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The All New Infinity~C Bars Are Here!… Immune Boosting Superfood Bars!

December 11, 2012 By Billy


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Introducing The First and Only Vitamin C Bar on Earth.


THE ELITE INGREDIENTS: Organic Almond Butter, Organic Raw Honey, Organic Dates, Organic Cranberries, Organic Sprouted Flax-seeds, Infinity~C* (acerola berry*, camu camu*, ginger root*, astragalus root*, alma berry*, shilajit*), Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Organic Sesame Seeds and Lots of Love!

* = wild-crafted…which is even better than organic!

FREE of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Sugar, Ascorbic Acid and GMO.

 Now there is a way to get your dose of immune boosting Infinity~C Superfoods! … made with raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients – elite nutrition ready to eat anywhere, any time! Doesn’t get better than that.

Let’s talk about why it’s essential to, especially this time of year, to get as much Vitamin C as possible. And, what makes the Infinity~C formula such an elite form of Vitamin C?

Benefits of Vitamin C

In the same way that we brush our teeth to prevent tooth decay, we take Vitamin C to prevent our immune systems from becoming susceptible to the daily inundation of viruses being passed around. The stronger the immune system, the less likely you are to catching every little bug being passed around.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, the definition of which means to “prevent or delay the breakdown of cells”. These disease-fighting properties fight the damage done to our organs (internal and external) by free radicals. “Free radicals” are by-products of cellular reproduction that are unstable in their current form and try to steal what they need from the organs of the body.

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to maintaining and strengthening your health. It’s simple: you are protecting yourself from bacteria, infection, and viruses by optimizing your immune system!

The Infinity~C formula

Here is what makes Infinity~C unlike anything else: This is a blend of 100% Raw Superfoods: Acerola Berry, Camu Camu, Ginger Root, Astragalus Root, Stevia Leaf, Amla Berry, and Shilajit.

No ascorbic acid BS! Ascorbic Acid is NOT Vitamin C; it is only one component of the Vitamin C complex. Where does Ascorbic Acid come from? It comes from a large pharmaceutical company that synthesizes it from corn glucose– synthetic isolates = FAKE! Calling Ascorbic Acid “Vitamin C” is like calling an orange peel the whole orange. Ascorbic Acid is only a protective component similar to the orange peel . . . it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Check the ingredients of your current Vitamin C supplements and go for the real stuff!

Not only that, but our bodies are able to immediately recognize raw foods as a source of fuel, which means easy digestion and faster absorption into the blood stream. Have you ever noticed the color of your urine when you take supplements? That ain’t natural! Now your kidneys are working overtime to process these synthetic ingredients, only to excrete most of them.

Now, with the advent of the Infinity~C bar, we are getting a healthy snack made from REAL food, quality ingredients that are easily digestible and quickly absorbed- AND, you are getting 1411% of your daily RDA of Vitamin C!

Raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan, 1411% Vitamin C, less 200 calories. BOOM.




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