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Billy Merritt

Health Consultation by Phone with Billy Merritt


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Dear Friend,

I can guarantee you that living the information I have to share with you will be reflected by your longevity, energy, ability to heal, clarity of mind, and even your happiness. And weight loss, too, if that’s something you wish for. The dietary and lifestyle protocols I have developed are the very tools that I watched enhance the health of thousands of people at the Ashram health retreat where I worked as a trainer and nutritionist for eleven years. I very much anticipate it would do the same for you, regardless of your body type and present condition. And, together, we can make all of this fun, too. Watching people improve their lives by living the protocols I have to offer is why this is my driving passion.

Yours truly and at your service always,


* Note – while I can’t give medical advice I can provide tips for improving any health condition.