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February 2007 Newsletter

February 1, 2007 By Billy

Dear Friends,

Yahoooo!!!! I am excited to announce the release of Infinity Greens, my new superfood formula. This is the evolution of Power Foods, my previous formula; the difference being more of the foods that I have found to be most effective, like Spirulina, Maca Root, Stinging Nettles, and Probiotics. I have also added Aloe Vera Extract for the first time. The result for those of you who have been taking Power Foods on a regular basis, is that you will definitely feel even more of an energizing effect with this new formula. And if you are totally new to these superfoods, then for the first time you will be giving your body the highest level of nutrition possible, which is the foundation of your greatest health to be!

And how?

  • Spirulina is the most concentrated protein of any food and is also the highest source of all the B Vitamins and Beta-Carotene which equates a more ageless and vibrant body.
  • Maca Root provides intensive adrenal support that gives an energizing effect (like caffeine, but is not a stimulant) from concentrated nutrition. It also enhances thyroid function which helps the body lose unwanted weight.
  • Stinging Nettles increases circulation in the respiratory system which helps to circulate more oxygen (the most alkaline forming thing!) throughout the body. It also builds the body’s resistance to allergens.
  • Probiotics are health-forming bacteria that are the building blocks of a strong immune system!
  • Aloe Vera is the ultimate food for improving digestive health, and works by eliminating toxins and mucus from the body. This allows for better nutrient absorption of the other superfoods in the formula thus enhancing the overall effects of Infinity Greens!

These are 5 of the 13 foods in the Infinity Greens formula. The other superfoods are E3 Klamath Algae, Chlorella, Burdock Root, Horsetail, Nopal Cactus, Sea Weeds: Icelandic Kelp and Nova Scotia Dulse, Flax Seed Meal, and Enzymes. Information about these other vitally important foods can be found on the Infinity Greens website.

Infinity Greens is also now available in easy to swallow capsule form for when you are traveling or do not have time to mix the powder into a drink or smoothie. And for those of us have an aversion to drinking green things, the capsules are the perfect alternative to still get this health transforming nutrition that your body needs!

Product Guarantee

This is relatively unheard of in the supplement industry. However I am so confident in the effectiveness of the Infinity Greens, that if you do not feel the difference after using this product every day for one week then I will give you a full refund.

Wishing you all the best!

Everyone should be taking Infinity Greens . . . since using your product for 2 months, I’ve lost 6 pounds, my skin looks the best ever, my energy has increased, and I really feel a difference. I love the greens!
Anastajah Stearns, Massage Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

My new favorite recipe that is sooo easy:

Blend or stir 1 round spoonful of the Infinity Greens into a tall glass of coconut water!
The coconut water is an added bonus because it is the most hydrating fluid that you can put into your body, even more than water! And so it helps to better deliver the nutrients right down to the cellular level!

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