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Vanilla Protein Bar

, 12 Bars per Box

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Pure Protein Power

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Dear Reader,

The Infinity Protein Bar, consisting of the purest organic ingredients on earth, includes a serving of the Infinity Protein formula. Health enhancing nutrition never tasted so good!

What makes Infinity Superfood Bars Superior:

  • GENUINELY HEALTHY SUPERFOODS – All Infinity Bars are free of soy, peanuts, cashews, dairy, and agave, and are comprised solely of genuinely healthy superfoods.
  • PLEDGE FOR 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – EXCELLENCE: accurately formulated according the principles of superfood alchemy. PURITY: championing the finest organic ingredients blended and formulated in a certified GMP facility. POTENCY: using the most nutrient dense and healthiest foods on earth.
  • BEST VALUE – my promise to you is the Infinity Superfoods are provided at the absolute best prices possible to make sure you are getting the most benefit for your investment.
  • 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – The Infinity Bars are precision blends of the purest and tastiest ingredients:

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein provides a perfectly balanced level of all nine amino acids for a complete protein of incomparable purity, making it a superior alternative to soy and whey proteins.
Organic Tapioca Fiber from cassava root is an excellent source of soluble fiber, pantothenic acid, folate, B6, iron, manganese, calcium, copper and selenium.
Organic Almonds are revered to be the perfect balance of protein and heart-healthy fatty acids, AND are the highest plant source of natural vitamin D, making them essential!
Organic Dates are the potassium powerhouse! This is an essential nutrient for metabolizing protein and creating muscle!
Organic Vanilla produces amazing flavor like nothing else and has always been noted to have to have unique aphrodisiac properties. Woohoo!
Organic Sesame Seeds are an excellent source of copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum, and selenium – just to name a few!
Organic Chia Seeds are revered to be a perfect food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.
Organic Nopal cactus is revered to be the ultimate blood sugar stabilizer. This is what produces a bar that remarkably satisfies appetite and sustains energy with just 260 calories!
Organic Raw Honey made by bees from the nectar of flowers has many extraordinary health enhancing properties. Studies have proven honey to boost the immune system, enhance energy levels, improve sleep, speed healing, and help maintain youth and vigor.

* Final ingredients – Love and Integrity! The new Infinity Protein Bars have been a two year journey to produce the ultimate protein bar recipe. Experiencing a new level of flavor and purity will be inevitable!

With seventeen years of passion driven research, the Infinity Superfoods have shown to enhance the lives of thousands of people, and this is my wish for you!

Yours truly and at your service always,

Yours truly and at your service always,

Billy (and my Infinity Team)