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Raw Thai Coconut Curry Soup

November 3, 2011 By Billy

This one is delicious! Many raw vegetables can be tough for the body to digest because of the tough and course nature of cell walls in plants. And one of my favorite strategies is to puree raw vegetables into dip, sauces and soups. That way it makes them easy to digest and very palatable and also maintains that nutrient/enzyme rich quality.

Raw Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Blend in Blender:
1 Thai coconut (1 cup water and all of meat scooped out from coconut)
you can also use a can of coconut milk . . . it’s still a very nourishing fat.
2 leaves collard greens
Juice from half lemon
Sea salt to taste
Round teaspoon Thai curry paste
Round teaspoon miso
Optional: Add a serving of Infinity Greens for a boost of antioxidants and nutrients!

Warm and serve.


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