestyle which is what you need do to start transforming health; you have just gone through what’s considered a crash diet. If you want to impact your health you’re better to do it slow, that is the way you want it if it is to be a permanent habit. There is no magic pill to drop pounds and keep them off or to have better health; the only true answer is a balanced diet and an exercise regimen in your life.

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  • What Is SuperFood And Why Is It Important To Get In Your Diet?

    By Billy

    SuperFood is a term used to describe a variety of different fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, grains, and oils. What they all have in common is that they are rich in certain nutrients that are very beneficial and necessary to our physical and mental well-being and these nutrients can be hard to find anywhere else.

    If you are working on improving your diet then you’ll want more than just SuperFoods, you’ll also need them to be organic, especially in regards to the fruits and vegetables because when they are not organically grown, they lose much of what makes them so rich with nutrients for our health in the first place. The pesticides and chemicals used on mass market produce tend to drag down the nutritional makeup of the food as well as add harmful chemical toxins.

    What Foods Fall Into The SuperFood Group?

    We count beans and legumes in this group because of their protein, fiber and nutrient composition. Berries, especially blueberries, cranberries, Acai berries and Goji berries are also a part of the nutrient-dense category called SuperFoods. Deep green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, some seaweed and veggies that are deep red like tomatoes belong to the same group. Many nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pecans and pistachios also carry the important nutritional composition that adds them to the list. In addition, certain yogurts, fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are also vital. To be a superfood requires that it contains antioxidants which aid in the fight against cancer, certain minerals, vitamins, fats and fiber.

    Children, pregnant women and often the elderly are deficient of iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins. In every age group and condition, superfood and organic nutrition can prevent many diseases that could carry lifelong consequences. It is therefore most important to make intelligent choices when buying food. Children without enough calcium and vitamin D may suffer from deformed bones and dental problems. Pregnant women risk Spina Bifida and other neural tube defects without sufficient folic acid, the elderly may be anemic from insufficient intake of iron or break bones from osteoporosis due to low calcium.

    Different Cultures Eat Differently:

    The American dinner table has a very different setting than many European or Asian tables do. Europeans shop daily for their groceries and get the freshest items that way. Vegetables do not come out of a can the majority of time and meat is not an everyday dinner item. Organic nutrition is very important to the European meal plan. Superfoods, although not known as such, have always been part of the food groups there. Although over the years even Europe and Asia have been introduced to fast food, it is not a staple on the family’s menu as it sometimes is in the United States. Consequently they experience far different levels of illness in regards to numbers and kinds.

    In the US, we often don’t find enough time to prepare the nutritious meals we know our families need and deserve. In a time crunch, we are grateful for the availability of the trusted stand-bys like fast food, junk food and food in cans and boxes. While this feeds the family and satisfies everyone’s hunger, it is a shortcut which may carry serious consequences: the loss of nutrition, especially nutrient rich super foods and the important benefits of the vitamins and minerals they provide. Over time, repeated processed meals and dismissal of the importance of nature’s nutrition will lead to a serious weakening of our immune system.

    Superfoods will counteract the action of poor food sources and carry out restorative functions. In this way these food groups and organic nutrition protect us from the constant onslaught of viruses, bacteria and fungi to which our bodies are subjected daily.

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  • The Importance of Exercise and Healthy Eating To Look And Feel Better

    November 25, 2011 By Billy

    In the past decade or two, we have all been inundated with advice regarding how to lose weight and have it stay off. Some advice has merit, some is just silly and then there’s that advice that sounds good, comes from a reliable source but is totally worthless. There have been diets touted as each one being THE weight loss diet of the century.

    Remember Fads Like The Cabbage Soup Diet?

    Eating nothing but cabbage soup could guarantee a loss of fifteen pounds in three weeks. That’s five pounds per week, which is at the upper limit of what a person should lose according to medical pamphlets on safety. It is really a high carbohydrate diet that will deprive the body of the nutrients derived from both the dairy and meat groups. If one is looking for a quick five pound decrease in their weight, it may work. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients for your health you’ll need more variety. These types of diets that reduce you to one or two food groups are not a healthy way to go. You need to look at your health as an overall picture. You want to consider the nutrients you’re getting and where you’re getting them from. Often your body will continue signaling that it’s hungry simply because it is not getting the right balance of nutrition that it needs to function properly.

    Our Body Protects Us From Starvation

    Getting well-balanced nutrition without exercise may be beneficial at any age to your overall health but may not reduce your weight. It only gets worse after age forty or so; the body seems to listen to a different drummer and the beat is definitely slower. Metabolism has crept down to rival that of a sloth. No matter how many calories are reduced, it still takes a painfully long time before the brain resets itself to lose weight. This is because as soon as the body receives less nourishment, it enters into starvation mode and conserves as many calories as it can. The body is protective that way; it is a carryover from evolution when food was available only at sporadic intervals.

    What Can the Mature Body Expect?

    At forty, not that forty is a magic number; people’s lives are generally a bit more settled in and not as active as they used to be. They are also entering middle age and with that, are more prone to the onset of diseases. This is not something desirable but it is a fact. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to illnesses. The importance of exercise and a healthy diet for overall improvement of health can no longer be minimized. It’s safe to say you will truly get the best results at any age if you decide to put in an effort by watching both what you eat and how active you are.

    Exercise must include the stretching of muscles not used in routine functions for everyday life. When you work a muscle it gets bigger and the bigger it is, the longer it will keep on using energy from the extra calories stored in the body. Stressing the gluteus maximus by squatting, or by a game of basketball, has longer lasting effects on the muscle than the actual exercise time; the additional time the muscle uses the energy is like a freebie. Get the most out of the plan by working your diet and your activity levels.

    Learn about nutritious superfoods to support your weight loss and health goals here.

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  • Billy’s Green Power Nuggets

    November 18, 2011 By Billy

    Billy’s Green Power Nuggets
    Mix in a bowl:
    1 cup hemp seeds
    1 cup cold pressed coconut oil (you may need to warm slightly to soften)
    1/2 cup raw unfiltered honey
    1 round tablespoon Infinity Greens, or more if you prefer
    Optional: 1/2 cup raw cacao nibs
    Optional: Add 15 drops peppermint extract, “herb-pharm” brand
    Refrigerate mix for 20 minutes to firm up.
    Form into round nuggets with fingers, 1″ diameter. Roll nugget in loose hemp seeds, add a goji berry on top and refrigerate to fully set . . . Yum! An easy to prepare super health-creating treat!

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  • What Is Wrong With Dieting?

    By Billy

    The country is overweight and there is no surprise in that statement. Because of that more and more people every day are looking for a way to shed the pounds. They try low carb diets, smaller meals, exercise routines and everything in between. But once the diet is done the weight just comes right back. The problem is that people think of dieting instead of a change in diet. A change in diet is what ultimately will help you reach your goals and live a healthier life style. Exercise must be a part of the change as well and when it comes to diet, healthier foods and healthy drinks will both be a part of the change that will get results.

    Exercise Alone Won’t Work

    Many people think that exercise alone can help them get back in shape but if you do not also change the diet, you will find that you may be getting in better shape, but not in good shape. It would also take a lot longer to reach your goals if you can reach them at all. Exercise will help you get your body in decent shape and to have more stamina, but if you are still filling your body full of bad fats and cholesterol you could suffer from other cardiovascular diseases or diseases like diabetes. In other words an exercise routine is a fantastic step but this alone is simply not enough. You have to change the items on your grocery list as well.

    Benefits Of Organic Foods

    You may have seen organic food in the supermarket and it looks the same as the other food except for the difference in price. So why buy organic food? Organic food is healthier plain and simple. For starters you can be certain that the highest standards for food growing or preparations are met. To you that means less harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals in your diet. Because of that your body will work better with fewer things that will slow it down. Studies have also shown that organic food tastes better. The more you enjoy healthy food the more likely you will be to continue eating healthy.

    Substitute Unhealthy Eating

    If you are going to change your diet, you have to take note of what you eat or drink. Healthy drinks for example will contain less sugar if any at all as well as some nutrients that your body needs. Compare that to some of the most popular sugary drinks on the market today and you will find that some soft drinks are all sugar and artificial colors and no healthy ingredients. That is just an example, but a good piece of advice would be to start reading labels. Once you do, you will be surprised at the things you are eating. Just a habit of looking at the labels may make a huge difference in the food that you buy and eat. Changing your diet instead of dieting will produce the best results and because you are changing your diet for good you will be more likely to stay healthy. Another thing is for certain and that’s we need to add the right, nutrient rich foods into our diets while taking away the processed foods.

    Learn more about delicious and nutritious superfoods here.

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  • Billy’s Famous Chai

    November 15, 2011 By Billy

    Billy’s Famous Chai

    Blend piece of fresh ginger (approx size of thumb) skin and all, with 4 cups purified water.

    Add to pot with:
    1 box rice milk or 3/4 cup half and half
    5 – 10 cardamom pods or 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
    1/2 cup yerba mate leaf
    1 round tablespoon honey
    1 teaspoon stevia powder
    Pinch of sea salt
    Optional: 1/4 cup spearmint leaf, round tablespoon chamomile flowers, and scoop of Infinity Greens

    Bring to near boil and steep for 5 minutes. Strain pot with wire mesh strainer and reheat. Fill thermos and find a cozy spot in front of the sunset, and bliss out. Or combine with morning meditation and inspirational reading. This will set the tone for another wonderful day!

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  • Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

    November 8, 2011 By Billy

    Ginger Lemon Honey Tea – A warming health tonic

    Add into Blender*:
    Piece of fresh ginger (the size of your thumb)
    Heaping tablespoon unfiltered raw honey
    Juice of 1 lemon
    4 cups water
    Optional: Add a serving of Infinity C for a powerful immunity boost
    * or you can just chop or grate the ginger and stir all the ingredients.

    Blend, strain, heat, serve. Serves 3. Enjoy!

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  • Raw Cream of Beet Soup

    November 7, 2011 By Billy

    Raw Cream of Beet Soup
    Add to Vitamix:
    1 fist size beet, peeled and cut into quarters
    1 tomato
    1/4 ripe avocado
    Juice of half lemon
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    1/2 teaspoon sea salt or to taste
    Sprinkle of cayenne pepper or to taste
    Optional: Add one heaping scoop of Infinity Greens for a burst of antioxidants and nutrient-dense superfoods!
    Blend until creamy smooth. You may add a little water or another tomato to get desired consistency. This is super easy; everything goes in to the blender and hit go! This soup tastes absolutely amazing and is wonderfully cleansing for the body. Serves 2

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  • Raw Spaghetti and Marinara

    By Billy

    Equipment needed: Vita-Prep Blender, Cuisinart® food processor
    Ingredients: Zucchini, tomato, sun-dried tomato, onion, bell pepper, garlic, ginger, olive oil, dry basil, oregano, thyme

    1) Soak 1 cup sun dried tomatoes in 2 cups water for at least a few hours prior to cooking
    2) To make the spaghetti noodles for 2 servings: use shredder blade (the blade with the little holes in it), run three zucchinis
    through the food processor. This will produce noodle/spaghetti like pieces. Place in metal pot with pure water and add 1 teaspoon sea salt. Heat pot to warm temperature; approx. 105 degrees (you can just test temp. with hand) . . . this softens the zucchini but allows it to remain raw and enzymatically rich.
    4) For marinara, place ingredients in food processor (use blender if you prefer sauce to smoother):

    1 tomato cut in quarters
    1 red onion cut in quarters
    1 red bell pepper cut into quarters (seeds removed)
    1 round teaspoon diced fresh ginger
    1 cup soaked sun-dried tomatoes
    1 cup soak water from sundried tomatoes
    2/3 cup olive oil
    2 cloves garlic
    1 tablespoon dry basil
    1 tablespoon dry oregano
    1 tablespoon dry thyme
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    Optional: For a powerful protein boost, add a serving of Infinity Protein!

    Pulse until desired consistency, adding additional water as needed.
    5) Strain zucchini pasta well. Press pasta into strainer to remove remaining water.
    6) Pour sauce over zucchini pasta and garnish with sun-dried olives and avocado slices.
    Dang this is good!!!!

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  • Best Guacamole

    By Billy

    Best Guacamole!!!
    Select avocado of perfect ripeness and scoop into bowl.
    Add juice of one lemon and sprinkle of sea salt . . . and maybe a little cayenne!
    Mash together with a fork.
    Optional: Add 1 serving of Infinity Protein for an added protein boost.
    Serve with flax seed crackers or celery or cucumber slices.
    So easy, so good.

    Read about Billy’s other delicious superfoods here!

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  • Simple Fabulous Dressing

    November 6, 2011 By Billy

    Simple Fabulous Dressing

    Blend in blender:
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    Optional: Add 1 serving of Infinity Greens for a superfood boost!
    So simple, yet so delicious!!!

    Learn more about Billy’s other superfood products here!

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