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The Importance of Exercise and Healthy Eating To Look And Feel Better

November 25, 2011 By Billy

In the past decade or two, we have all been inundated with advice regarding how to lose weight and have it stay off. Some advice has merit, some is just silly and then there’s that advice that sounds good, comes from a reliable source but is totally worthless. There have been diets touted as each one being THE weight loss diet of the century.

Remember Fads Like The Cabbage Soup Diet?

Eating nothing but cabbage soup could guarantee a loss of fifteen pounds in three weeks. That’s five pounds per week, which is at the upper limit of what a person should lose according to medical pamphlets on safety. It is really a high carbohydrate diet that will deprive the body of the nutrients derived from both the dairy and meat groups. If one is looking for a quick five pound decrease in their weight, it may work. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients for your health you’ll need more variety. These types of diets that reduce you to one or two food groups are not a healthy way to go. You need to look at your health as an overall picture. You want to consider the nutrients you’re getting and where you’re getting them from. Often your body will continue signaling that it’s hungry simply because it is not getting the right balance of nutrition that it needs to function properly.

Our Body Protects Us From Starvation

Getting well-balanced nutrition without exercise may be beneficial at any age to your overall health but may not reduce your weight. It only gets worse after age forty or so; the body seems to listen to a different drummer and the beat is definitely slower. Metabolism has crept down to rival that of a sloth. No matter how many calories are reduced, it still takes a painfully long time before the brain resets itself to lose weight. This is because as soon as the body receives less nourishment, it enters into starvation mode and conserves as many calories as it can. The body is protective that way; it is a carryover from evolution when food was available only at sporadic intervals.

What Can the Mature Body Expect?

At forty, not that forty is a magic number; people’s lives are generally a bit more settled in and not as active as they used to be. They are also entering middle age and with that, are more prone to the onset of diseases. This is not something desirable but it is a fact. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to illnesses. The importance of exercise and a healthy diet for overall improvement of health can no longer be minimized. It’s safe to say you will truly get the best results at any age if you decide to put in an effort by watching both what you eat and how active you are.

Exercise must include the stretching of muscles not used in routine functions for everyday life. When you work a muscle it gets bigger and the bigger it is, the longer it will keep on using energy from the extra calories stored in the body. Stressing the gluteus maximus by squatting, or by a game of basketball, has longer lasting effects on the muscle than the actual exercise time; the additional time the muscle uses the energy is like a freebie. Get the most out of the plan by working your diet and your activity levels.

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