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Infinity Health Manual

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The Essentials for Longevity, Weight Loss & the Mind…Simplified

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Dear Friend,

I can guarantee you that living the information found in the Infinity Health Manual will be reflected by your longevity, energy, ability to heal, clarity of mind, and even your happiness. And weight loss, too, if that’s something you wish for. The honed dietary and exercise protocols included are the very tools that I watched enhance the health of thousands of people at the Ashram health retreat where I worked as a trainer and nutritionist for eleven years. I very much anticipate this information will do the same for you, regardless of your body type and present condition. We will also delve into topics such as hydration, sleep, and other lifestyle essentials for achieving your greatest health possible. The best news it’s all relatively easy to do. One could write volumes on health, but I’ve distilled what was originally 450 pages of material down to 150 pages of what I’ve experienced to be the most effective techniques for the amount of effort they require. And I think you’ll find all of this a lot of fun, too. Who says learning to be healthy can’t be an enjoyable experience?

I want to let you know that the information I have to share with you comes from experience that has made the material in this book my driving passion. It’s my very life. I’d like to make this material a part of your life, too.

And to better feel if this speaks to you, you’re invited to read the full introduction.

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Yours truly, and at your service always,

Billy Merritt


Billy truly knowns his field. His own lifestyle is a testament to his expertise, and his sharing of that expertise through his book is a wonderful gift for anybody seeking a healthier, richer, fuller life.

~ Dr. Marc Darrow, MD


As a traditional naturopath for the last thirty years, I known that Billy’s understanding of health is not only impressive, but unique. He has honed important information that I have seen pay off in a very big way of the overall health and wellbeing of many people, my patients included.

~ Dr. Judy Seeger, ND


I love Billy’s knowledge. Living it I can feel a big difference. Thank you Billy!

~ Cindy Crawford