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  • Benefits of Infinity Greens

    April 10, 2011 By Billy

    Billy Merritt talks with Conscious Media Network about Infinity Greens as a powerful blend of Superfoods.

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  • March 2011 Newsletter

    March 21, 2011 By Billy

    Optimal Spring Nutrition

    This health tip can be considered timely because the spring season is here . . .

    Increase the content of raw foods in your diet! Why? Well, remember in the past how I talk about eating right for the particular season and climate. The principle in a nutshell is simply this: Cooked foods have a warming effect on the body’s temperature, and raw foods have a cooling effect. And for optimal nutrition, we need to have the correct balance of raw and cooked foods depending on the outdoor temperatures. This is a timeless piece of wisdom from Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic nutrition. And it can help you to appropriately gauge how much raw versus cooked food to have in your diet.

    Now that we are coming into a warmer season we need to increase our intake of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and cold-pressed oils. First, let’s talk about what the benefits will be.

    1. Consider that you will be consuming more nutrients with raw foods. When we cook foods many nutrients are lost, particularly with vegetables. And so eating more raw fruits and vegetables will deliver more of the crucial nutrients that make a difference in your health that you can see and feel. You’ve heard me talk about how nutrient rich foods deeply satisfy our bodies with the vitamins and minerals that our bodies are truly hungry for.
    2. Raw fruits and vegetables are high water content foods and are rich in enzymes. This quality makes them cleansing for the body, especially the gastro-intestinal tract.
    3. More raw, unheated fats from nuts, seeds, and cold-pressed oils helps with weight loss. Remember that many cooked fats suppress the thyroid function, which in turn slows the metabolism. So as we add more of these raw fats, it will naturally displace so many cooked fats (i.e. fried foods, cooked oils, cooked meats). I have some wonderful salad dressing recipes that will help with this and I will include them below.

    As for how much raw versus cooked foods to have in your diet, it needs to be an individualized thing. First consider the outdoor temperatures. If you’re in Southern California, Texas or Florida and the daytime temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s, then your diet could be 80% raw or more. However if you’re in Montana or North Dakota and daytime temperatures are in the 40s and 50s, then too many raw foods could be a disadvantage. Raw foods that have a cooling reaction with the body in cold environment can dampen the spleen and lower the body’s metabolism.

    So how do we personalize it and figure out what is right for each individual need? You gotta feel it! I believe that we have an instinctive sense of what is best. Here’s how it works. If you’re often cold (i.e. cold hands, feet, get cold easy outside, etc.) then you likely need more cooked foods that have a warming reaction with the body. And so naturally the opposite is true if you’re often too hot . . . more raw foods is the answer for you.

    A consideration when transitioning to more raw foods

    Using the Infinity Greens superfood formula intensively can be extremely helpful. Here’s how . . .

    1. Probiotics and enzymes help to more effectively digest otherwise tough to digest raw foods and are the building blocks of a healthy digestive system.
    2. The chlorophyll content from Spirulina, Klamath Algae, and Chlorella is revered as the ultimate detoxifier. Any time we transition to a healthier diet/lifestyle the body releases old toxins stored in fat cells; this is often accompanied by a temporary unpleasant detox sensation. This is where chlorophyll is so effective. It absorbs and eliminates these toxins from the body without that unpleasant feeling often associated with detoxification.
    3. The nutrient density of the stinging nettles, kelp, dulse, and antioxidant blend from the formula deeply nourishes the body with the crucial nutrients, which tend to be deficient in many diets. This helps to more thoroughly satisfy the appetite and protect the body from overeating.
    4. Maca, Ginger and Cayenne rev up the spleen which helps boost the metabolism. Naturally, metabolism slows down during the colder seasons and this powerful trio brings it back up to speed for healthy metabolic rate.
    5. Nopal cactus and aloe vera are vital for gastrointestinal health when making changes in the diet. They lubricate the intestines to assure that digested foods are properly eliminated.
    6. The Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids from Flax and Chia Seed reduce low-density-lipids and cholesterols in the body that are produced from cooked fats often consumed in colder climates.

    This information is will show to be extremely effective, and it is my sincere hope that it is applicable for you. Please visit my website below for more information and cutting edge products that are intended to make a real difference in your health. It is always a pleasure to support you on your continued journey of well being!

    Wishing you the very best!



    3 super easy recipes that can make a real difference!

    The Ultimate Spring Shake – A perfect breakfast
    Blend in Blender:
    1 pear (sliced)
    1 handful of ice
    1 cup water
    3 round teaspoons Infinity Greens . . . enough to make a real difference!
    1 tablespoon hemp seeds
    1 tablespoon flax seed oil
    1 tablespoon raw honey

    Lemon Ginger Dressing
    Blend in Blender:
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    3/4 cup olive oil
    1 teaspoon sea salt . . . or add to taste
    1 round tablespoon hemp seeds for added creaminess
    2 round teaspoons Infinity Greens
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne

    Raw Thai Coconut Curry Soup
    Blend in Blender:
    1 Thai coconut (1 cup water and all of meat scooped out from coconut)
    2 leaves collard greens
    Juice from half lemon
    1 round teaspoon Infinity Greens
    Sea salt to taste
    1 round teaspoon Thai curry paste
    This one is delicious! Many raw vegetables can be tough for the body to digest because of the tough and course nature of cell walls in plants. And one of my favorite strategies is to puree raw vegetables into dip, sauces and soups. That way it makes them easy to digest and very palatable and also maintains that nutrient/enzyme rich quality.

    If you enjoy these recipes, then please check out more on my recipes page!

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  • Billy Merritt Shares Health Secrets on CMN TV

    January 19, 2011 By Billy

    Billy Merritt has an amazing story and a passion for life giving greens. Watch the full length interview with Regina from January 1st 2010 at Conscious Media Network.

    After the preview, click here to watch the whole interview on CMN TV.
    (you can subscribe and watch for free!)

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  • December 2010 Newsletter

    December 10, 2010 By Billy

    Happy Holidays and Thank You Soooo Much!

    Happy Holidays from the Infinity Greens Team! We have grown so much as a result of your business over the years. I want to extend my gratitude to all of you for being my loyal customers. We wouldn’t have this growth without wonderful people like you!

    Give the Infinity gift of health this holiday season!

    Holiday Gift Packs – Save $20 to $50 each . . . and Free Shipping!

    Large Gift Pack

    12 oz. Infinity Greens
    16 oz. Infinity Protein
    7 oz. Infinity C
    12 Infinity Bars
    8 oz. Sprouted Almonds
    Regular Price: $199.00
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    Small Gift Pack

    3 oz. Infinity Greens
    26 grams Infinity Protein
    7 oz. Infinity C
    3 Infinity Bars
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    Send an Infinity Gift to friends, family, co-workers, businesses, teachers, your doctor, etc.

    We can even ship to multiple addresses in ONE order!

    BONUS: Code for free shipping: Give Health
    Call us for your custom gift packs! 877-291-1990

    Wishing you the BEST always!

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  • November 2010 Newsletter

    November 16, 2010 By Billy

    The Best Energy Bars on Earth!

    Friends, we did it!

    Infinity Greens now has the best Super-Food Bar on earth! My quest for making the best Super-Food Bars actually started back in my raw food chef days at Life Café. I would make a batch of bars to be sold in the café every day, and gradually was able to get nutrition and flavor to a level that far surpassed any bar; they were a hit in the community! My bars were a restaurant item that everyone talked about and specifically stopped in for. When I saw the marvelous effects they had on friends and family, my green superfood blend in the bars quickly became the highest priority which required my full focus.

    Following my passion, I spent five years carefully studying thousands of personal trials of my greens formulas with guests at the world renowned Ashram health retreat in Calabasas where I met many of you reading this newsletter.

    It was the guests at the Ashram that reignited my interest to make my Super-Food bars once again. In my nutrition classes clients would often ask what they should do for snacks and if there was a healthy bar that I would recommend. I always would regretfully have to say “no”. A healthy afternoon snack is so important and I always wanted to be able to suggest something more than just sprouted almonds and prunes (still great, gotta love em’). I would often scan the bars at Whole Foods to see if there were any “healthy” bars that met my approval. But no! I’ve always been so disappointed at the processed junk all of these companies were calling natural and healthy products!

    This is when my personal quest started to innovate a Superfood Bar that was actually good for you considering that virtually all the energy bars or protein bars I researched, at the food manufacturer level, turned out to be made with profit in mind instead of your health first. I decided “OK, that’s it . . . this has gone on long enough! My mission is to create the ultimate healthy bar from the highest end superfoods on earth . . . and that would taste amazing, so even kids would eat it!” I knew already that I had the perfect superfood formula (folks, no other product compares to my formula!), and now I wanted a bar that would be a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of all my healing superfoods.

    And we did it. It was over 2 years of trial and error that I was able to get such a nutritious bar to taste so good! The taste and nutrition are incomparable to what you will find at any store. Why am I so confident in our bars? I formulate all my products from ingredients that are from the best sources around the world . . . no short cuts, fillers, or second grade ingredients, PERIOD! We source the finest quality raw and certified organic ingredients on the planet (this is my Infinity promise to you). And each Infinity Greens bar is packed with 8000 mg of superfoods . . . that’s equivalent to one rounded teaspoon!

    I strongly encourage you to try the new Infinity Greens bar! It really is the perfectly healthy, highly nutritious snack or “quick meal on the go”!

    I promise you’ll love it!

    Wishing you all the BEST always!

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  • Live Webcast with Billy!

    September 1, 2010 By Billy

    Live web conference with Billy Merritt this Thursday!

    Join Billy Merritt Thursday, at 5:30pm (pacific time) for the very first online Infinity Nutrition Seminar!

    Billy will be addressing the highly controversial topic . . . The vegetarian/vegan/raw diet vs. having animal protein in your diet.

    Ask Billy your questions and learn the pros and cons of both sides of the discussion and how to evaluate what’s best for you!

    Billy Merritt is a true expert in nutrition and natural health. Living his own teachings 100% shows in his own health and in the transformation of many of his clients. Billy Merritt is head of the Nutrition Department at the world famous Ashram Health Retreat of Malibu, California where he has developed a signature way showing his clients how these cutting edge techniques are really just a matter of a few practical and easy modifications to your lifestyle. So don’t miss out on this one!

    Time: Thursday, September 9th at 5:30pm Pacific Time.

    To attend by Web, visit:

    To listen by Phone:
    1) Dial: (818) 742-0029
    2) Enter Conference ID: 705519#

    Wishing you all the BEST always!

    Learn more about Billy’s line of nutritional products here!

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  • June 2010 Newsletter

    June 1, 2010 By Billy

    Great News! Now available – The Most Powerful Vitamin C on Earth!

    This new formula has been my secret project for the last five years, and it’s finally ready .  .   .  for you!

    Here is what makes “Infinity C” unlike anything else: This is a blend of 100% Raw Superfoods: Acerola Berry, Camu Camu, Ginger Root, Astragalus Root, Stevia Leaf, Amla Berry, and Shilajit.

    No ascorbic acid BS! Ascorbic Acid is NOT Vitamin C; it is only one component of the Vitamin C complex. Where does Ascorbic Acid come from? It comes from Hoffman / La Roche, a large pharmaceutical company. They synthesize it from corn glucose – synthetic isolates! Calling Ascorbic Acid “Vitamin C” is like calling an orange peel the whole orange. Ascorbic Acid is only a protective component similar to the orange peel . . . it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Check the ingredients of your current Vitamin C supplements and go for the real stuff!

    Available for the first time!

    A precision tuned mix of the most powerful immune boosting superfoods on earth . . . and it tastes amazing!

    What does each of these superfoods do for you?

    Camu Camu Berry contains the most concentrated source of naturally occurring vitamin C in the world. Camu camu trees grow in the floodplains of the Amazon, which gives the trees an extraordinary density of minerals. Researchers including Dr Gary Null, have ranked Camu Camu to be the most restorative superfood for many organ/system weaknesses in the body.


    Acerola Berry has 32 times as much vitamin C as oranges! And the best part?… Acerola Berry provides the vitamin C without the sugar. Acerola Berry also supplies a complex of important bio-flavonoids, including rutin, tyrosinase, ascorbigen, and other co-factors.



    Amla Berries have unparalleled antioxidant properties that underlie its beneficial effects. Pure extracts of amla have now been shown to break the cycle of oxidation, inflammation, and plaque formation to slash cardiovascular risk factors. German and Indian scientists studied a group of men aged 35-55 years, with either normal or elevated cholesterol levels, supplementing them with amla extracts. Men with both normal and elevated cholesterol levels showed a decrease in total cholesterol levels.


    Ginger Root fires up the spleen in order to boost metabolism and help the body extract the maximum nutrients from the 6 other superfoods in the Infinity C formula. Ginger is also tested to increase circulation and optimizes delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body.



    Astragalus Root is number one in traditional Chinese medicine to support and enhance the immune system and to prevent/treat common colds and upper respiratory infections. Here’s how it works: It promotes the metabolism of serum and liver proteins, stimulates growth of antibodies, increases white blood cells, and thus increases resistance to viruses…powerful!


    Stevia Leaf is an herb that has a non-caloric sweet flavor that makes the formula amazingly delicious. In addition to being sugar free, stevia also lowers and stabilizes blood sugar levels!



    Shilajit is organic composted plant minerals harvested in the Himalayas and is revered in Ayurveda as the king of superfoods for improving the body’s healing and recovery time. And the bio-available mineral complex in Shilajit is a powerful catalyst for the Vitamin C provided by the other superfoods.


    What if I am already taking Billy’s Infinity Greens?

    Yes, you are definitely getting a very respectable amount of Vitamin C already. And here is the advantage of taking Infinity C as an adjunct to Infinity Greens: Vitamin C is the single most important nutrient on earth! It’s simple: you are protecting yourself from bacteria, infection, and viruses by optimizing your immune system! By taking Billy’s Infinity C several times a day, you are spiking your glyco-thiamine levels that is number one for revving your body’s immune system.

    SUGGESTED USAGE: Mix 1 – 2 teaspoons in pure water, fresh juice, or smoothie 3 times per day, ideally morning, afternoon, and evening; and preferably on an empty stomach. If you feel you need to boost your immune system, or if you feel any symptoms of cold/virus/flu, take a round tablespoon every 2-3 hours.

    1.5 teaspoons (5.6 grams Infinity C) contains 295 mg of 100% absorbable, bio-available vitamin C = 35 servings per bottle.

    Billy’s 100% Effective Guarantee: If you do not feel the immune boosting effects of this formula after two weeks of daily use, you are welcome to send it back for a full refund . . . no questions asked. That’s how strongly we feel you will notice a real difference.

    Special offer: enter code (InfinityC10) for orders over $100, and receive an extra bottle of Billy’s Infinity C, for free!

    Wishing you all the BEST always!

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  • May 2010 Newsletter

    May 1, 2010 By Billy

    Billy Merritt speaking at New World Fair!

    Join Billy Merritt at 2pm, Saturday at New World Fair for a discussion about “Raw Foods & Superfood Nutrition . . . bringing your health to a new level.”

    Billy’s presentation will include:

      • Optimal balance of raw and cooked foods
      • Key foods for appetite satiation and palate shifting
      • Essential raw fats for thyroid health
      • How cleansing and detoxification don’t require suffering
      • Live recipe demos for making powerful transformation easy

    Billy Merritt is an expert of sorts with his formulation of therapeutic herbal nutrition. His Infinity Greens superfood formula has become integrated into a number of my treatments. With chronic fatigue therapies, hormonal balance, weight loss, and anti-aging, results from using this formula continue to be very impressive.
    – Dr Marc Darrow, MD, JD, Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine

    Billy Merritt is head of the Nutrition Department at the world famous Ashram Health Retreat of Malibu, California where he as developed his signature precision-tuned diet of raw foods and superfood nutrition for effective weight loss, detox, thyroid health, and nutrient assimilation. Through his personalized and interactive style, Billy has a way of showing his clients how these cutting edge techniques are really just a matter of a few practical and easy modifications to your lifestyle.

    About the NEW WORLD FAIR

    NEW WORLD FAIR, May 22-23 2010 at the Pasadena Convention Center. It is going to be an exciting green living, health, and holistic celebration that offers much more than the typical expo. From over 200 exhibitors, you can sample organic foods and beverages, learn the latest in natural health care, shop for jewelry, clothing, green-living and fair trade products, have a massage, sit with a reader, or get a henna tattoo. Plus you’ll want to attend several of the fair’s more than 70 dynamic lectures and exciting workshops!

    There will be fun things for all ages – belly dancers, some Indian music and a performance, soothing flute music, free yoga classes, and karate demonstrations just to name a few!

    See you at the fair!

    Wishing you all the BEST!

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  • March 2010 Newsletter

    March 1, 2010 By Billy

    As dreary winter weather transitions into a fresh new spring season, we also start to venture out to enjoy the energizing and revitalizing resources of nature. Sunshine is essential for the growth and fortification of all living things – and after a long winter, it is received with a warm welcome!

    Changes in weather tend to bring changes elsewhere – like our skin. This doesn’t have to be the case, and our skin should reflect the positive aspects of seasonal change and sunshine. With a few changes of our own, we can achieve healthy, beautiful skin year-round!

    4 Keys to Beautiful Skin!

    1. More Vitamin E!Rich in natural antioxidants, Vitamin E helps protect the skin from damage by free radicals, reactive oxygen-based chemicals widely linked to disease and aging.

      Olive oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin E! Not all olive oils are created equally, so be sure to use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, and consume it raw (the Vitamin E is destroyed when cooked). Use it in sauces, dressings, or use it to replace butter on your toast. I put it on in the shower (head to toe!), as it is far superior to other skin care products. To use in the shower: rinse, massage in to the skin, rinse another couple of minutes, and then towel dry – not greasy at all!

      This is dually benefiting – when you experience the range of benefits a warm olive oil massage can deliver to your overall well-being and especially your skin. Remember that, in addition to feeding your body Vitamin E, a massage helps increase circulation, flush toxins from the body, and tones the skin, keeping it looking soft and smooth and supple.

      To further supplement your Vitamin E intake – Billy’s Sprouted Almonds are also high in Vitamin E. 200 calories of almonds contain 45% daily recommended value!

    2. More Zinc!The mineral zinc is present in every part of the body and has a wide range of functions. It helps with the healing of wounds and is a vital component of many enzyme reactions. Zinc is vital for the healthy working of many of the body’s systems. It is particularly important for healthy skin and is essential for a healthy immune system and resistance to infection. Sufficient consumption of the Zinc is a priority in preventing acne. High-ranking sources that are readily available are: buffalo, beef and lamb. Good sources for vegetarians include beans and lentils, yeast, nuts, and seeds. Pumpkin seeds provide one of the most concentrated vegetarian food sources of zinc.

      And to further supplement your intake of zinc: Stinging Nettles and Icelandic Kelp in my Infinity Greens formula are excellent sources!

    3. More Silica! You are what you eat! Silica is a one of the 6 trace elements that are vital for your body. It strengthens the muscles, tendons, nails and ensures healthy young looking skin. Silica gives elasticity to your skin and makes it soft and supple. Only trace amounts of this mineral are required by the body, but it is essential to use only organic, unprocessed sources to ensure its effectiveness. The Infinity Greens formula includes the herb containing the highest source of this mineral: Horsetail.
    4. More Chlorophyll! Loaded with more essential nutrients and iron than most foods that we consume, Blue green algae is rich in protein, beta carotene, vitamin B-12 and chlorophyll. It is the perfect anti-aging food! Its high concentration of antioxidants means our bodies can combat more free radicals and toxins, which would otherwise be excreted through the skin, causing redness, inflammation and acne. Blue green algae is also the densest and highest quality form of protein on earth. Protein is the main building block for healthy hair, skin and nails.

    The exciting news here? The Infinity Greens formula you take on a daily basis is 50% greens (E3 Klamath Algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Stinging Nettles). The remaining skin-revitalizing ingredients: 23% herbal complex blend, 8% antioxidant blend, 6% sea vegetables, 5% essential fatty acids, 4% probiotics, 4% enzymes, ginger and shilajit.

    Spring has sprung – and so has our renewed sense of health. Following these key steps to achieving healthier skin are all readily available on the recipes page (especially the smoothies!).


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  • January 2010 Newsletter

    January 2, 2010 By Billy

    January 2010 Cheers from the Infinity Greens Family to Yours!

    A sincere “thank you” for all your business in 2009, and it is my wish to continue supporting you with the most helpful nutrition information possible along with the most nutritious and health transforming superfoods on earth!

    And I am now offering nutrition consultations to help you perfect just the right diet for your individual needs for a healthy start in 2010!

    To request your consultation, contact me.

    Wishing you a fulfilling year of Health and Happiness!

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  • December 2009 Newsletter

    December 1, 2009 By Billy

    From Fat to Fit This Holiday Season

    Here are 5 simple keys to keeping those extra pounds off!

    1. Increase your nutrient density! This is the single most important factor in keeping extra pounds off. Simply add more nutrient dense foods to your diet: raw/organic superfoods (Infinity Greens), vegetables, whole grains. This way you are giving yourself more of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that your body is starving for! Remember that when you are receiving these critical nutrients your body’s digestive system produces enzyme inhibitors (natural appetite suppressants) to protect you from overeating. This is essential for maintaining on overall more satisfied appetite in general which naturally curbs craving and helps prevent overeating. And try to reduce your consumption of white/starchy foods: potatoes, flour based breads and crackers, pastas.
    2. Add raw fats! Remember that it’s the cooked/heated fats that have a suppressing effect on the thyroid. Law of Nature: suppressed thyroid = lower metabolism = weight gain. By adding raw fats (ie. cold pressed olive, flax, coconut oils, raw/sprouted nuts and seeds, avocados). Raw, unheated fats do not make the body fat! Actually quite the opposite. And for if and when you cook with oils (baking, stir fry, etc.), remember to always use coconut oil or ghee. Cooking with these oils does not suppress the thyroid.
    3. Add the most natural sugars: fruit! We all have a sweet tooth, and for good reason. It’s the most simple fuel source available, since it converts to instant glucose. Having a routine of moderate amounts (two to three servings) of fruit per day helps to maintain a more satisfied sweet tooth. This way when we are around snacks and foods with processed sugars we are better able to not overdo it. We all know that feeling of “having just one cookie”, and then giving in to a whole landslide of indulgence. Also stock your pantry with the most natural processed sugars. My first three picks are raw/unfiltered honey, grade B maple syrup, and natural stevia. Agave and coconut sugar are OK. I recommend avoiding cane sugar as much as possible, since it is tested to be extremely addictive.
    4. Get a good power-walk in at least a few days per week. A brisk 45 minute walk is awesome exercise! You may be with family this holiday season, and it’s a great way to get everyone outside. The benefits are many: keeps metabolism up, increases circulation, vitamin D absorption from the sun, alkalizing O2 from fresh air, stress release, and endorphins . . . you can’t beat it!
    5. Incorporate thyroid stimulating/metabolism boosting foods!
      1. Infinity Greens – Contains maca root, ginger, aloe vera, mangosteen, acai and enzymes all of which have metabolism boosting properties.
      2. Raw Coconut – Loaded in lauric acid which has thyroid stimulating properties.

    As always it is my goal to help you feel and look your best! Here is a coupon for 10% off your purchases this holiday season. When you make your purchase, just type “healthyholidays” into the coupon code.

    Infinity Greens makes the perfect gift for family and friends! Orders placed on or before December 16th will arrive before Christmas! (in the U.S. only)

    Wishing you the best this Holiday Season ~

    P.S. – For amazing new recipes & videos, click here.

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  • November 2009 Newsletter

    November 1, 2009 By Billy

    Sugar and Your Diet . . . Important Health Information

    Hi There!

    We all have a sweet tooth! It’s only very natural. And our natural craving of sweet foods can be a friend instead of foe. First, consider that sugar is simply the most basic form of fuel for the body. Sugars require no digestion and are instantly converted into glucose for the brain. Your sugar intake can be healthy and is only a matter of balance . . . not restraining yourself.

    Here’s the trick to it. It’s simply keeping your sweet tooth satisfied with natural sugars! Quite simply – FRUIT!!!

    Yes, it’s that simple. By having moderate amounts of fruit on a regular basis it maintains a steady satisfaction and prevents intense sugar craving. This way when we are confronted with the plethora of processed sugar in every day life when can keep indulgence to a minimum. We all know that feeling of having just one cookie or slice of chocolate cake . . . which is often quite hopeless . . . since it generally turns into a landslide of overdoing it. We will discuss a few important details when having processed sugars, but first let’s talk about fruit.

    Again, the strategy is to have MODERATE amounts of fruit on a regular basis to keep the body’s natural craving for sugar satisfied. As for what would be a “moderate” amount, it’s very much an individual thing. I am a deep believer our instinctive sense of nutrition . . . that we all have intuitive sense of instinctively knowing what feels right for our individual body type. Personally, I like to have a little fruit first thing in the morning. Early in the day at the gastrointestinal system is just warming up, so it’s good to start with easy to digest foods. And fruit is perfect for this. Also it is immediate glucose for the brain and easy fuel for the body. Also the high water content of most fruit is has a mild cleansing and alkaline forming effect for the gastrointestinal system.

    The best is a fruit smoothie with some green superfoods. Now you’re metabolizing these natural sugars with all of the essential nutrients. This way it becomes a more complex carbohydrate structure and metabolizes into the bloodstream gradually. Also the aloe vera and nopal cactus in the Infinity Greens Formula have natural blood sugar balancing properties. Fruit sugars do send the blood sugar up. And what goes up, does go down. Thus blending a superfood smoothie is ideal. Otherwise having a serving of simple fruit before a meal is good, because you are then consuming slower burning fuel shortly after the fruit to pick up where the fruit sugar trails off, thus maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

    Combining fruit and other foods

    Fruits are best consumed alone or with other simple to digest juices and superfoods. Remember fruit digests in just a couple minutes. Grains, and vegetables can take hours. Thus why it is generally not good to combine fruit with these other foods. Nuts and yogurt, I consider to be exceptions. Fruit combines OK with these foods, thus the classic example of prunes and almonds or berries and yogurt. Combining fruit with other foods produces fermentation and gas, and on a regular basis this is weakening for the body’s digestion. Having blueberries with your cereal every once in a while is no big deal.

    Are some fruits better than others? YES!

    Go for the nutrient dense fruits and those that are low glycemic. A food’s glycemic index is simply a measurement of how fast it metabolizes/absorbs into the bloodstream. High glycemic foods simply send the blood sugar up and down more rapidly and have a mildly imbalancing quality on energy levels. Tropical fruits like bananas, pineapple, mango tend are the highest, and berries tend to be the lowest. Berries also tend to be the most nutritious, and so I consider berries to be the best. Pears, apples, and watermelon are also relatively low glycemic and are also high water content foods . . . so they are very good, too. The sweeter tropical fruits do have their place, however. Consider that if you are blending a frozen banana into a smoothie with nutrient dense green superfoods. These otherwise high glycemic sugars are now being metabolized with these nutrients that make it a more complex structure. Might have to make myself one . . . be right back.

    OK, first order of business taken care of: using a moderate amount of fruit daily to keep the sweet tooth generally satisfied.

    A closer look at processed sugar

    This subject requires some special discernment, since we are bombarded with foods containing a variety of processed sugar everywhere we go. Even at the natural food store, it’s aisle after aisle of products sold as “natural” foods that contain loads of sugar (cereals, breads, baked goods, energy bars, snack foods, salad dressings, desserts, and drinks, drinks, drinks!) And sugar is often disguised under a variety of other names, like evaporated cane juice, raw cane sugar, etc. . . . and these are only marginally better. It’s not hopeless since there are wholesome products too, but extra discernment is required of food shoppers in this day and age of sugar saturation. It’s all a matter of reading the ingredients and choosing the products that are made of the most wholesome ingredients . . . and that are totally free of processed sugar.

    Really the spectrum of processed sweeteners is quite wide, since using sweeteners like maple syrup and honey in moderation is perfectly fine. The other end of the spectrum is of course white cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup. That “moderation” with these is really quite hopeless. The reason is simple. White sugar is tested to be chemically addicting! Yup, straight up addicting. Remember that feeling of intending to have just one cookie or one slice of cake, which generally turns into a huge landslide of sugar indulgence. This is why I am especially discerning with not consuming foods with these sweeteners, ever! OK, if you’re at a wedding or a birthday party, having these processed sugars on the rarest of rare occasions is no big deal. But I would never buy products that contain these sugars.

    Making a conscientious effort to be more discerning with your sugar intake, I suspect you will feel like a different person. Just consider that you will be feeding your body with better quality fuels! This is absolutely reflected in energy levels and mood! If weight loss is a priority for you, this will be one of the most effective ingredients for your success. Avoiding white sugar equates a stronger and more balanced metabolism . . . simple law of nature. And now that you are becoming a label reader you will be able to discern which products are OK, to have in moderation. You will find treats that contain better sweeteners that you can have a small serving and then put it away without overdoing it.

    Let’s talk natural sweeteners. Here are my 3 favorites:

    Honey (raw and unfiltered) – Relatively high glycemic compared to fruit, but used in moderation for sweetening drinks and desserts is fine . . . light years better then white sugar. It also is known to have mildly strengthening properties for the immune system. Oh, and the honey/bee industry is totally awesome for the environment.

    Maple Syrup (not talking Aunt Jemima’s . . . I’m sure she was a sweet lady, though. No pun intended) – A little more moderate on the glycemic scale. It has alkaline forming properties. I really dig it.

    Stevia – This one rocks! Stevia is an herb that has a sweet flavor, but is a calorie free food. Using this one in any quantity is fine. The flavor of stevia does not work with everything. However using part stevia, part other natural sweeteners allows you to use less of whatever other sweetener you are using (example: part honey, part stevia for sweetening a beverage – I’ll include my famous Chai recipe below that utilizes this principle). There are other calorie free “natural sweeteners”. I have not seen extensive testing on them, and I am a little weary of them. I’ll let you know as I find out more.

    *A quick cautionary note on “calorie free” artificial sweeteners . . . run from them as fast as you can. They are tested to be incredibly imbalancing for insulin levels and the metabolism. Use only if you want to pickle your thyroid and get fat quick . . . serious. Every week I see guests at the Asrham detoxing hard from these. I recommend skipping the unnecessary suffering.

    There are a number of other natural sweeteners (agave syrup, yacon syrup, sucanat, artichoke syrup, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar). It is fine to use these in moderation too, but bear in mind that however natural, they are still processed sweeteners. You can stock your house with these more natural sweeteners to replace white sugar, and experiment with baking, sweetening drinks, treats, etc.

    Children and Sugar

    Just a moment of considering children and sugar. I say “moment” because I don’t have the perfect solution for you. In most cases it appears that regardless of diet a child’s health is very resilient. Conversely I’ve seen a youngster’s health fail clearly due to poor diet. But I’ve also witnessed incredible healing due at least in part to healthier diet. We can brainstorm together on this. That’s what my blog is for . . . to share helpful information. So please share any insights that you may have on this subject. For now, I suggest doing what you can for yourself, and I feel that this will be of some influence to your children. I do believe that children are incredibly intuitive creatures, and that when you are doing things that reflect well in your own health they tend to pick up on it. It’s the whole notion of emanating a “healthy vibe” . . . simply teaching by example. Conversely trying to deliberately influence your kids to eat better seems to push them away (i.e., they go over to their friends house and get loaded on sugar drinks and Popsicles). Look at what our kids have to face every day – cafeteria food and sugary junk foods left and right. I feel that stocking a healthier pantry at home will be a helpful start. Remember, we all have an instinctive nutrition capacity that we become more in tune with as we integrate healthier ingredients into our diet. We simply notice that certain foods and lifestyles make us feel better and improve our health . . . so, naturally we gravitate toward these options more and more.

    You can do it!

    As we all make this shift, I feel that you will experience a tremendous improvement in your overall quality of life! Consider what you will achieve: utilizing fruit sugars that are alkaline forming and nutritious to keep your natural sweet tooth satisfied . . . then using the better quality natural sweeteners in moderation. And for when you are around white sugar junk foods they will be less desirable. And even if you do eat some, no big deal . . . it’s a rare occasion.

    Believe in yourself! I know you can do it! If I did it you can do it, too. This is someone who used to eat a whole package of Oreos – like 30 cookies! – and then would eat a pint of ice cream after that (sheesh, talk about feeling sh*##y)! It’s not a matter of discipline, but rather a desire for better living. So here we go . . . yet another round of quality of life improvement. Progress is only natural. Onward and upward!

    Wishing you the BEST, always ~

    P.S. – I’ve included amazing new recipes to help you get started. Also check out our newsletter link for new recipe videos!

    Billy’s Power Nuggets
    Ingredients: Raw Chocolate Nibs, Hemp Seeds, Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Agave Honey, Infinity Greens, Peppermint Extract
    Mix dry ingredients:
    2 cups chocolate nibs
    2 cups hemp seeds
    2 tablespoons infinity greens
    3/4 cup honey, 3/4 cup coconut oil,
    15 drops “Herb-Pharm Peppermint Extract
    Mix well and refrigerate for at least 1 hour
    Scoop mixture with spoon and shape into balls (1″ diameter) with fingers and then roll in bowl of hemp seeds. Coconut oil rubbed on fingers will help reduce sticking.
    Refrigerate nuggets for at least one hour more. Serve and Enjoy!

    Billy’s Chai
    Blend piece of fresh ginger approx size up thumb (skin and all) with 4 cups water. Add to pot with:
    Full box (4 cups) rice milk or 2/3 cup half and half
    5 – 10 cardamom pods or 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
    1/2 cup yerba mate leaf
    1 round tablespoon honey
    1 round teaspoon stevia powder
    pinch of sea salt
    Optional: 1/4 cup dry spearmint leaf
    Optional: round tablespoon dry chamomile flowers

    Bring to near boil and steep for 5 minutes. Strain pot of chai twice with wire mesh strainer to get all the bits out. Put in thermos and find a cozy spot to watch the sunset and chill out.

    Berry Yogurt Bliss
    Mix sliced strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, Billy’s Sprouted Almonds into whole Greek yogurt. Add drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon for ecstatic taste bud experience.
    Yup, it’s that simple.

    Berry Smoothie
    1 cup pure water
    1 frozen banana
    1 cup frozen strawberries berries
    1 tablespoon Infinity Greens
    1 tablespoon cold-pressed Coconut Oil
    Delicious . . . and a total energizer!

    The Ultimate Shake – a Perfect Breakfast
    Blend in Blender:
    1 pear, sliced and frozen (or add a handful of ice if pear not frozen)
    1 cup water
    2-3 round teaspoons Infinity Greens . . . enough to make a real difference!
    2 tablespoons hemp seeds
    Optional: 1 tablespoon flax seed oil
    Optional: 1 round teaspoon raw honey

    Banana/Mint Shake Paradise
    Add to blender:
    1 ripe banana peeled and frozen
    1 cup pure water
    2-3 round teaspoons Infinity Greens
    2 tablespoons hemp seeds
    10 drops “Herb-Pharm” brand peppermint extract
    This is total body nutrition refreshment!

    Raw Chocolate Milk
    Blend in Blender:
    Water from fresh Thai Coconut
    Scoop meat from inside coconut into blender (if meat is too hard, use 2 tablespoons hemp seeds)
    1 round teaspoon cacao powder
    1 teaspoon Infinity Greens
    Optional: 1 teaspoon agave nectar or honey

    Raw Chocolate Pudding
    Ingredients: Fresh Thai Coconut, Avocado, Cacao Powder, Coconut Oil, Agave Nectar.
    Blend in blender:
    Thai coconut water from 1 fresh Thai coconut. Purified water is fine if coconuts are unavailable – more agave will be added.
    1 avocado . . . needs to be at perfect ripeness
    2 tablespoons cacao powder
    2 tablespoons agave, or enough for desired sweetness
    1 tablespoon cold-pressed coconut oil
    1 teaspoon Infinity Greens (for catalyzing effects of cacao!)
    Chill before serving. Totally smooth, creamy, fabulous!

    More of these awesome recipes available here!

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  • Billy Explains Healthy Fats

    October 22, 2009 By Billy

  • September 2009 Newsletter

    September 1, 2009 By Billy

    An Ever-Improving Formula

    Hi There!

    As always, Infinity Greens is better and more potent than ever before. Every time I formulate a new batch, I have the feeling “this is it . . . and it will be this way forever!” But formulation of these herbs, algaes, superfoods is my art and passion, and I can’t help it . . . I always feel the pull to take it to an even higher level. Here’s what we did this round, and I know you’ll feel the difference.

    Included 3 new organic Superfoods:

    1. Organic, wild-grown Klamath Algae Extract(750 milligrams per serving). Yup, you’ll definitely feel this one.The skinny on Organic Klamath Algae Extract:
        • Loaded with 64 deeply nourishing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Dr. Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Institute, simply states this is “the most nutritious food on the planet.”
        • The highest concentration of phenylethylamine of any superfood and is revered for its nourishing, balancing effect on the brain. Phenylethylamine has tested to be extremely beneficial for mental clarity, focus, energy and mood.

      Organic Algae is the richest source of chlorophyll of any food which is tested to be essential for detoxification. Detoxing the body of heavy metals, water and food contaminants, and free radicals is a crucial link in weight loss!

    2. Organic Acai Berry Extract.Nature’s ultimate rejuvenator.Here’s the scoop on Acai Berry:
      • It has been shown to contain many times the rejuvenating anthocyanins of any other antioxidant rich food. Anthocyanins are the essential link in free-radical damage reversal and cancer prevention from sun exposure, microwaves, and air pollution.
      • The high Flavanoid/Anthocyanin Antioxidant concentration neutralizes harmful free radicals. This protects the thyroid function, which is reflected in a strong metabolism. The hype around Acai Berry being a weight loss food is true when considering the thyroid protective nature in the long term.
    3. Organic Aloe Extract(200:1 concentration) The number 1 superfood for gastro-intestinal health. As many of you know, much of my formula is intended to be the ultimate gastrointestinal therapy. Between the 25 billion live probiotics per serving, the mucilaginous fiber from sprouted flax and chia seed meal, and the cactus blend of nopal and aloe, Infinity Greens is awesome for gastrointestinal health and balancing.What’s brilliant about Aloe Extract?
        • Aloe vera is touted as being the most effective healing food for reducing inflammation and restoring a balanced ph in the gastrointestinal system.
        • Aloe has tested to reduce arthritic swelling up to 80% and reduce blood sugar 45% in diabetics without any other changes to the diet. Wow!

      This 200:1 aloe concentrate is one of my new personal favorites and is an amazing contribution to the overall formula. The remarkable effects on digestion and elimination alone make it an essential superfood. Consider that healthy digestion is key for effective absorption of life sustaining nutrients!

    I formulate a batch of Infinity Greens every couple months, and I really love the process. This is my art and passion, and I pour real heart and soul into it. You have my word that I am bringing you the very best superfoods on the planet. And remember that this formula is based in organic and wild-grown algae (the most nutritious food on earth!) and not grasses, which is what makes this formula so different from all the rest. Infinity Greens is solely effective superfoods, and each superfood included has a very specific purpose for being there. Oh, and more good news . . . version 5.6 is by far the best tasting yet!

    It’s always a pleasure to support you in creating the greatest health possible.

    Wishing all the best to my family, friends and customers ~

    Use this code for an extra 5% OFF – green501

    And take an additional 10% OFF by selecting the “auto-recurrent order” option on the order page to automatically ship your next orders every one, three, or six months. You can cancel at any time. We want to make it fit your budget!

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  • August 2009 Newsletter

    August 1, 2009 By Billy


    Drinking pure water is considered to be one of the most important elements for overall health. We can’t survive without it for more than a few days. Because it is what we put most of in and on our bodies, it deserves thorough consideration.

    Clean water is vital to the following:

    • Function of vital organs
    • Strong immune system to resist disease
    • Level of energy
    • Mood and mental clarity
    • Detoxification of the body

    Most water available today (tap and bottled) is far from being considered pure and is not the same water we were drinking 100 years or even 20 years ago. It is simply too contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, and bacteria to provide the benefits as mentioned above to the full potential . . . thus explaining why perhaps we get sick more than we think we should, or develop allergies due to a weak immune system, or often feel just OK instead of energized and really alive. Many of the different contaminants in water which is numbering in the hundreds have been linked to be health compromising themselves. For example, Fluoride has been named the cause of several types of cancer. For this reason many water districts in the US stopped putting fluoride in the water. However, the fluoride still remains in our water as it is difficult and expensive to remove.

    How to get pure water

    Good quality water filters in your home should now be considered basic household amenities in order to assure that you get the very cleanest water available. It is also important to be discerning with which types of filters to use. For example, a simple “Brita” filter or similar carbon filter that hooks onto the faucet can only do so much. It is most likely removing large sediment and chlorine. However there are many more health compromising contaminates including viruses that are not removed from water by these types of filters, making them inadequate or only a temporary solution at best.

    From the research that I’ve done on the various types of filters, I’ve found two types that clean your water to sufficient purity in order to be health creating. One is a reverse osmosis purifier and the other is a distiller. I recommend the reverse osmosis filter as they are more common, less expensive, and smaller. The reverse osmosis filter works by squeezing the water through a pressurized filter membrane. Natural minerals are removed from the water too, but these are in our water in trace amounts compared to our fruits and veggies…so no need for concern with missing minerals. The pores in the membrane are the size of a water molecule allowing only pure water molecules to pass through. This system generally has three carbon pre-filters to remove the larger contaminants first. The filters generally need to be changed once a year and otherwise generally do not require any other maintenance. The cost to purchase a RO system is generally between $300 and $1,000. The RO system can also be rented for about $30 a month which includes the annual changing of filters. There are many companies offering installation and service all over the country. Culligan is a reputable and well-known plumbing company offering the RO service nationally, and the web site is culligan.com. Whatever the company, the reverse osmosis system is good one. I recommend renting since you are paying for regular service of the system. Installation involves drilling a separate faucet for drinking water into your kitchen counter top next to your regular tap. The rest of the system including filters and 1-3 gallon size water tank are installed under the sink. Do a little research yourself to see just what you’ll be getting. Regardless, it is completely worth the investment . . . because it’s your health! Buy a filter or be a filter . . . I opt for buying one.

    What about bottled water?

    There is the option of buying bottled water also. It is important to be discerning between the different bottled waters. Testing has shown that many bottled waters are little better than water out of the tap. This is due contaminated springs where the water is collected or low grade plastics used for bottling. One important note is that any water that is filtered and then bottled can easily become contaminated from the plastic even if it is a high grade plastic. This is because the water is demineralized from filtering thus allowing the water molecules to be small enough to penetrate the plastic and leach chemicals. In spring water the water molecules are still bonded to the minerals making most plastic a safe choice for storage. Filtered water is best stored in glass or metal. So if you are regularly filling water bottles from your home RO filter when you head out on the road or for a hike, it’s best to avoid plastic. Glass of course is not practical, thus making metal an ideal choice. “Sigg” water bottles are metal and are available from most outdoor shops. If plastic is your only choice, at the very least keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and heat. Heat softens the plastic leaching even more contaminants into your water . . . thus why your water tastes like plastic after sitting in your car. Yuck!

    Enjoy the effects of pure water!

    Once you have a high quality RO filter installed you will immediately notice that you drink more water. This is because the water tastes far better and you body intuitive sense recognizes the water as health creating. It is best to hydrate most in the early part of the day. Drink a tall glass of warm water (body temperature) first thing after waking and you will notice how this causes the bowels to move . . . thus starting your day with little mini-detox. You will find the effects of your pure water on tap to be most health creating! Enjoy!!!

    The importance of clean water on the body, too

    In addition to your RO filter it is important to consider filters for your shower heads. These are simple carbon filters mainly to remove chlorine. When unfiltered hot water is sprayed from a faucet, chlorine quickly turns to a gas. This chlorine gas is then inhaled. More chlorine is absorbed by the body during a ten minute shower than by drinking chlorinated water all day. Chlorine is damaging to the skin and immune system and dissolves the body’s natural vitamin c and other antioxidant reserves. The shower filters are inexpensive and can be purchased and installed by Culligan as well. Another option is a whole house carbon filter that does just that . . . it’s a basic filter that is installed where the water feeds into your home. They cost between $400 and $1,500 dollars and some require maintenance only once every 12 years. This will also preserve the life of your RO filter. A very good choice (better than individual shower filters) in my opinion. They also preserve the life of your appliances . . . ie. dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, etc.


    Learn more about healthy ways to supplement your water here.

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  • Billy at Harmony Festival

    June 17, 2009 By Billy

    “Social Media Journalism”

    Billy Carmen from Product News Channel talks to Billy Merritt from Infinity Greens at Harmony Festival.

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  • June 2009 Newsletter

    June 1, 2009 By Billy

    Nutrition of Algae

    Superfoods are increasingly touted by nutritionists as being the most nourishing and health~forming food sources available. The term “superfood” . . . has a fairly broad definition depending upon whom you talk to or what you read. In essence, however, it generally refers to any food with a high concentration of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are plant-derived compounds that are acclaimed for their health-promoting benefits by nutritionists and scientific researchers alike.

    Commonly recognized superfoods include organic berries, dark leafy greens, sprouts, and broccoli. Other well-known and often-written-about superfoods include maca root, aloe vera, goji berries and flax seeds, to mention a few.

    Notably, some of the superfoods that have garnered the most attention over the past few decades are green superfoods particularly algaes: spirulina, blue-green algae, and chlorella. Each of these foods is extremely high in protein, chlorophyll and other transformative nutrients.

    Here are some details about what each of these algae can offer in terms of nutrition and health benefits:

    1. Spirulina. Spirulina contains an unusually high amount of protein – between 55% and 77% by dry weight, depending upon where it was grown and harvested. In fact, spirulina contains more protein per gram than any other food! Furthermore, spirulina contains a complete form of protein, meaning that it contains all of the essential amino acids. It is considered to offer protein that is superior to typical plant proteins, like that of legumes. Spirulina is also one of the richest sources of beta-carotene known. Beta carotene is an organic compound that is a precursor to Vitamin A, an essential nutrient important for vision and bone health. And it is the highest source of the B vitamin complex, B12 included, thus why this one is known as a real energizer.
    2. Blue-Green Algae. Blue-green algae is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, containing glycoproteins. Blue-green algae is harvested in pristine lakes such as Upper Klamath Lake in south-central Oregon. Blue-green algae also contains one of the most concentrated forms of phenylethylamine, which is an important component of neurotransmitters in the brain and contributes toward balancing and soothing the neurological system.
    3. Chlorella. Chlorella is a single-cell algae that can contain up to 50% protein, and is the richest source of chlorophyll of any food, that names chlorella as the ultimate detox food. Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in most plants and algae. It is known to have a number of health benefits, including growth and repair of tissues, neutralization of pollutants in the body, assisting the blood in carrying oxygen to cells and tissues, and neutralizing free radicals that do damage to healthy cells.

    Together these three green superfoods: spirulina, blue-green algae, and chlorella represent a robust and powerful source of nutrients for the body. Together, they offer an abundance of protein for healthy muscles, phenylethylamine for a balanced neurological system, beta-carotene for eye and bone health, and chlorophyll for tissue repair and overall detoxification. When looking for a power-punch green food combination for your health, an algae-based formula is the most promising option for wonderfully effective nourishment.

    We all know that what we consume is directly correlated with how we feel: to feel our best, we have to eat well. Many people often complain about feeling drained and sluggish half way through the day, which can be a direct result of having skipped a wholesome breakfast.

    Neglecting breakfast has become the norm for most people. Most of us become extremely busy as we prepare for our day. As a crutch, we often go for the quick and simple solution in an effort to save time, making choices that favor convenience over health. Anything less than a super~nutritious breakfast can lead to overeating during snacking, lunch, and dinner – which if sustained is then of course reflected in our overall health.

    Breakfast is our first meal after a long night’s rest, so taking the time to choose the best energy sources is a wise and prudent thing. By having a healthy breakfast, you will provide yourself with the fuel necessary to maintain a high-energy day. A good breakfast also means better concentration and mood.

    This fall, for a healthy alternative, try a superfood smoothie to jumpstart your day. Superfood smoothies are easy to make and can be conveniently stored for later during work, school or play.


    Learn more about Billy’s Infinity Greens nutrient-dense superfood here.

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  • February 2009 Newsletter

    February 1, 2009 By Billy

    Understanding Fats

    Fat in the diet is essential for life. It is vital to many of the body’s functions. Fat is needed in order for the body to absorb many nutrients, commonly referrerd to as fat-soluble nutrients. Fats are needed for healthy joints and strong connective tissues. Consider that the human brain is 80% fat; this alone makes proper fats in the diet critical. Most importantly, fat is needed for fueling the body and balancing the your metabolism.

    However fat has also been named the “culprit” of obesity and other diseases. This certainly can be true, but truly it’s the lack of understanding fats that is the real problem. As a general rule, excessive cooked fats tend to the primary cause of excessive weight gain. This is because most fats break down under high temperatures. Even at room temperature, fats break down over time, and heating the fat simply accelerates this process. Some fats are more heat stable than others, thus making them more suitable for cooking, and I’ll discuss that later. As a simple law of nature, when any fat is heated whether nut, seed, meat or pure oil, electrons break off of atoms that are referred to as free radicals. We ingest free radicals constantly as they are produced from many sources other than food including direct sunlight, environmental toxicity, and even stress. Our bodies can deal with these free radicals via antioxidants in the diet, fresh air, pure water, and rest. However in general we consume too many fats containing these free radicals. The excess of free radicals in the body is costly to one’s health in several ways. One, it suppresses the immune system. It can also be the cause of mutated cell growth leading to cancer. But mainly, free radicals suppress the body’s thyroid function, which is a primary cause of obesity.

    We can easily reduce our intake of these free radicals by being more discerning of what kinds of fats we consume. The basic principle is to add more raw fats to the diet thus consuming less cooked fats. Examples: avocados, raw nuts and seeds, and cold-pressed oils. It is especially important to reduce intake of hydrogenated vegetable oils. Food production companies selling products at conventional grocery stores use this oil in nearly everything as a cheap butter alternative. The hydrogenated vegetable oil is produced by heating the oil to 700 degrees and then mixing it with hydrogen gas. The oil becoming unstable at such high temperatures allows the hydrogen atoms to bond with the oil. The oil now becomes a solid at room temperature like butter. Any time we consume hydrogenated oils we are essentially ingesting buckets of health compromising free radicals. Yuck! Become a food label reader and protect yourself from consuming this low grade product.

    The best oils are cold-pressed organic oils. Cold-pressing means what the name implies; the oil is extracted under cool temperatures, thus protecting the potential health creating quality of the oil. In general the healthiest oils are oils high in essential fatty acids. This is fatty molecule in the oil that literally dissolves excess saturated fat out of the body. Some of these oils include: olive, flax, hemp, and almond. These oils are not at all heat stable and quickly lose their healthy qualities once heated that feels too hot to touch with your hand. And since all oils break down slowly even at room temperature, no oil has a shelf life longer than a few months. After such time the oil will be rancid (although undetectable by smell) and should be thrown away.

    Coconut oil and ghee (also known as clarified butter) are the two exceptions to the heating rule. These oils are far more heat stable than all others making them the best choice for any cooking. Ghee is a pure oil made from butter that is completely heat stable making it perfect for stir frying. And it contains much less cholesterol than butter. Ghee is generally available at any natural food store. Coconut oil deserves special attention as well as a place in
    every kitchen pantry. In addition to being very heat stable, it has a tremendous healing effect on the Thyroid. If you suspect that you are overweight due in part to a suppressed Thyroid, then try taking raw, cold pressed, organic coconut oil. It may sound counter-intuitive that a saturated fat such as coconut can help with weight loss, so try it for yourself! Take 1-2 tablespoons daily in a smoothie or by melting the oil into a warm bowl of food. It also lubricates the joints, helps the bowels move, and is an anti-inflammatory to all the body’s tissues.

    Implement more raw, cold-pressed, organic oils in place of cooked oils and fats and feel the amazing difference for yourself!


    Learn more about nutrient-dense superfoods here.

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  • January 2009 Newsletter

    January 1, 2009 By Billy

    Optimal Winter Nutrition

    A classic tip that I have emphasized again and again is adding more nutrient dense foods to the diet . . . i.e. raw veggies, whole grains, superfoods. Highly nutritious/enzyme rich foods will absolutely be reflected through better overall health. You may remember from my newsletters or classes that I explain how highly nutritious foods really give the body a satisfied feeling and abate cravings that help to protect us from overeating.

    Since I have explained this one before, I’ll keep this point brief. However, it is an extremely effective principle, and reflecting back on this idea from time to time will prove to be helpful. The principle that I want you to understand here is very simple and is a good one to understand as we are getting into the colder season. And it’s simply this . . . have the right cooked foods in the diet that have a warming effect on the body. This idea may be a surprise to some of you . . . you likely remember how I emphasize adding more raw (uncooked) foods to your lifestyle. And so it would seem there is a little conflict here, but here’s the bottom line . . . raw foods in general have a cooling effect on the body, and cooked foods have a warming effect. This is a timeless piece of wisdom from Chinese medicine and deserves to be considered. And keep in mind that a large percentage of those eating a primarily raw diet live in warmer climates like southern California, Arizona, and Hawaii. Naturally a diet that is cooling for the body works better in a warm climate.

    If you’re in a colder climate, having some warming cooked foods in the diet is important. And we’re definitely not talking burgers, fried chicken, pizza, and potato chips . . . no! Yes, they may be warming but it would come with a price . . . other elements of your health, like your waistline.

    We’re talking organic whole grains (like quinoa, brown rice, millet, oats) and organic veggies (winter favorites: pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, kale, spinach, broccoli). Essentially what happens is these cooked foods fire up the spleen, which boosts the metabolic function, thus enabling the body to more effectively generate heat. And it goes far beyond just feeling warm too! As mentioned it keeps the metabolism up which is helpful as the metabolism generally slows down in the cooler season. Keeping a healthy warm temperature also keeps the immune system strong and energy levels up.

    We’re looking for a healthy balance here. In general many people need to be adding more raw fruits and vegetables to their lifestyle. But we can have more of both – raw foods and the right cooked foods. And changing the diet with the changing of seasons to give ourselves what feels good in the body is natural and easy.

    One important consideration is that certain nutrients are lost in the heating/cooking process that could be especially beneficial this time of year like immune boosting vitamin C, beta-carotene, and enzymes. But also some nutrients are heat stable and can actually become more available, particularly minerals. And especially having the green superfood formula on a daily basis assures that any potential gaps in your nutrition are thoroughly filled.

    More good news. I’ve got some wonderful new recipes for you to try. These are designed to satisfy the winter palate by keeping you warm and cozy, yet still maintain optimal nutrient content. Enjoy!

    Sending warm wishes~


    Chillied Red Quinoa with Spinach Salsa Dressing
    Red Quinoa (regular quinoa is fine also)
    1/2 pound spinach
    shelled edemame
    chili powder blend
    coconut oil
    3 lemons
    Celtic sea salt
    olive oil
    1 jalapeno pepper
    bunch of cilantro
    2 juicy Roma tomatoes

    Into pot (best if you do this first step earlier in the day – then it can just sit at room temperature, and the Quinoa partially sprouts and becomes more protein available, and it cooks faster):
    1 cup red quinoa
    3 cups water
    1/2 cup shelled edemame
    Cook covered at low boil for 10-12 minutes are until water is nearly absorbed. Do not stir.
    Sprinkle into pot heaping tablespoon chili powder blend, teaspoon sea salt, round tablespoon coconut oil. Cook for 2-3 more minutes. Squeeze half of lemon into pot, give it a stir and turn of heat.

    Into Blender: 1/2 pound spinach
    1/4 cup olive oil
    Juice of 3 lemons
    slightly round teaspoon Celtic sea salt
    2 tomatoes (squeeze some of the juice out first and salsa will be thicker)
    1/2 onion
    1 jalapeno pepper with seeds removed (otherwise will be too spicy!)
    1/4 cup cilantro leaves

    Blend until smooth. This is also a great dip!
    Serve quinoa and drizzle desired amount of green salsa over top.
    This could be your new favorite dish. Serves 3.

    Curried Kale Soup – This one is super simple and it always satisfies!
    2 tomatoes
    1 sweet potato
    2 cloves garlic
    1 lemon
    3 green kale leaves
    1 head broccoli
    Indian curry powder
    Coconut oil
    Celtic sea salt
    Blend in blender:
    3 tomatoes and 2 cloves garlic
    Add to pot with:
    cubed sweet potato
    chopped broccoli flowers
    3 kale leaves finely chopped (first remove stems)
    round tablespoon Indian curry powder
    round tablespoon cold-pressed coconut oil
    slightly round teaspoon Celtic sea salt or salt to taste

    Cook at low boil for 10 minutes Add juice of 1 lemon. Scoop 1.5 cups of soup into blender and blend until smooth. Important: Hold dish towel over top of lid on blender. The steam from soup can potentially pop the lid off when you hit blend. Also helps to start on low speed.
    Add blended soup back to pot and stir.
    Add water if needed.
    Serves 2.

    Classic Oatmeal – A timeless favorite!
    Into pot: 1 cup rolled oats, 2 cups water, sprinkle Celtic sea salt.
    Cook at low boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not stir.
    Add 2 tablespoons maple syrup and 1 round tablespoon coconut oil
    Sprinkle of cinnamon
    Turn off heat and let stand for 5 minutes.
    Stir, serve, and then sprinkle Billy’s Sprouted Almonds on top.
    This is pure comfort in a bowl.

    Ginger Lemon Honey Tea – A warming health tonic
    Into Blender:
    Piece of fresh ginger (the size of your thumb)*
    Heaping tablespoon unfiltered raw honey
    Juice of 1 lemon
    4 cups water
    *or you can just chop or grate the ginger and stir all the ingredients.
    Blend, strain, heat, serve. Serves 3. Enjoy!

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  • April 2008 Newsletter

    April 1, 2008 By Billy

    Spring Nutrition

    It’s that time of year to give ourselves a little jump start. Here are a few key ways to reactivate, lose weight, cleanse, and energize.

    1. Add more raw fruits, vegetables, and superfoods! During the cooler seasons the body will naturally crave more cooked foods that are warming for the body. Having enough cooked foods (i.e., whole grains, steamed veggies, etc.) in the winter helps the body to keep warm and regulate a comfortable temperature. Cooking does however result in a net loss of nutrients from our food, and so naturally we will consume more calories in order to get sufficient nutrients. And the body will gain some weight, but is not all bad since this is our natural insulation from the outdoor elements in winter! But now that spring is here we can supplement more raw, cooling foods into our diet. And since raw foods (again: fruits, veggies, superfoods) are more nutrient rich in general, you will find that the body is satisfied on fewer calories. Try it and see! If you have a big salad of leafy greens with sprouts, sliced tomato, avocado, carrot, and olives marinated in a tangy ginger dressing (sounds good doesn’t it?) you will absolutely feel deeply satisfied with these foods that are relatively low calorie density. Why? Because of the high nutrient density of these foods! Nutritious foods that provide vitamins, minerals, and enzymes do give the body that satisfied feeling. And of course satisfying the body with fewer calories will result in some kind of weight loss. Remember also that nutrients are components of energy which help to energize the body and help organs to function more effectively (i.e., the immune system, cardiovascular, endocrine glands, etc.).
    2. Add more Infinity Greens to your day. The chlorophyll in the greens cleans the blood making red blood cells better able to absorb oxygen. The aloe and nopal cactus clean out the digestive tract. The cayenne and Peruvian maca reactivate the thyroid and boost the metabolism. The spirulina and probiotics bacteria work synergistically to boost the vitamin B12 levels for more energy. And of course the nutrient density of the other foods in the formula helps to deeply satisfy the body on fewer calories in general.
    3. Drink more pure H20! A basic reverse osmosis filter in your home is the best. Then you have pure water at the tap all of the time. These filters do remove everything from the water including beneficial trace minerals. These can be easily replaced by adding a few drops of liquid minerals from the supplement department of your natural food store.
    4. Exercise at least 3 – 4 hours of physical exercise per week! Yup, time to come out of hibernation and stretch those legs. Walking is the best. I fast pace 45 minute power walk coupled with some stretching afterwards brings energy and mood up like nothing else. Try to take 2 or more yoga classes every week.

    Here are a few easy recipes to make part of your healthy routine.

    Tangy Ginger Dressing
    3/4 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1/4 cup agave nectar
    2 tablespoons chopped ginger
    1 round teaspoon sea salt
    How could a dressing be so good? Apply liberally over mix of organic baby greens, sliced avocado and tomato, sprouts, and sundried olives.

    Veggie Wrap
    Marinate your favorite leafy greens with olive oil and lemon juice. Or use your new tangy ginger dressing recipe. Sprinkle a little sea salt and cayenne pepper. Roll in sprouted Ezekiel tortilla with sliced avocado and grated carrot.
    This is awesome!

    Pear Almond Breakfast Shake
    1 ripe pear quartered and frozen
    1 small handful Billy’s Sprouted Almonds
    2 tablespoons Infinity Greens
    1.5 cups pure H20
    1 tablespoon cold-pressed flax seed oil
    1 tablespoon honey (or use sweet coconut water instead of water)
    Totally energizing and lasting nourishment!

    All the best to you on your continued journey into well-being!


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  • December 2007 Newsletter

    December 1, 2007 By Billy

    Tis’ the season to keep the extra pounds off, yes?

    Here is a simple tip that will help!

    Add super-nutrient dense foods to your holiday diet. Some of you may remember from my previous classes, that this is a key to every facet of your health – strong immune system, feeling good, reduced stress, improved sleep, and yes, keeping extra pounds off, too. Foods that qualify to be in this category are primarily raw organic vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens and superfoods like goji berries, spirulina, maca root, and raw chocolate.

    However because of the extra baked foods and dining out this time of year, the more nutritious foods tend to have a narrower margin in the diet. So essentially there is a compromise in the overall nutrient density of your diet; and because your body is not getting the nutrients needed in order to feel satisfied, we tend to consume more calories/bigger quantities, thus the waistline reflecting the same.

    Now let’s pause just a moment. We’re not interested in forgoing proper indulgence in our holiday treats, that have long been an essential part of the holiday season! That would qualify as a compromise in joy rather than a compliment to health, yes?! What we are trying to achieve here is better health on all levels. So I say celebrate heartily; but keeping nutrient rich foods somewhere in your diet, will help balance your intake of holiday foods at the other end of the nutrient spectrum.

    So the “how to” is simple. Sneak in nutritious foods whenever possible. There is no better way to set the tone for a day’s balanced diet than to have a nutritious breakfast like a fruit smoothie containing the previously mentioned superfoods that are contained in my green-power-foods formula. Have a salad of dark leafy greens with lunch and dinner and receive loads of basic nutrients thus satisfying your diet with fewer calories. Also Raw Chocolate taken as an afternoon snack will be helpful because of the high content in MAO enzyme inhibitors that have an effect of natural appetite reduction.

    Even with a few additions of nutritious foods as simple as these, you will notice that you crave and eat less. And the bliss of this principle is that you are starting with being satisfied from getting the nutrients your body is really starving for; thus being free from the challenge of restraining yourself from having that second piece of pumpkin pie and potentially giving in to a landslide of sugar consumption. Alas you will know the freedom of being able to indulge rationally! To that I say pass the cake and ice cream!


    Peppermint Chocolate Smoothie – the ultimate holiday pick-me-up!
    Water and meat from inside one Thai coconut (or 2 peeled bananas)
    1 round teaspoon Cacao Powder
    1 teaspoon Billy’s Greens
    1 tablespoon dark agave nectar
    10 drops peppermint extract (or sprinkle of cayenne pepper)
    A super-yum, nutritious, stress-melting, health transforming drink!

    Holiday Power Nuggets – the ultimate treat!

    Mix dry ingredients:
    1 cup raw chocolate nibs
    1 cup hemp seeds
    2 tablespoons Billy’s Greens
    Mix in:
    2 heaping tablespoon coconut oil, slightly melted for easy mixing.
    4 tablespoons dark agave nectar
    1 dropper full peppermint extract
    Put in refrigerator for 15 minutes to set partially. Remove mix and shape into balls 1″ in diameter with fingers coated in coconut oil (to prevent sticking to fingers). Roll ball around in bowl of hemp seeds and place back in refrigerator for 30 minutes to set. This nugget is the ultimate treat, and it’s totally health forming, too.

    Tangy Ginger Dressing
    Blend in blender:
    1 ripe tomato
    5 tablespoons olive oil
    Juice of 2 lemons
    1 piece of fresh ginger (2″ long)
    1 tablespoon agave nectar
    1/2 teaspoon sea salt
    …tastes amazing over greens, steamed veggies or as a dip!


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