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April 29, 2014 By Billy

Remember reading my weight-loss article last month? We did a refresher a few days ago about cutting back on the processed grains and starches.
Did you do it? How did it go?

NOW it’s time to do a short refresher with how to manage sugar! Remember that sweet foods and drinks metabolize into fat almost instantaneously!
It’s those darn bottled drinks! Even in the ‘natural’ stuff. (remember that for fruit juice to be sitting for months in a container it has to be pasteurized, heated! Really any benefit is compromised).

So what do you say for just three days let’s cut WAY back on bottled drinks that have any sweetener! note – artificial sweeteners are not an option! Stevia okay!

* Of course the BIG exception is a fresh smoothie that you make at home!!
We all have a sweet tooth and why not keep it happy with the premium!

Just a few days! Let’s do this!
Let’s minimize –
sweetened non-dairy milks (ie. almond, rice, soy)
bottled fruit juice
pre-packaged smoothies
Sweetened teas.
* Why not a little honey or coconut nectar in your morning tea be an exception! But use less. Just a little does the trick!

This is just the first step, and we’re making it easy! No need to be hard-core and go 100% sugar-free, unless you want to. But let’s start with something manageable!

Having a few pieces of fruit throughout the day will make this much easier!
Do superfood smoothie in the morning, sweetened only with fruit! Why not a banana? Mix it in a blender with water, InfinityGreens and some fresh almond butter – amazing, and easy.

Why not have a pear, watermelon, peach, OR berries with lunch? So many options!

Something for dessert? How about yogurt, blueberries and almonds?

So what do you say? You in? You’ll be glad you did this!!!
Why? Because you’ll have more stable energy and experience how your body simply operates better without processed sweeteners and packaged juice products. Tried and tested by many of us. Note – day one you may experience a hint of withdraw. No big deal. Hang in there. Just remember, this is a massive step towards losing some serious weight if you want it!

Yours Truly,
Billy Merritt


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