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July 2011 Newsletter

July 1, 2011 By Billy

2 critical diet factors for weight loss – The straight up facts

Dear Health Enthusiast,

The following two factors can have tremendous impact on seriously dropping some pounds. You ready?

  1. You’ve got to have the right veggies (and moderate amounts of fruit, but not too much)!Adequate consumption of these foods has fallen short in the average diet. Instead a large percentage of the modern diet is starchy, sugary and processed foods (even foods that we may not think of as processed) like breads, pastas, potatoes, crackers, chips, corn, snack foods, sugar drinks (even fruit drinks), etc. These foods are devoid of any significant nutrients, thus not giving the body of it really needs . . . vitamins, minerals, and enzymes! Nutrients are what our bodies are starving for, and there is no replacement for the optimum source, the right plant foods!

    The recent trends in obesity and other health problems are due primarily to overeating. A diet of processed and starchy foods does not deliver what the body needs, so the appetite remains unsatisfied. When we have more nutrient rich foods, our bodies know it! It’s those nutrient-rich foods that satisfy!

    Here’s an experiment. When hungry, eat several large leaves of green kale (a super nutrient dense food). This is only an experiment, so don’t despair . . . I’ve included awesomely delicious recipes below. So again, eat that kale and notice how your appetite is greatly reduced even though this is a nominal amount of calories. Your body knows that it is getting exceptional health creating sustenance and then responds by reducing your appetite to instinctively protect you from overeating. Now, for the second part of the experiment: Have a plate of pasta with marinara sauce (a processed, starchy and nutrient depleted food). Notice that despite feeling full, you’re still craving something and maybe even feeling a bit tired. Generally it is a sugary dessert that follows . . . another nutrient depleted food.

    What about Dieting? It sort of works for a while, however this technique falls short in achieving better overall health because it is basically restraining a diet that is already nutrient deficient. The short-term goal of weight loss may be achieved, but this is only a temporary solution simply because the body’s metabolism slows down to accommodate less available fuel. When regular eating continues the weight comes back due to a slowed metabolism . . . and sometimes with a vengeance.

    And Multivitamins? “What if I don’t have time to prepare healthy food?” or “What if I’m not crazy about my vegetables, can I take a multivitamin instead?” Thing is, the human body has evolved over many thousands of years sustained all along with foods from the earth. Only in recent years have we seen a departure from this vital relationship. Multivitamins are synthetically processed! Best-case scenario, the body only absorbs a few percent of these fake nutrients. Furthermore, various minerals in such a concentrated form can put a toxic load on the kidneys.

    Fill gaps in your diet with Superfoods! These are the real “multivitamins”. Examples: Blue-Green Algae, Seaweed, Herbs (Nettles, Horsetail, Basil) super-high-antioxidant fruits (goji, mangosteen, acerola, amla berry, blue-berries, camu camu), etc. These are foods that have exceptional loads of nutrients beyond the more common fruits and veggies. Other more well known foods that would also qualify as superfoods are kale, arugula, collard & mustard greens, parsley, pomegranate . . . to mention a few. (I’ve included more of these foods below in my recipes)

    The win-win solution to any diet – be it weight loss, increased energy, or healing – is to add the natural & nutrient dense foods to your diet . . . eat and drink your organic veggies and superfoods! There is no substitute for these natural goodies.

  2. The Right Fats are essential (Not low fat – No!)
    First of all, fats in your diet are essential for health. It is vital for many of the body’s functions. Fat is needed for the body to absorb vitamins and minerals referred to as fat-soluble nutrients. Fats are also needed for healthy joints and connective tissues. And consider that the human brain is 80% fat; this alone makes proper fats in the diet critical. Finally, fat is needed for fueling the body just like carbs . . . both are fuel!Don’t be bamboozled to go “low fat”! Here is a crucial reality check: when the low-fat diets began 20 years ago, Americans got fatter! Here’s why: Fats satiate and curb the appetite to prevent overeating (similar to nutrients). Consider this . . . we all know how we can sit down with a bag of potato bags and polish the whole thing. Same with corn chips, crackers, popcorn, bread, pasta, and other starchy products. Notice that these are mostly low fat foods. We can easily over-do these starchy foods that do not satisfy. And what does your body do with these starch calories that burn up right away? It’s stored as fat to be used as energy later – doh! This is also why calorie counting has become such a fad; gotta control that appetite somehow, especially if you’re not giving your body those fats that truly satisfy. So fuel up with fats (we will talk about the good fats below).

    This can be a confusing subject because fats have also been named the “culprit” of obesity and other diseases. This can be true, but here’s the thing: it’s really a matter of not understanding healthy versus unhealthy fats that is the true problem. First, here’s why we went “low fat” in the first place; at the common grocery store, it is aisle after aisle of packaged foods that have somewhere in the ingredients hydrogenated, rancid, or cooked vegetable oils. As a general rule, these cooked and unhealthy fats are one of the primary causes of putting the pounds on. Why? Fats break down under high temperatures. Law of nature – when fats are heated/cooked (i.e. oils, nuts, seeds, meats, etc.), free radicals are produced that when consumed, suppress the thyroid. You zap your thyroid and you zap your metabolism. Not good.

    In a nutshell the right fats = Raw fats! This is good news! It is simply a matter of upgrading to raw fats. This throws the low fat theory out the window! Let’s take it to a whole new level and make the majority of the fats in our diet raw – i.e. cold-pressed oils, raw nuts and seeds preferably sprouted), avocados, etc. And if you have fish and meats in your diet, at least try to stick with the low fat versions and keep away from pork and beef products, especially ground products.

    More good news! there are some exceptions to the cooking with oils rule. It’s those saturated fats! I know this may raise some eyebrows, but coconut oil and butter (or clarified butter) are the two exceptions to the heating rule. These oils are far more heat stable than all others making them the best choice for any cooking. Anytime you are baking, frying, sauteing be sure to you use the heat stable oils! *However, something to be mindful of – while these particular saturated fats are not fattening, they can potentially raise cholesterol levels . . . definitely something to be mindful of, especially in those later years. But most of us should have em’ in our pantry!

    To sum up fats: Most of us would do well to eat as many of these healthy fats as we crave – again, unless cholesterol levels or some other health situation are an issue. However, some fats are the key element to reducing cholesterol (i.e. fish and flax seed oils – the omega-3s). So for goodness sake, try to have more of these raw fats! You will enjoy the benefits of now easily curbing your appetite and not completely over-do it with starchy foods. As far as the balance of fat, carbs, and protein, you gotta feel it out . . . your needs are unique! But most of us would do far better on less starchy foods and more healthy fats.

Your diet is a powerful avenue for quality of life enhancement. More of these healthy foods in the diet will displace some of the less healthy choices. And because we will “feel” a difference, our tastes tend to gravitate toward healthier options. Lastly, these 2 keys to your diet not only help you lose weight . . . they also improve your overall health, increase your longevity, and activate your vitality! This is a crucial factor for getting off the couch and exercising again like you’re 20! That is the 3rd factor, and your diet is where to begin!

Here are a couple easy recipes to do right away!

The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie – It’s all about how you start
your day!

Into the Blender:
1/2 of a sliced pear
2 – 3 strawberries
1 handful ice cubes
4 oz. pure water
1 tablespoon flax seed oil
1/2 banana or 1 tsp. honey (a stevia packet is great alternative for a low sugar smoothie)
2 heaping teaspoons of Infinity Greens
1 round tablespoon Infinity Protein
Optional until the cold season: 1 round teaspoon Infinity-C
Blend & Enjoy!

The Ultimate Salad – takes just 5 minutes

  • A couple handfuls of arugula into the bowl, a few leaves of basil, and a handful of sunflower sprouts. I prefer to crush them up a little bit with my fingers. This makes it tender.
  • Sliced avocado, cucumber, pickle, a few sun-cured olives and handful of raw sauerkraut
  • A sprinkle of Billy’s Sprouted Almonds (for healthy fats with a crunch), crushed up flax cracker, dulse flakes, Celtic sea salt and cayenne.
  • Pour on the olive oil and juice of one lemon – add a dash of balsamic vinegar

Give it a little stir and voila!
Optional: Add some sliced wild salmon if you feel you need it.

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Wishing you awesome health!

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