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  • September 2007 Newsletter

    September 1, 2007 By Billy

    Hi there!

    This is one of my new favorite recipes: you’ve gotta give this one a try!

    Raw Non-Bean Burrito

    Equipment needed: Food-processor
    Foods: raw walnuts, olive oil, sea salt, cumin, lemon juice, chili powder, avocado, cucumber, chard leaves, tomato, sprouts


    1) Soak 1 cup raw walnuts in pure water for at least 8 hours or overnight
    2) Drain walnuts and place in food processor
    3) Add: 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, 1 tablespoon cumin, 1 round teaspoon chili powder, and juice of one lemon.
    4) Blend until consistency is like that of refried beans. Note: you will need to stop the food processor and scrape the sides with a spatula and blend again to get the consistency smooth.and you may to add just a little water to keep things moving.
    5) Slice tomato, cucumber, and avocado into thin slices (approx. 1/4″ thick)
    6) Smear “non-refried-bean-like-walnut-yumminess” along middle vein of Chard Leaf. You will find that the chard leaf is circular in shape much like a flour tortilla. Stack tomato, cucumber, avocado, and spouts as you desire over the non-Beans. You may add any veggie you like; this one is fabulous and is a good place to start. You can also add extra sea salt to taste or a sprinkle of cayenne for extra spiciness.
    7) Roll it up.
    8) Enjoy! YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! You will find that the taste, consistency, and texture closely replicate that of the ultimate Bean and Cheese Burrito. Not only does it taste far better, it leaves you feeling energized, vibrant, healthy, light, and deeply satisfied!

    **Serves 3
    **You can also slice the chard leaves to a smaller size to make miniature burritos that are the perfect finger food for catering a party . . . not to mention that you will dazzle your friends.

    Remember, the most important thing to improving the nutritional component of your health and well-being, is to add more of these raw, organic, unprocessed, natural foods to your lifestyle. My aim is to give you simple recipes like this one that are realistic to prepare for those of us who live busy lifestyles. Devoting just a little extra time each day to your well-being is hugely rewarding! It always shows up in ways to make it all worth it . . .  like weight loss, increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, strong immune system, and in every organ, action, and function of your body.

    As always, superfoods are always complimentary to your health and well-being regardless of your diet. Having your Infinity Greens in a smoothie first thing in the morning gives the body that deeply satisfied feeling from receiving all of the otherwise hard-to-get nutrients that are essential to building our health. It can be as easy as a frozen banana, a scoop of greens, and a little water in the blender and voila! And the greens in capsule form are useful for when we are on the go. Living an busy lifestyle does not have to interfere with caring for our health. Rather, allowing a little extra time for quality nutrition gives us the capacity to do and be more than we already are!

    Wishing you all the best on your continued journey in to Life and Well-Being!

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  • April 2007 Newsletter

    April 1, 2007 By Billy

    The Key Principle for a Healthy Diet:

    For weight loss, a fit body, strong immune system, elevated moods, and even a satisfied palate! Yes, it’s all possible!

    The theory in a nutshell is to add natural foods to the diet that are of exceptional nutrient density and have a health creating reaction with the body. These are foods that are grown organically and remain in a natural, unprocessed, raw state and are primarily fruits and vegetables. And at present, adequate consumption of these foods has fallen short in the average diet. Instead a large percentage of the modern diet is processed food like breads, pastas, sugar, etc. These foods are depleted of any significant nutritional quality, thus depriving the body of what it really needs . . . nutrients! Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are what our bodies are really starving for, and there is no replacement for the optimum source, natural organic foods!

    Dieting has fast become common practice in the world due to an all time high of obesity and related health problems. Most dieting is based on restraining the overall intake of calories to a specific amount based on body type, and pounds needing to be lost. And some diets even delve into percentages of calories in fat, protein, and carbohydrates. However this technique falls short in achieving better overall health because it is basically restraining a diet that is already nutrient deficient. The primary goal being weight loss may of course be achieved, but often at the expense of other qualities of overall health including simply feeling good. And dieting is only a temporary solution at best because the body’s metabolism slows down to compensate for reduced available energy. When regular eating continues the weight comes back due to a slowed metabolic rate, sometimes with a vengeance. Lastly, this kind of self-restraint is a strain for the psyche and is not healthy for the mind-spirit.

    The recent trends in obesity and other health problems are due primarily to overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle. Overeating has become so common because processed foods that are nutrient depleted have become our mainstay. A diet of processed foods does not deliver what the body needs so the appetite remains unsatisfied. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent organisms that are aspiring toward survival at the level of optimal health. When we take in nutrient dense foods thus getting what we really need, our bodies know it. And because our appetite works in sync with getting the sustenance we need, once we get sufficient nutrients, our appetite is appeased.

    As an experiment, when hungry eat several large leaves of raw, organic kale (a super nutrient dense food). This is only an experiment, so don’t despair . . . there are many palatable and tasty ways to prepare kale which I will mention later. Notice how your appetite is drastically reduced and you have no further craving despite being a light meal. Your body knows that it is getting exceptional health creating sustenance and reduces your appetite to protect you from unnecessary overeating. Now for the second part of the experiment: Have a plate of pasta with marinara sauce from a jar (a processed and nutrient depleted food). Notice that despite feeling full, you’re still craving something and maybe even feeling a bit tired. Generally we then have dessert . . . more nutrient depleted food that brings our energy down more. With or without the dessert the body isn’t getting the nutrition it really needs . . . thus the continued craving.

    So the win, win solution to any diet, be it weight loss, increased energy, or healing from a health condition is to add the natural nutrient dense foods to your diet . . . eat your organic veggies! There is no substitute! Often clients ask, “What if I don’t have time to prepare my own food?” or “if I don’t like vegetables, can I take a multivitamin instead?” The human body has evolved over many thousands of years sustained all along with these natural foods. Only in recent years have we seen a departure from this vital relationship. There have been many attempts at devising substitutes be it a multivitamin, a supplement, or whatever. Most multivitamins are synthetically processed and are unrecognizable by the body thus offering no benefit. Furthermore, various minerals in such a concentrated form put a toxic load on the body. Better quality multivitamins do exist. The best are made from pure vegetable juices that are dried into a powder and then pressed into a pill. These are simply a food and can be complimentary to any diet. It is important to be discerning however with the brand you are choosing. Read the list of ingredients to make sure you are actually getting foods instead of cheap filler ingredients that dilute the better ones. “Supplements” is a broad term. Again it’s simply a matter of being discerning with what it is you’re actually getting. Is it something natural, like a food or herb?

    As for “superfoods”: these are foods that are exceptional in nutrient quality or are extremely health creating in some way. Examples that are fast becoming more common foods are raw chocolate, maca root, spirulina, Klamath Algae, goji berries, and coconut oil. In the May newsletter these superfoods will be explained further. These are foods that have exceptional nutrient quality beyond the more common natural foods. Other more well known foods that also qualify as superfoods are kale, parsley, broccoli, ginger, pomegranate, strawberries, and blueberries…to mention a few. Superfoods have an incredibly energizing and health creating reaction with the body and deserve to be a regular part of anyone’s diet. These foods tend to be more expensive, but the superior health creating effects make them well worth it.

    By simply adding natural organic foods to your diet, and especially the super-nutrient-dense foods, your health and well-being will literally be transformed. If weight loss is your goal, you will be able to sustain on fewer calories, thus loose pounds without the torture of self-denial. You will naturally gravitate toward these healthier foods over time (and faster than you think), because your taste buds are in fact nutrient preceptors. Again your body is an incredibly intelligent living organism that is aspiring toward survival at the optimal level of well-being. And your taste bud-nutrient perceptors are conspiring on your behalf in getting there . . . that is, in the realm of natural foods. With processed foods, it’s harder because in this realm our taste buds are only taste buds. With these foods that have only recently become “familiar” our bodies are confused with how much to eat . . . thus why we need count our calories and percentages of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. With the natural foods, mother nature has that one taken care of for us, making counting calories quite unnecessary.

    I often get the question “how do I get enough protein?” Truthfully, with natural foods it is quite difficult to not get enough protein. Protein is made up of different amino acids. Amino acids exist in any and every food . . . even fruit. Even though there may not be all the amino acids for a complete protein, a healthy body sustained on health creating food can in fact produce the missing amino acids to create complete protein. Although we have been educated to believe our protein needs to be otherwise, modern nutrition and science have proven this to be true. A high protein diet has in fact been shown to be a leading cause of osteoporosis. This is because dense proteins tend to be extremely acid forming thus requiring the body’s mineral reserves to rebalance the body. And again our super-nutrient-dense foods are vital here, for they are primarily alkaline forming, thus help keep the body young, strong, disease free, and happy. Yippee!

    So what to do, but add more of the aforementioned natural foods to your diet! Your diet is a powerful avenue for quality of life enhancement . . . it is also an ongoing life-journey . . . one that you never really get “there”. Its a matter of starting where you are and adding a few of these foods to your daily routine. We are not looking for a complete diet overhaul. Nice idea, however the body generally rejects this kind of rapid change. A few natural food additions to the diet will displace other less health forming ones. Your tastes will gradually change in the favor of health, and so your choices will snowball in the direction of your health. Remember that your intelligent taste bud-nutrient perceptors are in fact conspiring on your behalf for well-being when you give them a chance.

    If this is new territory for you, then congratulations! Start simple. Even two mornings and evenings per week to give yourself time to prepare something easy is enough to begin with. Turning your quality of diet up a degree will immediately reward you with improved mood and increased energy. Breakfast can just be fruit and superfoods thrown in the blender. Starting your morning with such health creating foods sets the tone for the rest of the day. For dinner try cooking plain quinoa (a wonderful grain fast becoming popular) in water. While the quinoa is cooking you can throw your favorite raw veggies in the blender with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt . . . to be used as a raw topping for the quinoa . . . no chopping required and super easy, yes? See the recipes below. You will quickly develop new favorites that will become your staples, thus familiar, easy, and even enjoyable to prepare. And you will see how life just makes way for the extra time and energy required for this basic path to quality of life enhancement. You will also experience how preparing food at home can in fact be more of a delightful ritual than a discipline.


    Billy’s Green Smoothie:
    1 fresh pear (cored and cut into quarters – frozen for ultimate smoothie-ness)
    1.5 cups pure water
    2 round tablespoons hemp seeds
    1 round tablespoon Billy’s Infinity Greens
    1 teaspoon raw unfiltered honey or agave nectar
    Optional: 2 round tablespoons raw chocolate nibs

    ***Amazing! A super-potent alkalizer and body energizer!

    Billy’s Green Power Nuggets
    Mix in a bowl:
    1 cup raw cacao nibs
    1 cup hemp seeds
    2 heaping tablespoons coconut oil
    4 tablespoons agave nectar
    1 round tablespoon Billy’s Infinity Greens
    **Makes 5 servings.
    ***Billy’s Green Power Nugget Variation: Form into balls 1″ diameter. Roll in hemp seeds and refrigerate… Yum! An easy to prepare super health creating treat!

    Raw Kale Pesto:

    1 full bunch of fresh black kale
    2 whole Roma tomatoes
    1 round tablespoon Billy’s Infinity Greens
    Juice of 4 lemons
    5 tablespoons olive oil and/or coconut oil
    Sea salt to taste
    A little water as needed to blend into sauce . . . approx. 1/2 cup
    Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
    Optional: fresh basil

    **Serve over warm cooked quionoa.
    ***Quionoa for 2: add 1 cup quinoa, 3 cups water. Low boil until water absorbed.
    ***This is amazing as a dressing, dip, soup, or topping for any cooked whole grain. This is wonderfully easy and requires no chopping; just everything in the blender and hit go! Please try it . . . it tastes more amazing than you would ever imagine! Let this simple recipe be a staple that you put on every thing! And watch this amazing food transform your body!

    Wishing your dietary journey into well being to be one of tremendous success!


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  • March 2007 Newsletter

    March 1, 2007 By Billy

    Dearest Friends, Health Enthusiasts, and Green Drink Lovers:

    I send my deepest thanks for all the support from your purchases, feedback, and words of encouragement that have helped tremendously in building the greens operation to what it is today.

    Naturally there have been bumps along the way from which I have learned some good lessons! One of which was my nutrition newsletter.

    A while back the number of subscribers exceeded what my e-mail account could handle, and so I attempted to upgrade to a more technical system by myself.failing to consider that my skills are not in the realm of computer science. When I tried to send a message it would send multiple messages of the wrong thing. At the time it felt like all hell had broken loose!

    So anyway, I learned to “ask for help” when the task is out of the realm of super-food alchemy and nutrition theorizing. Ha! We finally got that one worked out and now my newsletters will continue to flow smoothly again . . . promise!

    The intent of these letters is to give you the nutritional wisdom of how to effectively elevate the health and well being of your life. Generally I focus in the realm of nutrition since what you put in your body is one of the key determining factors and is reflected in every facet of your health. The topics of different letters in the past have been broad and comprehensive, and soon will be available for your review in the “new letter” link on my website. Inquiries of nutrition that I receive from you all will help direct the subject matter of future letters. I will always work to keep you up to speed with new cutting edge information on nutritional self improvement with proven easy to use concepts, techniques, and products.

    A note for 2007

    Many of us have made resolutions for self-improvement in the arena of health. The Universe sends its congratulations. Rest assured that Mother Nature and your body’s intuitive wisdom work well together and both conspire on your behalf for elevated health. This is seen if we look at the availability of health transforming nutrition from the abundance of exotic super-foods sourced from around the planet. Mother nature has been up to something . . . and it’s for all for your good!

    Nutrients are gaining a new appreciation as we see the higher grade vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from super-foods enable a level of personal health not yet experienced.

    Conventional thinking pertaining to nutrition tends to believe that even if we try harder/do better, our health will always be “middle of the road” in terms of immune system, energy level, weight, etc. And so the feedback I receive from customers using my greens formula is always one of surprise in how their improved nutrient intake shows up in such a significant degree in every facet of their health. The explanation is a chemical one. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are simply equations of energy that stimulate improved function of particular organs that over time, equates transforming the body’s inner atmosphere. An example is in how Stinging Nettles stimulate extra blood flow through the respiratory system, enabling the lungs to infuse the blood with more oxygen . . . or Herbal Horsetail beautifying the skin with added silica.

    Because the difference of added nutrient support is felt and perceived, it produces an intuitive nutrition awakening in the body and a willingness to create further change in the favor of health. Such change compiles and snowballs in the direction of continued health for a lifetime. And we understand this to be a principle of all life to evolve and improve to it’s greatest yet to be.

    While self improvement may start here, the continued improvement of your health is not limited to the realm of nutrition. The increased energy from better nutrition generates a willingness to exercise and move around more. Improved brain function from nutrients like phenalethlymene from Klamath Algae reflects in the more subtle realms of health like improved mood and sleep cycles. And while nutrition is not the end-all of health it absolutely does catalyze an improvement of every facet of health mentioned.energy levels, immune system, sexual function, mood, sleep cycle, weight loss, etc.

    As you embark on the whole body luxury of elevated nutrition with superfoods lovingly provided by Mother Nature, you will achieve beyond your intended desire for improving your health. This is my heartfelt wish.

    May you continue to elevate and inspire yourself and those around you on this life long journey of self-evolution. And may exquisite health be yours by nature!



    Water from 1 Thai coconut
    Meat scooped from inside coconut
    2 round tablespoons dried Goji berries..found at any natural food store
    1 round tablespoon Billy’s Infinity Greens

    Zingity-Bling Pesto Dip
    Big handful fresh spinach
    1 ripe Roma tomato
    Juice of 2 lemons
    2 round tablespoons pine nuts
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 round tablespoon Billy’s Greens
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    Dash of cayenne

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  • February 2007 Newsletter

    February 1, 2007 By Billy

    Dear Friends,

    Yahoooo!!!! I am excited to announce the release of Infinity Greens, my new superfood formula. This is the evolution of Power Foods, my previous formula; the difference being more of the foods that I have found to be most effective, like Spirulina, Maca Root, Stinging Nettles, and Probiotics. I have also added Aloe Vera Extract for the first time. The result for those of you who have been taking Power Foods on a regular basis, is that you will definitely feel even more of an energizing effect with this new formula. And if you are totally new to these superfoods, then for the first time you will be giving your body the highest level of nutrition possible, which is the foundation of your greatest health to be!

    And how?

    • Spirulina is the most concentrated protein of any food and is also the highest source of all the B Vitamins and Beta-Carotene which equates a more ageless and vibrant body.
    • Maca Root provides intensive adrenal support that gives an energizing effect (like caffeine, but is not a stimulant) from concentrated nutrition. It also enhances thyroid function which helps the body lose unwanted weight.
    • Stinging Nettles increases circulation in the respiratory system which helps to circulate more oxygen (the most alkaline forming thing!) throughout the body. It also builds the body’s resistance to allergens.
    • Probiotics are health-forming bacteria that are the building blocks of a strong immune system!
    • Aloe Vera is the ultimate food for improving digestive health, and works by eliminating toxins and mucus from the body. This allows for better nutrient absorption of the other superfoods in the formula thus enhancing the overall effects of Infinity Greens!

    These are 5 of the 13 foods in the Infinity Greens formula. The other superfoods are E3 Klamath Algae, Chlorella, Burdock Root, Horsetail, Nopal Cactus, Sea Weeds: Icelandic Kelp and Nova Scotia Dulse, Flax Seed Meal, and Enzymes. Information about these other vitally important foods can be found on the Infinity Greens website.

    Infinity Greens is also now available in easy to swallow capsule form for when you are traveling or do not have time to mix the powder into a drink or smoothie. And for those of us have an aversion to drinking green things, the capsules are the perfect alternative to still get this health transforming nutrition that your body needs!

    Product Guarantee

    This is relatively unheard of in the supplement industry. However I am so confident in the effectiveness of the Infinity Greens, that if you do not feel the difference after using this product every day for one week then I will give you a full refund.

    Wishing you all the best!

    Everyone should be taking Infinity Greens . . . since using your product for 2 months, I’ve lost 6 pounds, my skin looks the best ever, my energy has increased, and I really feel a difference. I love the greens!
    Anastajah Stearns, Massage Therapist
    Los Angeles, CA

    My new favorite recipe that is sooo easy:

    Blend or stir 1 round spoonful of the Infinity Greens into a tall glass of coconut water!
    The coconut water is an added bonus because it is the most hydrating fluid that you can put into your body, even more than water! And so it helps to better deliver the nutrients right down to the cellular level!

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