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Finally, Infinity-C is back and better than ever! Plus a special…

February 3, 2018 By Billy


Dear Friend,

I am very excited to announce Infinity-C is back in stock, and it’s better than ever! We have run out temporarily in the past due to the high demand since winter is a vital time of the year to have more vitamin C in your diet. As we all know, vitamin C is a vital pillar of the immune system. And it’s Infinity-C that is comprised of the highest vitamin C superfoods in the world, including Amla Berry, Camu, and Acerola Cherry – plus other immune boosting herbs to give it an extra potency.

It’s also important to note here that vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that provides more than just immune support. Vitamin C is right there with the antioxidants vitamin E and beta carotene for the vital purpose of eliminating free-radicals from the body that can be the primary perpetrators of aging. This is what makes vitamin C an essential nutrient for longevity!

AND, if you’re new to Infinity-C then now is the time to jump onboard by taking advantage of this one time special for getting an eight ounce bottle for only $25.95! (Note! This special offer expires Monday!) I am confident you will be totally impressed by the immune boosting powers of Infinity-C. In fact, I guarantee it.

Here I would like to emphasize what makes Infinity-C unlike the other more common vitamin C products –

1) Infinity-C is made of 100% real foods and is free of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid in other products is made from corn glucose – that’s not food. Believe it or not, studies have proven long-term use of the common ascorbic acid to actually do more harm than good. A truly healthy immune system is all about getting real vitamin C from the very superfoods that comprise Infinity-C.

2) Each serving of Infinity-C provides 1400% daily value of vitamin C. That’s the same amount of vitamin C in 14 oranges!

3) All ingredients are organically grown or harvested from the wild. That’s what makes Infinity-C so pure.

4) The amber glass bottle with rubber sealed metal lid locks in the full potency of the invaluable superfoods. Plastic containers used by other products leach toxic gas, significantly compromising the purity and potency of ingredients. Protected purity is essential for maximum potency, and is part of the philosophy I live by.

* Note! This special offer ends Monday!

With seventeen years of passion driven research and formula development, all of the Infinity Superfoods have improved the health of thousands of people, and this is my wish for you!

Yours truly and at your service always,

Billy Merritt

PS. NOTE!! — These are the 3 final days that the e-version of my book, “The Infinity Health Manual”, is FREE with your web purchase. So now is the time to take advantage of this very special offer to learn the real secrets that I have discovered to be the diet and lifestyle essentials for a truly long and healthy life…plus weight loss if you need that too.

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