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How Infinity Greens tightens and tones the skin – and more.

July 25, 2019 By Billy

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Did you know the health of your skin is largely a reflection of the health of your body? The good news is the simplicity of it all; when it comes to healthy skin it primarily boils down to reducing inflammation. Yes, it’s that simple. But is it easy? Not so much in this day and age. The reason why is many of the most common foods in the modern diet set off an inflammatory response in the body when consumed on a regular basis. As organic as they may be, this can include foods that contain ingredients such as processed sugar, wheat flour, and cooked oil – to mention just a few. Large amounts of animal protein can be a factor, too. The solutions to this dilemma are what I talk about extensively in my book, Infinity Health Manual. Now this isn’t necessarily reason for panic. Instead, let this simple understanding be a compass to help guide you toward including more of the anti-inflammatory foods (replacing the inflammatory ones) in your everyday diet. We’ll identify what some of these are in a moment.
Now let’s talk about how this is to be reflected by the appearance of our skin. This is also simple. The degree of inflammation throughout the body is largely what influences the rate at which the body ages. The biology of it, in a nutshell, is inflammation reduces blood flow. Conversely, strong circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood is number one for maintaining our youth and vitality because the body is diligently able to restore and repair itself; to then be reflected by the performance of every organ in the body, including the skin. This is why the skin can tell us so much about what’s going on on the inside.
So the solution is pretty straight forward; add more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet. You probably guessed it; we’re talking fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, nuts and seeds high in essential fatty acids, and the right superfoods, too. Then the big question, of course, is what foods are the most effective when it comes to removing inflammation from the body? Well, it’s in fact a few very specific superfoods. These are superfoods that are providing just the right antioxidants and nutrients. Upping the intake of these specific superfoods is one of the fundamental purposes of Infinity Greens.
Virtually every superfood ingredient in Infinity Greens has an anti-inflammatory influence on the body, to some degree. Specific superfoods enhance the strength of specific organs and functions naturally to create a ripple effect eventually leading to healthier skin. There are, however, several key superfoods that together complete a spectrum of antioxidants that is by far the most effective when it comes to reducing inflammation. This high-antioxidant blend includes mangosteen, amla berry, acai berry, acerola cherry, lucuma, and goji berry. Each of these ingredients plays a vital role with fulfilling the antioxidant spectrum. Then there are the ‘energetic enhancement’ ingredients of Infinity Greens that further potentiate the influence of the antioxidant blend. This includes ginger, cayenne, Himalayan salt crystals, probiotics, and enzymes; each of which plays a vital role.
Believe it or not, there’s actually even more to it, and since we’re on a roll, I’ll share one more large factor. In order for these antioxidants to enter the body’s cells to do their restorative work, first, metabolic waste in the cells must be removed. We’ve talked about this before. Let’s call it ‘cellular-detox’. The most important element for this process is chlorophyll which is noted for its ability to remove metabolic waste from cells and toxins from tissues throughout the body. And what are the highest chlorophyll foods? Blue-green algae, including spirulina, chlorella, and klamath algae. This is why these are the fundamental superfoods of Infinity Greens. (These blue-green algae actually have many other benefits as well.) The general idea is ‘pull the toxic funk out, and put the restorative nutrients in’. This is the very essence of Infinity Greens. By the way, as powerful as it already was, did you know the Infinity Greens formula has recently been even further improved?

I share this humbly as possible, but people often ask me how I look so young relative to my age. I’m very diligent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I am confident that Infinity Greens is a vitally important part of this for all of the reasons above. The superfoods that comprise Infinity Greens have been used for millennia (except for in the western world), all of which are proven to have significant results when used on a daily basis. If you’ve been diligently incorporating Infinity Greens in your diet for at least a few months then you very likely know just what I’m talking about. Because I’m confident this would be the case for anyone using Infinity Greens is why the specified results are guaranteed.
Over the last 18 years, Infinity Greens and the other Infinity Superfoods have become a powerful force, enhancing the lives of many thousands of people, and my wish is for you to be included. If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the tremendous benefits of the Infinity superfoods and health information that I have to share in my book, Infinity Health Manual, then pass this message along to your friends and family (or even better, give them some Infinity products to try!) since naturally they will receive the awesome benefits, too.

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