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What Is Wrong With Dieting?

November 18, 2011 By Billy

The country is overweight and there is no surprise in that statement. Because of that more and more people every day are looking for a way to shed the pounds. They try low carb diets, smaller meals, exercise routines and everything in between. But once the diet is done the weight just comes right back. The problem is that people think of dieting instead of a change in diet. A change in diet is what ultimately will help you reach your goals and live a healthier life style. Exercise must be a part of the change as well and when it comes to diet, healthier foods and healthy drinks will both be a part of the change that will get results.

Exercise Alone Won’t Work

Many people think that exercise alone can help them get back in shape but if you do not also change the diet, you will find that you may be getting in better shape, but not in good shape. It would also take a lot longer to reach your goals if you can reach them at all. Exercise will help you get your body in decent shape and to have more stamina, but if you are still filling your body full of bad fats and cholesterol you could suffer from other cardiovascular diseases or diseases like diabetes. In other words an exercise routine is a fantastic step but this alone is simply not enough. You have to change the items on your grocery list as well.

Benefits Of Organic Foods

You may have seen organic food in the supermarket and it looks the same as the other food except for the difference in price. So why buy organic food? Organic food is healthier plain and simple. For starters you can be certain that the highest standards for food growing or preparations are met. To you that means less harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals in your diet. Because of that your body will work better with fewer things that will slow it down. Studies have also shown that organic food tastes better. The more you enjoy healthy food the more likely you will be to continue eating healthy.

Substitute Unhealthy Eating

If you are going to change your diet, you have to take note of what you eat or drink. Healthy drinks for example will contain less sugar if any at all as well as some nutrients that your body needs. Compare that to some of the most popular sugary drinks on the market today and you will find that some soft drinks are all sugar and artificial colors and no healthy ingredients. That is just an example, but a good piece of advice would be to start reading labels. Once you do, you will be surprised at the things you are eating. Just a habit of looking at the labels may make a huge difference in the food that you buy and eat. Changing your diet instead of dieting will produce the best results and because you are changing your diet for good you will be more likely to stay healthy. Another thing is for certain and that’s we need to add the right, nutrient rich foods into our diets while taking away the processed foods.

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