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You in?

January 25, 2017 By Billy

Dear Health Enthusiast,

Woohoo!.. we’re already ten days into 2017! Any chance you made some resolutions for living a healthier lifestyle? If yes, how’s it going? If no, then it’s not too late! Resolving in the mind to take better care of body, mind and spirit has a power often underestimated.

I have something I’d like to share with you. It’s a perspective that has been of tremendous value for helping me stay on course with a truly health-enhancing way of life. First, I’d like to say that I’m sure on some level you are acquainted with the understanding that for the most part the modern diet and life-style in the western world is nuts. Full of processed and unnatural foods, the common diet has led to obesity, weakness, and disease. The all too common sedentary lifestyle hasn’t helped either.

Because you are reading my newsletter, you likely know far more of what constitutes a genuinely healthy way of life than the average person. What an advantage! You are fortunate to know that it’s really all about having the tools of knowledge and then experiencing the life-enhancement that comes with them. You know that it’s about living a life that supports a strong selfhood. All that we do between diet and exercise (or lack of) makes us either weaker or stronger. Manifesting the latter with our lifestyle is not a “sometimes” thing. It’s your way of life, and the influence it has on your life-force, your very health and longevity, your ability to fend off or heal from disease, and the strength of your mind is nothing less than extraordinary.

I’ve always said that there’s no silver bullet for health, but, you know, on second thought, maybe there is. Diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine—all of these things collectively are the silver bullet. Again, if you’ve read this newsletter, you’re already way ahead – you have the priceless notion about what constitutes true health!

What is the vision you hold for yourself for 2017? If you’re concerned about the time and effort it takes to live healthier, I would like to remind you that living by the principles of great health actually gives you time, rather than takes it. Not to mention the quality of life-experience that comes with it.

Can you survive on a poor diet with little exercise? We all know people who seem to defy the laws of nature; who maintain a healthy weight yet eat poorly; people who outwardly appear healthy, yet pay little attention to what they put into their bodies. Nevertheless, nature always seems to win out in the end, with compromised health down the road. It’s a matter of maintaining youth and vigor throughout a long life.

The limted access to education about healthy living, coupled with the advertising of such things as unhealthy soda and fast food, gave us today’s state of affairs—someday soon to be trumped by wisdom like yours, thus removing this burden from humanity. (Our planet will have it’s sigh of relief too!) Collectively, we will turn away from unhealthy products and entertainment. Let’s give ourselves some credit here. We are too intelligent to be carried away by ethically weak businesses that attempt to lure us into indulging in unhealthy lifestyles. Business that creates weakness will someday no longer exist. So goes Darwin’s theory of evolution. I have a hunch this day is not so far away.

It’s just been a case of not having the proper comparative perspective, living less-than-optimal lifestyles with no experience of what it’s like to live a lifestyle of great well-being. Once you live a healthier lifestyle it’s hard to go back to anything less. And it’s not just because you feel better and have more energy. It runs deeper than that. It’s because you’re tapping into that which your body and mind intuitively want—the life-force you were destined to have.

This year, enhancing your overall wellbeing requires only a little determination and discipline to get started. The brilliance of it is the discipline over time, morphs into desire. Do it for longevity. Do it for vitality and vigor. Do it to reduce stress and protect your health. Do it for joy, memory, and intelligence. Do it to discover your greatest self and manifest your full potential. Do it to be in your power. The wisdom how is ancient and in our genes.

Another marvelous aspect of your shining health is it will be noticed by those around you. Life-force is something that others pick up on, and it’s very attractive. Naturally you will be a wonderful influence on those around you, making you a light unto a world that needs healing. And it’s people like you that help usher it in. We’re all into this together, and having more participation in a healthy way of life will very definitely tip the scale of making the world better too, largely because we will all be better thinkers and problem solvers. And kinder, too. Could we ask for better? This is where outcomes are magnified—things always go better when we work together, especially in the name of well-being.

Let the life-force we co-generate be the wind in our sails for 2017. Life-force has also been been referred to as the human spirit, which collectively is a symphony of power and intelligence. Excellence of human spirit is written in our destiny, doorways to which can be found within your own mind, body, and spirit. There’s no better time to rise to the occasion than now. You in?

Yours Truly and at your service always,
Billy Merritt

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