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What does Spirulina do for you?

August 6, 2012 By Billy

I’ve chosen 3 types of blue-green algae to comprise the foundation of the Infinity Greens formula ((50 percent!)): Spirulina, Klamath Algae, and Chlorella.  Today, we highlight one of those team members: Spirulina.


The History

Millions of years ago, when life first began to form on earth, it was in the form of algae.  Sunlight, water, and the right mineral balance mix together….and pooof, Blue-Green Algae is formed!…quite a miracle I must say.  And primitive as it may appear, algae are the most efficient photosynthesizers out there, capitalizing directly on the energy of the sun more than any other food. It utilizes light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from the water to synthesize its bio-nutruients. What happened from there? More life! As the algae multiplied, it gave the earth the raw materials it needed for its vast proliferation of more complex life forms.
Humans (as far back as recorded history goes) have incorporated it into their diet. So why are we just now hearing about it? Well, because it tends to grow in remote, tropical climates, the Western world really only discovered its value from other cultures. But for thousands of years, it’s been a staple in many diets all over the world:  Asia, Africa, South America, and other remote tropical climates.

Primary Benefits – 
1. Clean and green- you’ve heard us say it before, “Eat yo’ greens!” Why?? The green in chlorophyll acts as a strong negative ion-charged particle that bonds to heavy metals, acids and residual toxins, and then flushes them from your bloodstream.  It is alkalinizing your blood and balancing your body’s chemistry! Chlorophyll and B12 working together increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increases oxygen utilization by the body.

2. Brain power- in addition to boosting your body’s ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently, it’s also a huge source of B-12 vitamins. Go into any convenience store and take your pick of energy drinks hawking their B-12-packed properties. Here’s the problem: adding an artificial supplement does NOT mean that the body will absorb it (and P.S. it doesn’t). Animal products (dairy, meat, etc.) provide a source of B-12 that the body can utilize, but is also a source of saturated fat, which must be consumed in careful moderation to prevent heart disease.
3. Protein- Spirulina is a complete protein source and contains all nine essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein).  Spirulina is more than 60% protein- gram for gram; By weight, Spirulina has more protein than any other food source. And just for the sake of comparison, beef is only 22% protein by weight.
4. Immune System Booster and Disease Fighter- Spirulina also has the highest concentration of beta carotene, iron and trace minerals and the rare essential fatty acid GLA. Both scientific research and the experience of thousands of consumers indicate that Spirulina is an immune regulating food. Studies have shown that the unique phytonutrients that Spirulina is packed with, not only enhance the immune system, but also reduce the risks of infection, cancer and auto immune diseases. Spirulina is rich in natural carotenoid antioxidants that promote cellular health and lessen the risk of cancer. Small amounts can help balance and stabilize the immune system, freeing up more of our metabolic energy for vitality, healing and assimilation of nutrients.
5. Fat Attack!- Spirulina has one more superpower up its sleeve – its ability to aid in and promote weight loss. Here’s how it goes … Taking in Spirulina initiates a sequence of events, creating a sort of ripple effect throughout the body, that ultimately results in weight loss. As aforementioned, due to the negative ion charge Spirulina bonds to toxins, free-readicals, acids, heavy metals, pulling them from the bloodstream so that the body may excrete them. What happens when those toxins AREN’T pulled from the body?  The body creates fat cells to absorb these toxins, essentially padding and protecting your vital organs and immune system.  So get the funk out, and then your body has no need the excessive fat cells which are now available to be burned as fuel.

Elite players only! 

 Alright, so what makes Infinity Greens the elite formula?  It’s the players!  I ‘ve chosen only the ‘elite’ ingredients – the highest quality, the most potent, and the most pure. We’ve been asked before- Why no grasses? The buzz about wheat grass ‘sprouted’ from the western health culture 30 years ago.   Yes, you can grow wheat grass for pennies, but the cost is your digestive balance.  Grasses have a tendency to irritate the gastro-intestinal system.  Back when Infinity Greens was in its inception phase, I formulated hundreds of  batches at the Ashram Health Retreat where they served my formula every day – and they still do!   7 years ago I removed grasses and added more Spirulina in place of it, and I haven’t looked back!  Thus, the only blue-green algae-based superfood was born.  And I would like to mention purity – standard spirulina is fertilized with bat guano – ew.  Good news – my source grows Spirulina with pure organic plant minerals.  Nice, hey?

Now that you know the truth about Spirulina, admit it, you’re in love – or at least diggin’ it.  Drink up, and may it transform your health as it has for millions!

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