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The first Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu sold out in less than two days; so I’m now planning a second one!

– August 10-16, Peru Adventure and Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu –

(Limited permits for the Inca Trail are selling fast and could be sold out in as soon as one week; so call the Infinity Team right away if you’re feeling it – 877-291-1990)

A personal note about the program –

I’m often asked why, when I’m already busy running Infinity Greens, I take groups of people like you to places like Peru and Nepal on these one-week trekking adventures. Truthfully I’ve found these experiences to be a ‘superfood’ for the soul. I really do feel that deep in the mountains of Peru there’s an ancient magic unlike any other place on earth that has the capacity to refresh life-perspective, recharge mental and spiritual batteries, and perhaps teach you something invaluable about yourself that words simply can’t. That has been my personal experience. The six day Peru adventure has been tailored just for you in order to meet this goal.

I’d also like to emphasize the camaraderie when trekking with a group of other high-minded people (likely will be ten of us) can be quite the bonding experience, naturally making new life-long friends –  and it’s tons of fun too! Another big part of the program is I’ll be sharing my entire wealth of knowledge about the many essentials for a truly healthy and empowered life.

Rate –

The all-inclusive cost of this 6 day program is $1395.

What’s included in the trip cost –

All food, lodging, and transportation after arrival in Cusco.

Getting there – 

Plan to arrive early enough in Cusco to meet at the hotel at noon on August 10. Most people fly through Lima; so you’ll need to arrive in Lima by August 9 in order to catch a morning flight to Cusco on the 10th. Of course you can always arrive in Cusco a day earlier if you want. There are plenty of fun things to do.

Food –

The majority of your diet will be food that is traditional to Peru that is simple and nutritious, and you will be able to eat as much as you need. And of course the superior Infinity Superfoods, Bars and sprouted nuts and seeds. Note – there is no alcohol on Infinity adventures since it’s all about the empowerment of mind and body.

Accommodations –

On August 10 and 11, we’ll be staying at a beautiful 3-4 star hotel in Cusco. It’s right in the middle of the most culturally rich part of the city with markets selling local art just a short walk from the hotel.

Once on the trek, we’ll be staying in provided tents along the trail that are clean and provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

Level of physical activity and preparation –

We will be hiking up to 7 hours per day and reaching an altitude of 13,800 feet, so at least a moderate level of physical fitness is required. Maintaining an exercise regimen before your trip is important. If you have any unhealthy eating and drinking habits such as processed sugar, diet soda, and alcohol, I strongly recommend that you abstain from them for at least two weeks prior to your trip!

Enabling you to walk at your own pace –

Along with myself there will be two other mountain guides plus a team of porters that will provide the opportunity to hike at a pace that’s suitable for you.

Porter service is available to carry your belongings –

Thanks to the option of having a porter, you can choose for your personal belongings to be carried for you. During the hikes you would only carry your daypack with water, snacks, and extra layers for any changes in weather if you choose this service. The porter fee for the entire trek is $165, and I highly recommend it.

Itinerary –

Again, plan to arrive in Cusco early enough to meet up at noon at the hotel on August 10! Most people fly through Lima. You’ll need to arrive in Lima by the 9th in order to catch a morning flight to Cusco on the 10th. I suggest arriving a day earlier since there are plenty of fun things to do.

In Cusco, for the 10th and 11th, we’ll have a chance to share meals together and go on two local tours to historical sites, including the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley Tour to some of the sacred sites that were located at the heart of the Inca Empire is simply incredible. We’ll take it light these first two days in order to give ourselves time to adjust to the altitude.

Inca Trail Trek Itinerary – 

We start hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu on August 12, and hike for four days until we arrive at Machu Picchu on the 15th.

Day 1 on the Inca Trail (August 12) –

The first day of the trek is relatively easy and serves as training for the days to follow. You’ll also get a good view over the extensive Inca ruins of Llactapata. We’ll then pass through the small village of Wayllabamba (3,000m) where we will spend the night.

Day 2 –

Climbing up from Wayllabamba for a few hours through increasingly spectacular terrain brings you to a high mountain meadow called Llulluchapampa (3,680m). It’s then another couple hours hiking to the highest pass of the trail (Abra de Huarmihuañusca) at 4,200m. The decent from the pass takes us to the 2nd night’s campsite at Pacamayo (3,600m).

Day 3 –

From Pacamayo it takes about an hour to climb up to the ruins of Runkuracay. Then we climb to the top of the second pass, Abra de Runkuracay (4,000m). From the pass we’ll arrive at Sayacmarca (which means ‘Inaccessible Town’). The name of the town describes the position of the ruins perfectly. The trail then climbs up to another pass that offers excellent views of several snow-capped peaks including Salkantay (6,180m) and Veronica (5,750m). Shortly after the pass is Phuyupatamarca, the most impressive Inca ruin along the trek. The name means ‘Town in the Clouds’, and you’ll see why. From here, after about an hour of walking through cloud forest we’ll arrive at the campsite, Wiñay Wayna.

Day 4 –

The trail from Wiñay Wayna to Machu Picchu will take a couple hours. We’ll wake early in order to get to Machu Picchu before sunrise. The trail contours a mountainside and drops into cloud forest leading up to the final pass at Inti Punku (Sun Gate). Suddenly the whole of Machu Picchu is spread out before you in all its glory – a fantastic sight for all. When you arrive at the ruins you’ll have plenty of time to take photos of Machu Picchu from the classic view point with a complete tour of the major sectors.

After our day at Machu Picchu we will return to Cusco to have a final evening together back at our hotel where we will share our stories of what will be a grand life-adventure… then we can share more the following morning (Sunday 8/16) with a hot cup of coffee (or tea!), in hand. If you wish to stay in Cusco longer I can get in touch with a great travel agent.

The question is, are you in? Email me now (billy@infinitygreens.com), if yes, and let’s get you signed up since permits could sell out in as soon as one week. Or you can call the Infinity Team at 877-291-1990, and they’ll get you taken care of.

Yours Truly,

Billy Merritt