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Facts You May Have Overlooked In Your Search For Health

February 10, 2012 By Billy

Advice about weight loss abounds when you check the internet. Your friends will also be a virtual fountain of information concerning this diet or another. You will hear success stories and stories of failure. Your physician may even put you on a diet regimen. This usually involves pills and education. For the morbidly obese, medical intervention may be the correct immediate course of action. To lose weight and decide to start living a healthier life style with proper nutrition heading the list, revising your food choices and cooking methods may be a great first step. These are aids and ultimately the choices are yours.

Fallacies About The Food We Eat

Much has been said about cholesterol. It is responsible for clogging your arteries and you may become the victim of a heart attack as a result. You may also suffer a stroke. Neither is desirable. Because of these dire predictions, many people have decided to cut out all fat from their diet. This is so wrong. The body needs a certain amount of fat. A thin layer of fat under the skin cushions the body a little from injury. Fat is also important in the transmission of information through our nervous system. Lastly, it provides a minimal energy reserve in the case of illness when stomachs are irritated and won’t accept nourishment. To deprive the body of all fat means the body has to take it from somewhere else where it is also needed, like the brain.

The Body Needs Fat

When the body needs fat for certain functions, it takes it from wherever it finds it. Under the skin is a layer that may be used first. Nerves that are surrounded by a layer of fat may be second. The way fat can be used to maintain a good balance in the body and yet not add to the cholesterol plaques lining the arteries, is only possible when getting the right kind of fat. The worst fats to eat are the animal fats which grow solid in room temperature. Oils are better but even with oils there are grades of good and not so good. Flax seed oil is great for adding to salads and shakes. Fish oil and omega3 oils, are healthy oils and not detrimental to cholesterol and plaques.

Exercise Is A Must

Exercise and healthy foods together are a dynamite duo. They rid the body of all poisons that have accumulated over the years and they turn back the clock a few years regarding your joints and overall health. Your first stop should be the health food store. You will find all kinds of great organic produce there. Begin with that as a first step. If you can’t do that or you don’t want the work of cleaning and working with vegetables, you can also buy protein and carbohydrates in powdered form. Infinity Green has an entire line of supplements that will help you get to the state of health you want. Once you have that established, begin slowly with your exercises, even if it’s only a walk every day. The whole point is to begin to get healthier.

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