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Checking Back In

February 9, 2015 By Billy

Dear Reader,

Four days into February, one month down and eleven to go!!

How’s the ‘2015 journey’ going so far?

For 2015, many of us resolved to live even better lives than we did before. And now we’re formulating the lifestyles to achieve it. Let’s make those healthy choices and resolutions happen! Achievement (even the little stuff) makes us happy. (Did you ever make it to the gym and work with a trainer?)

What about spending more time outdoors? Days are shorter (assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere), and we often spend more time indoors. But we need that ‘oh so precious’ sunshine! Try to get outside and bask in the sun for least 10 minutes every day! (Did you ever read my updated Vitamin D article?)

Side note – I think it’s helpful to remember that days are shorter and less sunshine may affect how we feel (not necessarily bad). Naturally, we may feel less energetic – maybe even lethargic, tired, and just a little down (aka winter blues). Rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with you! This is just a short physiological response to your surrounding environment. Conversely, there are known benefits of shorter days worth mentioning. You can even use these shorter days to your advantage!

When days are shorter, we typically spend more time in the dark. There is a mystical, magical and romantic ‘flavor’ during the darker hours. We may be inclined to spend more time taking it easy. Hey, those resolutions don’t always have to be about ‘doing more’! A resolution can even be made to ‘do less’! Overall, I think many of us are too busy! Let’s take more time to not be busy! What about spending more time just relaxing with family, loved ones and friends that make you happy (with the television turned off).

You may even create a little more ‘alone-time’ for yourself. Solitude in moderation can be good! Why not spend this time sitting outside on the patio for a slice of nature, preferably with a hot cup of tea. I find this to be a great opportunity to count the good things going on life, and consciously choose to think positively. Additionally, I also use these times to just practice ‘not thinking’ and being quiet in my thought. There is in fact a physiological shift in the brain when you consciously still your mind, which sets off a number of other positive physiological responses (to be elaborated on soon). And while you’re ‘there’, remember the simple fact that we sustain on invisible O2! It’s the most immediate life source and it’s right here around us! So why not absorb it to the max? Law of nature – when breathing deeply, everything works better. Quite simply, it’s good for your body, which is good for the brain, which is good for the mind! Give this some of your time. Healthier thinking happens. Go ahead and take 10 deep breaths! Next step – carry on with your day, a little more empowered.

An extra bonus – I like having positive daily sayings to serve as reminders. I often frame them to then be placed by my bathroom sink or by my bed! …a few examples – ‘discover your awesome-ness’, ‘take 10 deep breaths’, ‘keep an eye out for the beautiful things around you’, ‘laugh more, dammit’, etc.. Give it a shot.

It’s nice to remember how much control we have over our mind, mood and energy. Your awareness of your natural ability to manage stress and challenges is substantially enhanced, as well as your innate sense of the good things going on around you. Not to mention your ability to laugh more during the times when things seem ‘not so good’.

We are trying to live healthier, individually and globally. The collective desire to succeed is tremendously strong, and will get stronger. We are stunningly capable. We are currently innovating what previously would have been miracles. We can (and will) innovate flawless sustainability, widespread health and global peace…happiness too. Why? Because we have to! And we were built to!

So ‘hooray’ for revealing our awesomeness in 2015!

Yours Truly,


PS. The Power Pack Special last month went really well! I’m glad so many of you took me up on the offer! Hopefully you have been taking all three formulas and feeling the benefits. Well, keep it up! And keep up a healthy diet! We are fortunate to understand diet to be one of the keys to pulling back the curtain for our natural health to really shine! Yup, there is in fact a ‘silver bullet’ for our health – let’s call it life-force. And it’s up to you to create it with your lifestyle.

PSS…I always like to offer gifts! So here’s a coupon code for a free Infinity Green Bar! If you’ve already tried them I’m sure you’ll take me up on it! Enter this code on the checkout page: freegreenbar (No need to add the bar to your cart. Just enter the code and it will be included with your order.)

PSSS. One last thing – spend more time in nature! There are many things in the world that are perfect exactly the way they are. Mountain tops, waterfalls, and forests, for example. Scenery and plant life rub off something great.

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