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Infinity-C Bars!

January 16, 2016 By Billy

Howdy Friend!!

The Infinity-C Bars are back and better than ever!!

What makes the Infinity-C Bars so awesome is actually simple!! Each Infinity-C Bar has 1000mg of real Vitamin C from 100% Organic and Wild-Crafted superfoods! That’s the equivelent Vitamin C in 14 oranges…14!….not to mention the Infinity-C Bar is less than 200 calories, comprised solely of other health enhancing foods including raw almond butter, honey, flax seeds and cranberries – all organic!

There is tons of scientific data that high doses of Vitamin C are greatly health enhancing in many significant ways (especially with the immune system)! And on top of it all, the Infinity-C bars taste absolutely amazing!!

If you haven’t already given the Infinity-C bars a shot, then take advantage of this opportunity to try one and get Free shipping using the coupon below.  There is no minimum purchase required!  The Infinity-C bars truly are awesome, and you might just be blown away!!

Free shipping coupon, good for one week (expires 1/23/16) – FreeshippingwithCbars

A greater degree of health and happiness is to be yours this year!! It boils down to just including more health enhancing elements in our lifestyle – healthy diet, exercise, nature, postive thinking, healing arts, friends…you know the drill!  It’s doesn’t have to be hard!  Rather I say we make it fun!  The level of reward may just be beyond the expected. You in?

Yours Truly,

Billy Merritt

PS!!… I very much consider the outdoor dance events I have been producing here in Taos to be among the most health enhancing things we can do for ourselves!  Truly, I do!! Come and you’ll see why!!

Well good news!….February 14 a StarTribe event is on the radar!!  Ott is coming!…a musician loved by hundreds of thousands!!  This will be a classic StarTribe outdoor bonfire dance event!  I promise this will be very much worth the drive or flight to be here!  And anyone visiting Taos for the first time…prepare to blown away!!  The natural beauty of the Northern New Mexico landscape is truly extraordinary – a vital part of what makes a StarTribe event so amazing and unlike anything else! This event also lands on a holiday weekend making the journey all the more worth it!

Visit www.StarTribe.org for details! If you’re coming then get your presale early because tickets are limited to 500, and this StarTribe event will very likely sell out!

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