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Just wanted to share a couple things!

January 4, 2014 By Billy

Just wanted to share a couple things!

First, Happy Belated New Year!!!!!!!

Second, Thank You! If you’re reading this you probably have read my other newsletters and maybe use the Infinity Superfoods. I wouldn’t be doing all of this without your faith and I just want to say that I am grateful.
And continuing to serve you ‘awesomeness’ is what makes me happiest!

And third, I would also like to share a few thoughts that I have been reflecting on for this year. Lets call them resolutions….a tried and tested philosophy that we all know to yield some benefit. I am really taking it seriously this year. I find that if I keep my goals in mind and then rotate a healthy life around it, these tend to work out to at least some degree of success, if not magnificent. This idea of doing real New Year’s resolutions, and then tracking it, was recommended to me by my Dad. Thank you!

So I typed and printed a list of my visions for this year and put it in a picture frame. It’s in a place where I see it often. It helps me to live accordingly because I simply think about it more. And of course we know our thought influences our actions. Assuming your thoughts are healthy, you are set to go!

Here are a few of mine –
Strengthen Body
Spend more time with family
More social life
Grow Infinity Greens
And one of my more personal goals is spiritual growth and I just wanted to humbly offer a few words….I’m definitely not trying to play a guru. It’s just something that is of most value to me and so I wish to share it with you.

One Leader and Mystic we all know says ‘prayer is not asking but is rather receiving’. God already knows what we want before we ask. I have found my main responsibility is to simply ‘be still’ to make myself fit to receive good inspiration so I can then go and do likewise.
And here is one thing I do to help me better do this. I’ve talked with you about this before, but shoot, I just want to share it again because it really works! Well, here it is – I go outside and stand tall, or sit tall! And then I concentrate on my breathing. Call it what you want. For me it takes tons of concentration. I can typically go 3 breaths before I forget and start dreaming about my day. But I’m working at it and have come quite a long ways! But dang, still got a ways to go.

Right, so here’s why I do this and what it then does for me. Why not look at this from the physiological standpoint.
Nutshell version – Simply the brain is the core of our physiological health. We know oxygen to be the most important thing…can’t go a few minutes without it, in most cases. If it’s really so important, why not do everything we can to optimize it?

I say cut to the chase and make this a part of your morning routine!

Step 1. Stand or sit tall in a quiet environment and concentrate on breathing deeper. Maintain your body’s ideal posture. You’re essentially using your body’s core strength to hold your spine straight so the body can more efficiently serve the brain with oxygen nutrient rich blood.

Step 2. Repeat.

Step 3. Yup, do it again.

A healthy brain we know to be one of the most important parts of our health. It’s good for everything! Consider that it simply does a better job of telling the whole body what to do. AND it greatly determines our emotions and how we think! So again why not do whatever you can to strengthen this foundation of your health. ….why not do it every morning for 10 minutes before you check your email or go to work.

Note – kinda cool how interaction with the invisible (O2) is what most nurtures us most. I like how the physiological body serves as a model for interaction with the Invisible on the spiritual level. I do believe that this breathing practice better enables us to better receive divine messages as a lovely side effect. One more thing I try to do at the same time is say ‘Hi God’, and then I listen. We are built to receive these kinds of messages.
I have a hunch this can feed us more than we can imagine.

So big picture.
Breathe. Send the ripple effect though your body that makes everything work substantially better. Especially our quality of thinking, and mood!
This of course has the horrendously magnificent effect of making us nicer…everyone nicer. Whoa. Health resolutions of all kinds, whether diet, exercise and even the most basic that we have been talking about, will at some point in the not too distant future make us even better people. Will that journey ever really stop? I hope not. I have a feeling this year will yield more good than much of the world thinks is possible.…. We are inevitably fit to receive from the Divine in order to make things always go better….not to mention that ‘things going better’ is just one of things we receive. Witnessing this fact by good luck in our daily lives is why faith is evolving into absolute certainty that the world is perfect as it is, and yet will still become even better. And we inevitably become peaceful mystics making us fit to then share this, yielding sustenance of global miracles. ‘Miniscule Evil avenged, Unlimited Good manifested’.
And those that come in contact with you….lucky them.

…gotta get back to my day….. lots to do! And I’m super grateful it’s mostly taking care of YOU!

Yours Truly,

Ps….one of my 2014 visions – serve you even better. If you ever have thoughts or feedback of how my products are working for you or if anything could ever be better, please let me know. I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and get right to work any time you need it. And the whole Infinity team is here for you too.



  1. Mary on   

    Thanks for the reminder Billy. Stillness is such a critical part of our overall health & happiness

    Sit still and listen to the song your heart is singing….mpaluzi

    (ps – just had my am greens and feeling GREAT!)

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