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March 2007 Newsletter

March 1, 2007 By Billy

Dearest Friends, Health Enthusiasts, and Green Drink Lovers:

I send my deepest thanks for all the support from your purchases, feedback, and words of encouragement that have helped tremendously in building the greens operation to what it is today.

Naturally there have been bumps along the way from which I have learned some good lessons! One of which was my nutrition newsletter.

A while back the number of subscribers exceeded what my e-mail account could handle, and so I attempted to upgrade to a more technical system by myself.failing to consider that my skills are not in the realm of computer science. When I tried to send a message it would send multiple messages of the wrong thing. At the time it felt like all hell had broken loose!

So anyway, I learned to “ask for help” when the task is out of the realm of super-food alchemy and nutrition theorizing. Ha! We finally got that one worked out and now my newsletters will continue to flow smoothly again . . . promise!

The intent of these letters is to give you the nutritional wisdom of how to effectively elevate the health and well being of your life. Generally I focus in the realm of nutrition since what you put in your body is one of the key determining factors and is reflected in every facet of your health. The topics of different letters in the past have been broad and comprehensive, and soon will be available for your review in the “new letter” link on my website. Inquiries of nutrition that I receive from you all will help direct the subject matter of future letters. I will always work to keep you up to speed with new cutting edge information on nutritional self improvement with proven easy to use concepts, techniques, and products.

A note for 2007

Many of us have made resolutions for self-improvement in the arena of health. The Universe sends its congratulations. Rest assured that Mother Nature and your body’s intuitive wisdom work well together and both conspire on your behalf for elevated health. This is seen if we look at the availability of health transforming nutrition from the abundance of exotic super-foods sourced from around the planet. Mother nature has been up to something . . . and it’s for all for your good!

Nutrients are gaining a new appreciation as we see the higher grade vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from super-foods enable a level of personal health not yet experienced.

Conventional thinking pertaining to nutrition tends to believe that even if we try harder/do better, our health will always be “middle of the road” in terms of immune system, energy level, weight, etc. And so the feedback I receive from customers using my greens formula is always one of surprise in how their improved nutrient intake shows up in such a significant degree in every facet of their health. The explanation is a chemical one. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are simply equations of energy that stimulate improved function of particular organs that over time, equates transforming the body’s inner atmosphere. An example is in how Stinging Nettles stimulate extra blood flow through the respiratory system, enabling the lungs to infuse the blood with more oxygen . . . or Herbal Horsetail beautifying the skin with added silica.

Because the difference of added nutrient support is felt and perceived, it produces an intuitive nutrition awakening in the body and a willingness to create further change in the favor of health. Such change compiles and snowballs in the direction of continued health for a lifetime. And we understand this to be a principle of all life to evolve and improve to it’s greatest yet to be.

While self improvement may start here, the continued improvement of your health is not limited to the realm of nutrition. The increased energy from better nutrition generates a willingness to exercise and move around more. Improved brain function from nutrients like phenalethlymene from Klamath Algae reflects in the more subtle realms of health like improved mood and sleep cycles. And while nutrition is not the end-all of health it absolutely does catalyze an improvement of every facet of health mentioned.energy levels, immune system, sexual function, mood, sleep cycle, weight loss, etc.

As you embark on the whole body luxury of elevated nutrition with superfoods lovingly provided by Mother Nature, you will achieve beyond your intended desire for improving your health. This is my heartfelt wish.

May you continue to elevate and inspire yourself and those around you on this life long journey of self-evolution. And may exquisite health be yours by nature!



Water from 1 Thai coconut
Meat scooped from inside coconut
2 round tablespoons dried Goji berries..found at any natural food store
1 round tablespoon Billy’s Infinity Greens

Zingity-Bling Pesto Dip
Big handful fresh spinach
1 ripe Roma tomato
Juice of 2 lemons
2 round tablespoons pine nuts
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 round tablespoon Billy’s Greens
1 teaspoon sea salt
Dash of cayenne

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