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September 2009 Newsletter

September 1, 2009 By Billy

An Ever-Improving Formula

Hi There!

As always, Infinity Greens is better and more potent than ever before. Every time I formulate a new batch, I have the feeling “this is it . . . and it will be this way forever!” But formulation of these herbs, algaes, superfoods is my art and passion, and I can’t help it . . . I always feel the pull to take it to an even higher level. Here’s what we did this round, and I know you’ll feel the difference.

Included 3 new organic Superfoods:

  1. Organic, wild-grown Klamath Algae Extract(750 milligrams per serving). Yup, you’ll definitely feel this one.The skinny on Organic Klamath Algae Extract:
      • Loaded with 64 deeply nourishing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Dr. Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Institute, simply states this is “the most nutritious food on the planet.”
      • The highest concentration of phenylethylamine of any superfood and is revered for its nourishing, balancing effect on the brain. Phenylethylamine has tested to be extremely beneficial for mental clarity, focus, energy and mood.

    Organic Algae is the richest source of chlorophyll of any food which is tested to be essential for detoxification. Detoxing the body of heavy metals, water and food contaminants, and free radicals is a crucial link in weight loss!

  2. Organic Acai Berry Extract.Nature’s ultimate rejuvenator.Here’s the scoop on Acai Berry:
    • It has been shown to contain many times the rejuvenating anthocyanins of any other antioxidant rich food. Anthocyanins are the essential link in free-radical damage reversal and cancer prevention from sun exposure, microwaves, and air pollution.
    • The high Flavanoid/Anthocyanin Antioxidant concentration neutralizes harmful free radicals. This protects the thyroid function, which is reflected in a strong metabolism. The hype around Acai Berry being a weight loss food is true when considering the thyroid protective nature in the long term.
  3. Organic Aloe Extract(200:1 concentration) The number 1 superfood for gastro-intestinal health. As many of you know, much of my formula is intended to be the ultimate gastrointestinal therapy. Between the 25 billion live probiotics per serving, the mucilaginous fiber from sprouted flax and chia seed meal, and the cactus blend of nopal and aloe, Infinity Greens is awesome for gastrointestinal health and balancing.What’s brilliant about Aloe Extract?
      • Aloe vera is touted as being the most effective healing food for reducing inflammation and restoring a balanced ph in the gastrointestinal system.
      • Aloe has tested to reduce arthritic swelling up to 80% and reduce blood sugar 45% in diabetics without any other changes to the diet. Wow!

    This 200:1 aloe concentrate is one of my new personal favorites and is an amazing contribution to the overall formula. The remarkable effects on digestion and elimination alone make it an essential superfood. Consider that healthy digestion is key for effective absorption of life sustaining nutrients!

I formulate a batch of Infinity Greens every couple months, and I really love the process. This is my art and passion, and I pour real heart and soul into it. You have my word that I am bringing you the very best superfoods on the planet. And remember that this formula is based in organic and wild-grown algae (the most nutritious food on earth!) and not grasses, which is what makes this formula so different from all the rest. Infinity Greens is solely effective superfoods, and each superfood included has a very specific purpose for being there. Oh, and more good news . . . version 5.6 is by far the best tasting yet!

It’s always a pleasure to support you in creating the greatest health possible.

Wishing all the best to my family, friends and customers ~

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