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Optimum Meal Sequencing Part 1 ~ Breakfast

April 4, 2012 By Billy

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Hey, do ya remember hearing mom repeat the old adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, we all know mom was right – however, it needs to be fine tuned! Breakfast IS important, but when and what you fuel your body with is really what it boils down to.
Here’s the fine-tuned version of mom’s advice in 3 tips:

1. First, you gotta take in those essentials!~ at least 8 ounces of water, and oxygen!- Your body has been in a dormant state for hours and these are life force number one. My feet hit the ground and ‘boom’, 8 ounces of pure water and a couple of deep breaths to get that oxygenated blood flowing. Blood carries oxygen, and oxygen is life! Ahhh…

2. Shot of nutrients- This is the most important time of the day to have your superfoods! Start your day with nutrient dense food which provides vital nourishment for sustained energy. I know I’m bragging about my superfoods, but for real, this is the golden hour to add these nutrients which will be reflected in how you feel all day – not to mention curbing junk-food craving. Also liquid/drinkable nutrition in the morning is best since your digestion is just firing up.
Most of us start with caffeine, which gives you a quick boost of energy with an equally fast crash – not to mention it increases your body’s acidity. Trying to lose weight? Starting your day with coffee means empty calories and a lot of stimulation that leads to undulating energy levels, and ultimately, a lower metabolism if proper nutrition isn’t provided. Starting with Greens reduces the need for as much caffeine- so rather than 2 cups of coffee, perhaps just a cup of your beloved chai will suffice.
So, toss a heaping spoonful of Infinity Greens into water, juice or a make it a full-fledged breakfast smoothie (see my favorite recipe below). If you plan on making a your smoothie a full breakfast, be sure it’s a balanced meal that also contains some protein and healthy fats (explained below). Fruit is great, providing natural sugars that are easily digested, but with healthy fats and protein, it’s a winning trifecta of sustained energy and health. Stir it up, drink it down and feel your body’s engine start. Then?

3. Balanced meal of protein, fat and carbohydrates ~ In order to get the best “bang for your buck”, you gotta to have balance! This balancing act isn’t a diet tip, it’s how our bodies synthesize foods into long-lasting energy. Crucial info ~ best to have low to moderate amounts of protein in the morning because protein is harder for the body to digest, and remember, your digestive system is just warming up. I consider eggs or protein in your smoothie to be the exception. Stay away from too much dairy and all meats in the morning. Complex carbs and healthy fats are both fuel, so have as much as you need.
Simple equations to remember:
• Foods high in fiber, good fats and low/moderate protein = balanced energy and stabilized blood sugar levels.
• Starchy foods that are highly processed and are low fat and protein free = quick release of energy/spike in blood sugar levels. Yo!…this is almost any cereal!…even the ‘natural’ ones. Read those ingredients! Wheat flour, corn, sugar(disguised as ‘evaporated cane juice’) – boooo! stay away from those if you wanna feel great all day. Cereal with sprouted grains are OK! Just add some protein/fats like sprouted nuts/seeds and a touch of healthy sweetness like raw honey.
Some Breakfast ideas :
• “The clean, mean, green machine” Smoothie- turn your green drink into a full-fledged breakfast by adding some carbs (try a banana or pear), healthy fats (flax oil and hemp seeds) and protein (Infinity Protein powder or duck livers- ok, maybe pass on that one) ~ recipe below.
• “The mover and shaker”- Rolled oats (oatmeal!)- especially if you are planning a workout, more complex carbs are good because it’s a faster burning fuel. You can’t go wrong with adding some melted coconut oil, cinnamon, sprouted almonds, blueberries and a touch of honey. YUM.
• “The Classic”- Eggs with a piece of sprouted grain toast. Yup, I know it may surprise you that I recommend eggs, but I feel they are a perfect food. Myth: Cholesterol is bad, therefore eggs are bad. Fact: The body needs some cholesterol in order to function properly(ie balance hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids that help to digest fat). Eating foods high in saturated fat CAN lead to higher levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, but eggs only have 1 gram of saturated fat. So, go ahead- crack an egg or two or three and fry it up in a bit of coconut oil(yes, coconut is a saturated fat and I’ll talk about it in my May newsletter). Just make sure they are organic eggs- who wants to eat something that’s been living off a poor diet themselves?

Timing, Combinations and Sequencing:
The concept of breakfast hasn’t changed much- go to any diner and you’ll see the “eggs, bacon, toast” combo. As with all things, when we educate ourselves, we have to flip the script on some of these die-hard outdated conventions! Eating dense proteins (bacon, sausage, dairy) combined with starchy foods (that heaping pile of hashbrowns) lead to that, oh so sleepy, feeling that should NOT be happening at the start of your day! Save the food coma for Thanksgiving dinner and jump start your day with foods that will optimize your performance.
Law of Nature ~ Whole grains/complex carbs combine well with good fats. Proteins and healthy fats combine well too. Carbs and Protein? ~ not so good. Reason is, the body produces 2 different kinds of enzymes to digest each one, and this makes us tired.
Equally important is the timing! We all know mornings can be hectic- trying to make a smoothie, cook your eggs, feed the dog, get the kids out the door….sheesh, be realistic about what your schedule will allow for. Spreading your breakfast out over the course of a few hours is fine! Breaking your meals down into smaller, more frequent feedings is what the body would prefer for most us anyway. So, down your glass of greens and take your oatmeal to work.

Here is the quick nut-shell version of what I do ~
I shake up my greens and protein in a jar of water. Then I have my one cup o’ chai – one cup! ~ used to have 4 until I began having my nutrients first! Then an hour later I have 3 eggs fried in coconut oil with a piece of 100% rye bread. Note ~ most ‘rye bread’ is total junk because it’s wheat bread with a hint of rye. It all boils down to what the ingredients are, so take a look! Sometimes I’ll pass on the eggs and simply have a big smoothie with blended fruit and healthy fats. Recipe ~ Blend 1 sliced pear, half banana, handful ice cubes, 1 cup water, round tablespoon protein, 3 round teaspoons greens, round tablespoon hemp seeds, and tablespoon flax seed oil ~ puts the spring in my step, spark in my eye.

Stay tuned: we will delve into optimizing your lunch in the next newsletter.

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As always, wishing you awesome health!~
Billy Merritt

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