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Health Perspective on December 21st, 2012 and the 10 Day New Year’s Countdown

December 21, 2012 By Billy

Well, we’re all aware of the buzz surrounding tomorrow, aren’t we?….the long-awaited winter solstice of 2012 that many people believe the Mayans predicted would signal the end of days!  And yet, the ‘prediction’ is controversial to say the least. Many scholars reject it and argue the Mayans weren’t saying this at all; rather they were perhaps hinting at the end of one era and the beginning of another. Are we at the threshold of a new era? We could be.

My belief is that we have the ability – and that it’s in our destiny – to make the world into what we wish it to be.  Whether it’s the winter solstice or  ten-day countdown to a new year, we know it’s worth contemplating how we want to move our lives forward from here!

I believe that changing the world is something each of us can begin to do  from within. As unlikely as it might seem, how we think unquestionably affects the world around us. I like to consider it from a physiological standpoint: our brains are powerful sources of energy, producing electrical energy in the form of brain waves. Scientific experiments have actually revealed a magnetic field and have measured electricity several feet outside of the human head! And all energy travels. The energy produced by your brain inevitably influences the space around you and, to some degree, the rest of the world. Ever start thinking of somebody you hadn’t heard from in a while and suddenly you get a phone call from them? It’s happened to all of us and it might just be more than coincidence.

As we continue to learn more and more about the massive ability of the  brain and human consciousness, the new era we launch into might well be based more on psychological ‘technology’ than physical technology. I feel it’s inevitable that we’re going to learn things about how our minds influence the world that are currently unimaginable, as unimaginable perhaps as space travel or smart phones would have been to someone just a hundred years ago. It might just lead to a higher way of thinking capable of producing a far more evolved reality that we live in.

For me, the really exciting thing is that we can begin transforming and strengthening our brains right now, creating a more powerful energy around us, not to mention increasing our health, longevity, and happiness. The neurological system is, in fact, the core of our health and all it needs is to be fed the right stuff; namely, oxygen, nutrient rich blood. And this you create with your lifestyle. This can happen through proper diet (more plant foods) and outdoor exercise, two things we should all commit to in the new year. But there’s even a quicker, more effective way. Breathe! This is unquestionably the most influential thing for your health. Oxygen is the most nutritive thing we can put in our bodies.

In contrast, we can see what happens when the body is deprived of oxygen. And when is it most deprived? During times of stress. It’s a law of nature: under stress, we breathe less. And anyone in the scientific or medical field will agree that there is nothing more health degrading than stress. A challenge in today’s modern world is that there’s always at least some level of underlying stress – subtle, but it’s there simply because of how many ‘irons we have in the fire’ from busy lifestyles. We’re always thinking! Good news…breathing is the balancing remedy.  It makes our thinking more clear, efficient, and productive. Those scientific experiments I mentioned above have shown measurable improvement in our neurological electricity producing happy, healthy brains.

Breathe more in 2013! I challenge you. Try it right now! Stand up (tall!). Look away from your computer screen and take ten DEEP breaths. Well, go on!  I’ll wait. ………………………………………………..

……………………………………………………………….well done.

Notice anything?  You just sent a substantial ripple effect through your body.  Done daily? – ripple effects.  Weekly?…tidal wave.  Monthly?…boom, transformation of health, happiness, longevity, relationships (even with in-laws).

Remember, the core of your health is the nervous system – the spinal cord, the brain. Feed it the most powerful ‘nutritive’ – O2!

Your brain is like a muscle. By taking this time to deliberately breathe deeply, you’re training your brain to serve your neurological system and every organ in your body.  You don’t have to call it meditation, you don’t have to sit in the lotus position and stare at a candle, though that might be great. But sit (or stand) tall and take five minutes to breathe. Believe it or not, it takes more concentration than we would imagine.  Say to yourself, ‘ok, 10 breaths!’  Counting makes it far easier to maintain concentration.  Otherwise, if you’re like me, you’ll go a few seconds before forgetting. You’ll discover in time this practice will become a habit– a lifesaving habit.  During moments of stress, with the brain being burdened by the tons of thinking we all do, you’ll find yourself automatically reverting to this balanced state that you have practiced; you’ll notice yourself breathing deeper on a consistent basis.  The more you practice this state, the more it becomes a permanent trait!  As mentioned, you will notice your thinking becoming clearer. It’ll make you healthier, it’ll make you happier. And you might be pleasantly surprised at how it can affect those around you – those that are near you…and maybe even those that are far away.

We brilliant humans are akin to do the ‘impossible’, ya know….a destiny written in the stars. The Mayans might have been onto something after all.   So take a deep breath and pass it on.

All the Best!~

Billy Merritt

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