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December 2009 Newsletter

December 1, 2009 By Billy

From Fat to Fit This Holiday Season

Here are 5 simple keys to keeping those extra pounds off!

  1. Increase your nutrient density! This is the single most important factor in keeping extra pounds off. Simply add more nutrient dense foods to your diet: raw/organic superfoods (Infinity Greens), vegetables, whole grains. This way you are giving yourself more of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that your body is starving for! Remember that when you are receiving these critical nutrients your body’s digestive system produces enzyme inhibitors (natural appetite suppressants) to protect you from overeating. This is essential for maintaining on overall more satisfied appetite in general which naturally curbs craving and helps prevent overeating. And try to reduce your consumption of white/starchy foods: potatoes, flour based breads and crackers, pastas.
  2. Add raw fats! Remember that it’s the cooked/heated fats that have a suppressing effect on the thyroid. Law of Nature: suppressed thyroid = lower metabolism = weight gain. By adding raw fats (ie. cold pressed olive, flax, coconut oils, raw/sprouted nuts and seeds, avocados). Raw, unheated fats do not make the body fat! Actually quite the opposite. And for if and when you cook with oils (baking, stir fry, etc.), remember to always use coconut oil or ghee. Cooking with these oils does not suppress the thyroid.
  3. Add the most natural sugars: fruit! We all have a sweet tooth, and for good reason. It’s the most simple fuel source available, since it converts to instant glucose. Having a routine of moderate amounts (two to three servings) of fruit per day helps to maintain a more satisfied sweet tooth. This way when we are around snacks and foods with processed sugars we are better able to not overdo it. We all know that feeling of “having just one cookie”, and then giving in to a whole landslide of indulgence. Also stock your pantry with the most natural processed sugars. My first three picks are raw/unfiltered honey, grade B maple syrup, and natural stevia. Agave and coconut sugar are OK. I recommend avoiding cane sugar as much as possible, since it is tested to be extremely addictive.
  4. Get a good power-walk in at least a few days per week. A brisk 45 minute walk is awesome exercise! You may be with family this holiday season, and it’s a great way to get everyone outside. The benefits are many: keeps metabolism up, increases circulation, vitamin D absorption from the sun, alkalizing O2 from fresh air, stress release, and endorphins . . . you can’t beat it!
  5. Incorporate thyroid stimulating/metabolism boosting foods!
    1. Infinity Greens – Contains maca root, ginger, aloe vera, mangosteen, acai and enzymes all of which have metabolism boosting properties.
    2. Raw Coconut – Loaded in lauric acid which has thyroid stimulating properties.

As always it is my goal to help you feel and look your best! Here is a coupon for 10% off your purchases this holiday season. When you make your purchase, just type “healthyholidays” into the coupon code.

Infinity Greens makes the perfect gift for family and friends! Orders placed on or before December 16th will arrive before Christmas! (in the U.S. only)

Wishing you the best this Holiday Season ~

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