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Webinar with Judy Seeger ND

June 20, 2013 By Billy

Hello Everyone! I had a the pleasure of being on Judy Seeger’s health webinar yesterday. Judy is a health expert working on the leading edge of utilizing natural prognosis for fighting cancer. I was super excited to talk about various nutrition tips, emphasizing foods for detox, weight loss, and strengthening the body to become more resilient to disease. These are important points that I rarely have the opportunity to share. I feel certain you will find this information to have great benefit. Enjoy!


  1. vvalarivv on   


    Great webinar! You are a miracle a minute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chris Bordeaux on   

    Billy and Judy:
    Thanks for your great information. I love your honesty based on good experience. I am inspired even more to not give in to the preprocessed packaged foods on the grocery store. I cannot believe how much the dietician pills have exploded on the store shelves. NOT necessary. I have been eating all generations of Billy’s greens and they just get better and better.

  3. BBarry arry Anderson on   

    “My opinion for supplement users is to view this video to get the facts about the supplement world and to finally make the right correction to your supplement requirements that by the way is different for every one . The one size fits all will never work in the supplement industry despite what they say in their over hyped advertising campaigns. “

    “This video quite frankly is way more valuable than my written content in this article so by not viewing it you have missed out on the vital essential information that you need for your life and good health.”

    After viewing this video full of health nuggets that most people do not know about then give me your likes and comments on this . It will be interesting to me to see exactly how many of my Face Book friends followed through on this? All your likes and comments are welcomed and I promise to give you my feed back. Thank You now for the video

    Video Interview between Dr. Judy Seeger ND. And Billy Meritt

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